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happy birthday shoutouts (!)

I'm back from retreat now. Perhaps I'll talk about it a little tonight, but there's two signifigant birthdays happening today that I wanted to mention:

Hudson Palmer Cress

Hudson is my sweet best buddhist geek buddy and he helps me break things and put them back together. Sometimes we get together on a thursday night and stay up all night drinking wine and fixing computers. We like it. I like him. I love him too. Happy birthday H.P.C.

Lama Tashi Namgyal

This is my precious Lama. One day I realized that I wasn't doing well enough at not being an jerk to the rest of the universe left to my own devices, so I asked for some help, and Lama Tashi is what I was sent. He taught me a lot of really important things and helped me not to be such a jerk. Plus, he's been an amazing and zero-bullshit friend for over four years now. So Happy Birthday Lama!


Please give my regards to Lama Tashi on his birthday. I am glad that you are back. I love you.

Where'd ya find that picture, D? I think even Lama would have to concede that it's a good one.
(Yes, I have some internet access.)

Yay! Elisabeth has internet access! We missed you baby!

Happy Birthdays of course to both good people.

It's kinda fun, now Cara's moved in, getting to hang out with Hudson more-he is sweet and I never knew he was such a kid magnet!