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bye gramma

About 3:30pm Friday afternoon my last remaining Gramma/Step-Gramma died. She never got to teach me her unbelievable spaghetti sauce/homemade ravioli recipe. I didn't get to talk to her but I told my Dad to tell her in her ear that I loved her and was glad she was my gramma and thank you for feeding me.

She used to say "Monge Monge Tastadooda" which is my transcription from memory and means "Eat! Eat, hardhead!" in Italian.


I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing. You have my sympathies. ~ Amizadai

Sorry, friend. I've got one gramma left and we think she's getting close to her passage.

huggles, chooky...

So sorry to hear this. Add my sympathies and warm vibes to the heap you're already getting, hon. Take care.

So sorry to hear about your gramma, Daniel. I'm glad you were able to send one last message her way. I know from experience with a grandma who is very much into feeding everyone that mentioning thanks for her feeding you, most likely made her extremely happy.

Take care.

Sweet Daniel,
It is so sad when our loved ones pass into the next world. I pray for easy transitions for you and your beloved gramma. May your loved ones bless you everyday, now and forever. Ashey.

Let me know if you need personal snuggles. Love and comfort.

hey buddy - I have no idea how I got to your page but I couldnt help but read the peice about your Gramma.

I lost mine 2 years ago and its sad no matter what age you are

Looks like you have a great daddy anyway :)

Good website daddy !

Paul from the UK