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more fotos

A couple more fotographia offerings:

My friend rzan's son, Samadhi, and her mom Blackbird. I know what you're thinking...ok yes, she is kind of a hippie...but in the best possible way. No pictures of rzan yet. I still have to develop a recent roll of film.

Oh, and by the way, these are the only pictures on my sidebar that weren't taken by me. The credit goes to his dad, Jonathan Cameron:

samadhi and his gramma bb

I'm suddenly feeling a little like The Booge.



That's my beautiful boy! And my sweet mama. thanks for showing them off. It's fun to see them lookin so purty on your blog.

Sam: I like the vine picture. I guess I like all of them. I still want to see the old ones.

So this is the little singing, rhyming boy. Delightful!