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go ahead, freeze my pussy off

Who knew that topically applied yogurt could help with Candida, but evidently it does.

Since rzan has a pretty tough case, of it, for the last several months I have found myself being CYA (Chief Yogurt Applicator).

If you're the kind of person who is already thinking, "This is too much information for me." Then perhaps you should go elsewhere.

So anyway, Rzan is the kind of girl who can't tolerate cold hands being warmed up on anywhere except her butt (which is hard to get to when you come in from the cold and your girlfriend is on the couch in jeans). Plus, the yogurt generally has to be stored in the refrigerator.

I hope you can see where I'm going with this. As CYA I really try to warm up the yogurt in my fingers before applying it, but even if it gets to the point where it doesn't feel cold anymore, she still jumps. I was discussing this with her, and I think she thought I was complaining.

She looked over at me with a little pouty face and said, "Go ahead, freeze my pussy off."

I did with relish. God I love that girl. :>


Remember back when I said you could share that little comment?

I think maybe I'd had a wee bit too much of Keridwyns kahlua-laced cocoa. (BLUSH) I'm warm all over now!

Thanks, Chief.

if I was rzan, you would be a dead duck right now, mate!

I think your exact words were, "Go ahead, anything would be better than that stupid Santa picture.

On behalf of women everywhere... Brrr!!

That's pretty hilarious. And daring.

If I posted something like that to my blog, my next post would be about cold yogurt suppositories. First person account...

Yogurt-colonics, coming soon to day-spa's everywhere...

On behalf of women everywhere, have you seen a doctor to make sure it's candida? There are other problems that can have pretty much the exact same symptoms - none of them serious, but none of them curable via use of yogurt and Monistat either. It takes about five minutes in the doctor's office for them to check and make sure your beasties are in fact yeasty.