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visible criticism

The man at this public address lambasted me a bit for my choice of articles (see They Can't See Why They Are Hated).

Jeff Ward, who maintains the blog as well as Visible Darkness, implies it's tactless. I agree with him, it is tactless. But it also needs to be said so much more than it's going to be said!

He says in his post that there is an implicit message in the article that the British are somehow presenting themselves as free of any fault...I just didn't get this idea from the article. I just hear it saying, "Americans are clueless", which is hard to refute.

I live here! I will tell you that I have never felt so American as this week, and I am proud and ashamed at the same time for that. I know what Americans know about Palestine, and that is shit. Hell, I know nothing about Palestine and I still know more than most Americans. We thought we could do whatever we wanted to make our lives more comfortable and it had to backfire.

Are we going to learn any kind of lesson about how to live with all of these other people on the world? No, because now we are justified in having "a quiet, unyielding anger" from which we can strike all the enemies we wished we could strike before.

He partially concluded, "I have no choice but to stand with my country. Not blindly to follow it into Armageddon, but to stand with it in the intolerance of terrorism. Sink or swim."

What does it mean to stand by one's country? I feel like it means taking partial responsibility for what the way this country conducts itself. I will be very curious to see how this is actually handled...but I don't see much beyond the same jingoistic "who 'lil ol' us?" rhetoric in almost all of the writing about September 11th. That's why I chose to highlight the article.