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electrolicious: sex week guest post

Continuing on the theme of first times, and before I get to my own first time, I present to you the first time of Ariel Meadow, star and writer of electrolicious: the blog formerly known as urban forest.

electrolicious: the first time
An active thespian in highschool, back in 1993 I was in a version of Cats. We'd been rehearsing for months, and I'd just gotten my spandex and red leather Rum Tum Tugger costume. It had a red sparkly tail coming out of its ass, and a matching red, black, and silver wig. I felt a little, um, tacky.

Then I lost my virginity. It wasn't anything very exciting--it involved Valentines Day, an exboyfriend I'd recently gotten back together with (a cycle he and I were doomed to repeat until 1995), and a red condom that he insisted *I* put on him. (It took me years to figure out that he had a most unfortunate issue with touching himself. Poor guy. I hope he's gotten over it.)

The next day at rehearsal, I realized I was dancing TOTALLY differently. Go pelvis, go! Suddently I wasn't Rum Tum Tugger, I was Rum Tum Tug-Her! Suddenly the spandex and red leather made sense. Suddenly the whole world made sense.

After rehearsal, the director pulled me aside and said, "I see you've really infused the character with a lot more energy--keep it up!"

At the time I chuckled to myself and thought "...If only she knew!" Years later I chuckle at myself and think "...Of COURSE she knew."


GAWD that's a cute story!

An active lesbian in highschool, what? When I lost mine, I shaved off my goatee. Not sure why. Paradigm shift I guess.

very sweet.

great stories daniel!

That's wonderful!!

After further rumination: I should think you would've felt more like Rum Tum Fugger. You know. Say it to yourself.