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at sam's request

Some people may have noticed that I have some links to photos of me (and others) on my sidebar. There used to be different ones I was hosting on another server and it crashed, and those scans were lost.

Little did I know that little Samadhi liked to look at them all every day. Well, when the photos went down I made my pretty new 'fotographia' pages, and picked a whole new set of photos.

Well, it turns out that the old photos have been long missed, and so I finally got around to digging them out, rescanning them, and putting them up...at Sam's request:

Sam's Request Part I
Sam's Request Part II


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting them back. I like the last one a lot-the picture with the words "you can't run from trouble, ain't no place so far" I like to look at it.

Mostly I like to look at the
ones of Daniel and Elisabeth.

I had a honey and nutbutter sandwich with you mama honey from her bees. I like it a lot.

love, Sam

Thanks, D.

That was real sweet of you. He really digs your pictures and poetry, too.

A dedicated four year old tinyblog fan

To Sam: Hi, I am Daniel's Mom. I am glad that you like the honey that the bees made. I also am happy to see the pictures back. My favorite one is the one of Daniel in the yellow shirt. After that picture was taken Daniel and I had breakfast and then I left Seattle to come home to Illinois. I miss my boy. I hope to see him soon and to meet you and your lovely Mom.

Hi Daniel's mom,

I like the yellow shirt that Daniel's wearing in the picture.

I like honey because it's sweet. I like bees because they make sweet honey.

I like how bees even make tomatoes and zucchinis in the garden by fertilizing the flowers.

I like to eat tomatoes and carrots from the garden. I like to harvest zucchinis and then if mama'a not around I put them inside on the counter, or if mama's around I just give them to her.
love, Sam