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I worked for Spacelabs Medical for almost three years. Longer than any other job.


I am writing this post in the last hour of my employment here.

I've been working part time at my new job, and Monday morning will be my first day of full time there.

Here's a shot of me and my new boss, Micheal, talking some business:

talking shop

May the force be with me. Hehehehe.


Congatulations honey!

Cool pictue, the gesture and the cigarette really say it all.

sheesh! I must have typed the previous post in a hurry, eh?

Congatulations indeed. duh.

Yup, what she said. I am jarring honey right now and will take it with me when I go today. I know you have waited patiently and one case will go out today. Love, Mom

talking business? ya right :P

congrats, dude.

your boss is a hottie. do you think he would go out with me?

Forget the boss! YOU'RE the hottie!

Congratulations on your new career! I hope that it is all you want it to be.

By the way, I'm with Bobette, you're definately the hottie. =)