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genuine difference of opinions

My mom and I would get into some pretty serious debates, often involving household policy as it pertained to me.

She really wanted her reasons to be understood, and so she would verbally spar with me as long as it seemed like it could be productive. However, sometimes there would be a point where she would look at me and say, "Kiddo, what we have here is a Genuine Difference of Opinions."

I think at the time it really frustrated me, usually because that meant I wasn't going to convince her of anything else, and she wasn't going to try to convince me of anything else. The issue had settled, and the outcome basically came down to authority, which at the time was her.

Now, though, I love the genuine difference of opinions. It means that two people can hold completely different ideas, even be in the same room, and that is O-K. It means I don't have to try and convince you of anything, and you don't have to try and convince me of anything.

It's interesting though, when I say to people, "Well, what we have here is a Genuine Difference of Opinions," I get to sometimes see the very same dismayed look upon their face that I once had on mine.

My mom rocks.