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reccurent school dreams

did anyone else have highschool nightmares? I only went to public school for my last two years of HS, and for years afterwards I'd have dreams about trying to get to school, desperately attempting to find my classrooms, unable to find my locker. In general just being frustrated, lost, confused and helpless.

In college the setting changed, I'd be wandering around campus, trying to find my classes, books, etc. The theme of worry and confusion was the same.

Well, in a few weeks I'm starting school again. I'll be going to Brenneke School of Massage(Daniel's alma mater-if a massage school can be called such a pretentious term). I'm really excited, I've wanted to for a really long time. I even got an anatomy coloring book-whoopee, muscles and tendons and whatnot, colored all pretty by moi.

But, last night I had the dream again. I couldn't get to massage class. My ride left without me, there were no buses that would get me there on time, I lost my books(all two thousand million of them heavyass suckers)and I kept trying to call a cab, but no one had the number. One place I asked said they could only get a cab from Capistan, which was apparently on the other side of the globe. Bah!

So, I guess I'm a leetle nervous...