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the peas arch

The Peace Arch (by H.W. Corbett of London, England):

The Peace Arch, at the Canadian-US Border.

The Peas Arch (by Rzan 'Love-In' Edson and Samadhi 'Soup-Pants' Benjamin Zamarin Edson-Pasley)

The Peas Arch


Thanks, Daniel "Goatboy" Talsky.

Ah, something to look at when I have problems visualizing whirled-type peas. Brilliance! Thank you for sharing.

Wow..excellent art..and the boy has like thirty-seven names..cool.

Wow, that's ace!

Hmmm Did that nickname come from The fact Dan looks like Goatboy, or that he should be followed around at all times by men in lab coats weilding cattle prods?

Well, I could say it's the whole Ram/goat/Taurus thing, but really, I think it's all that fleecy, goaty, hairy, beardy yumminess. Weird chicks like me really dig that.

Rowan "Fuzzball" Sodenkamp wants everyone to know her nickname, too.