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the dark side II

So let me tell you a little about Miss Banana before I go on. She was what one might call a hustler. She was a stripper and a smooth talker and a tough bitch all in one. She was the kind of person who could realize that the rent money was due the next day, go to work, and come home with eight hundred dollars. How did she do it? I don't know, but she just had a talent for talking men out of money. Was she a whore? Hell, no. She would never actually put out...she was far too tricky for that. As I understood it she would just ask men for money and they would give it to her.

I remember the day I met her, newly moved into the new loft space in our building. Tim, the pothead, had already smoked a few bowls with her, and brought me over to meet her. She was clearly charmed by me, or intrigued, or...something. She offered me some broccoli right there on the spot and sort of took me under her wing.

I think she always saw me as a sharp kid, someone who knew just enough to get themselves in trouble, and clearly wanted to give me some kind of street education. So, a few days after our conversation, she found me to tell me that she had met someone in a club the night before who might be able to help me.

Sambo was a tall, muscular California goofball. If I would have searched the city for people I thought would make a good romantic match for Miss Banana, I think there's several thousand people I would have picked first, but there was some kind of magic there, and they ended up being together for many years, starting on that night. They had this amazing relationship based on fucking like porn stars, threatening each other's lives, selling speed, and just generally causing trouble. They were perfect for each other.

Sambo was hustler of sorts as well, and lived off the money of men. The way he told it, it was mostly about company, and he never had to do anything sexual for it ("I just tell them I'm not gay," he said.) but I don't know if, years later, I really buy that.

He talked to me a little bit about what he did, and then he graciously offered to hook me up with one of his gravy clients, a man named John. Yes, that was really his name.

you know it's going to be continued...


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