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the simple world

the simple world

You know, so many people are just either writing about the event...or...more commonly it seems, linking to people who are writing about the event. All of the blogging as usual seems to be suspended. All of the people who I'm accustomed to hearing about the details of their lives, suddenly all have the same details. In spite of the fact that there's all of this conversation about it and support and such, I feel inestimably lonely in the vaccuum.

After days of listening to NPR in my car nonstop I have some thoughts, but nothing anyone hasn't said yet. There simply isn't enough information to allow for very a complex interpretation of things. Suddenly somehow the world situation is the simplest it has been in thousands of years. Everyone knows what happened, everyone has similar information, everyone is standing by, concerned. Yassir fucking Arafat is giving his own blood for the American people.

I guess it will all get complicated again very soon.

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