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upcoming bloggy birthday

On 11-29 of last year, I made my first post to the tinyblog. I remember sitting there, messing with Blogger that day, trying to see if I could make it all work.

Now, over 300 posts later, it has almost been a year since I started.

Pressing my ear to the glass of my monitor I can hear someone whispering, "What are you going to do, to celebrate such a grand occaision?"

(And even though it was just me whispering,) I answer like I was on Larry King Live...oh no, wait, sort of like a cross between Larry King Live and those fake interviews on the WWF smackdown...no, like David Letterman back in the early 80's:

For one thing, I'm going to finally complete my swap over to MovableType, along with a few enhancements of course, to prettify the place up.

And for another thing, I'm going to do a long rambling series of posts, (much like my earlier ones on catholic grade school, my gruesome accident tales, and my ex-girlfriend Cammy) only this one is going to be about the most fun and prurient of all post topics, SEX.

Not that it hasn't been mentioned, but I'm really going to exhaust the topic if at all possible. Then it'll be down here on the internet and I never have to worry about having a political career ever again (although that milestone was reached when I went naked on cable TV). I'm just going to write about it for days on end until I can't think of anything else to say.

And it's going to be more candid than...well, more candid than maybe you can stomach, but you'll have fair warning, hopefully.

And when? Well, sometime in November...that's all I can pin down right now.