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scanner madness

What a therapeutic late night. Finally I spent a night in my own house. For some reason decided to do every little personal scanner project I'd been putting off. Here's one more:

some sketches for you


Cool, reminds me of a dream(i think it was a dream, anyway)i had once where all the normal everyday objects in my house started to go transparent and morph into weird shapes, like being stuck in a Dali painting.

It was one of those daytime naps where you wake up feeling spaced out and off kilter, only to realise things are still askew, you're not really awake...you're still trying to escape from Limboland. I hate that.

But your sketches have a more peaceful quality than that. I think I wouldn't mind so much, wandering through that transparent house, maybe picking up the tabasco bottles, putting them in the see through fridge(without openning the door) and wiping the counter with citrasolv.

OK, now I'll return you to your regularly scheduled program- reality...

Wow, all that charm, and an artist to boot. Who knew?