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Woops, I forgot the orgy part

Unfortunately, that was only in our heads. We were gazing into the enormous tub of glistening berries and imagining the naked fun of taking them home, spreading out a plastic drop cloth and romping and rolling and feasting until you couldn't tell the purple people apart from the purple people eaters...

Then Daniel suggested the big blow up kiddie pool and it became more of a blackberry wrestling fantasy than an orgy. Easier to clean up certainly, but I think the neighbors might freak and I'd hate to have to try and explain it to the authorities...Nude sticky purple people just don't get any respect.


We decided to freeze the berries for cobbler, pies, cakes and other delicious socially acceptable items.


sticky purple people. you silly sailors...

I dunno..I would imagine sticky purple people might garner quite a bit of respect from the authorities, given the proper stting of course.

I wonder what the proper sting on sticky purple people might be?

silly sailors? Pat, please fill me in, am I missing some kind of mysterious lingo code known only to true bloggers, or are you just being silly yourself?

proper setting..gosh I should proof-read.