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Scanning slides for an artist I'm doing a website for. Scan. Scan. Scanscanscan.

I wish I could show you some, because they're really cool...but I can't because she only wants them on her own website of course, but as soon as it's up I'll link to it.

I'm already sick of warring. It just becomes more and more obvious to everyone that it was a dumb idea. Way to blow several billion dollars slaughtering a bunch of people that were running the show in whatever semi-brutal but at least marginally effective way they saw fit to run it.

I think the argument that this was a good idea has to be stretched thinner every day.

I guess I should probably post again...no one's probably around anymore. Well, there's always Loverzan for the complete story. By the way, she just posted a cool post about our walk through the Arboretum.