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back to the metro bus II

Okay, I'll admit it...I went and looked at my car first. My front wheel was at an angle that suggested that rotation was not it it's near future. That was enough information to me. I said a couple of mantras and then the speeding by of vehicles barely missing the end of my car that was sticking partially out into the lane freaked me out so much I remembered to walk over to the other car and pray that no one was in it.

I dialed 911 as I walked, and was reporting the crash as I walked up to the white car. I could see even from a ways off that there were two people. I got about fifteen feet away and I saw a man sitting in the driver's seat and an asian woman in the passenger's seat talking on her cel phone. They were both apparently conscious and aware and...staring coldly and expressionlessly at me.

I tried to look at them with all of the compassion I had for them, but they clearly didn't need any help from me and didn't seem to want to chat with the person who had just ruined their night or worse, and so I turned around and limped back towards my own wreck.

I've been in other car accidents before...seven total, and it never took the cops that long to come when they were called, much less on the Interstate with a potentially dangerous situation. I was trying to stay calm, but people kept nearly getting into accidents by avoiding my car that was halfway into the outside lane. I had my hazard lights on, but it was still dark, and the hazard lights of a Honda Civic don't exactly scream out for attention from 300 feet away.

I swear to god I saw about a dozen severe accidents almost happen...tires squealing, horns honking, people slamming on their brakes, no one slowing down, just racing by at full speed and only partially steering out of the lane. I kept expecting someone to smash into the back of my car, when an SUV suddenly swerved around my car and parked his car in front of me on the shoulder.

It was some confident guy in scrubs...probably an off-duty EMT.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm uhhh, my knee and my chest are uhhh, I'm uhhh...yes...I'm okay."

"Are the people in the other car okay?"

"I uhhh, they seemed okay I uhhh...I didn't talk to them."

"Well, I'm required by law to see if they're okay," and off he trotted heroically.

Emergency vehicles began to show up while he was over there, and I watched numbly, unable to keep from chiding myself bitterly for ruining my life, as flares were lit, and the lane was blocked off. Once there was some official presence and people stopped driving like assholes I felt a great deal of relief.

Eventually, one of the police officers broke off from the congregation over at the white car and began to make his way towards me.



Scarey shit like that makes a person feel so very glad to just be alive and eating yogurt at home.

Love, me.

I've always wandered what the person sounds like when you dial 911 (or 999 in my case). Do they sound all rushed and busy..? Or calm and soothing? I would dial just for fun, but of course, I'm not that stupid. Honest. I've never been in a car crash, but have been in two bus crashes. One was a head on collision (quite scary), the other.. well, just some stupid driver crashing into a post.

If I was in your position, I think I'd be having one of those My Life Has Changed So Much times.. I wander if you are.

Sheeit, dawg! Accident-prone, indeed....