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white trash bbq

Oh did I have fun Saturday night at the White Trash BBQ held by my gay massage clients. It was quite an affair, and fun was had by all, from Thommie Rae to Sallie Mae. There were industrial strength bags of Cheetos, copies of the Weekly World News, and packs of Great Value cigarettes for all. Not to mention the cooler full of beer margaritas. You've never had a beer margarita?

In the immortal words of Lambtummy, "It doesn't taste like beer...and it doesn't taste like a marguerita!" Lambtummy, who has an 10 month old girl at home, and who was my ol' lady for the evening, strapped her favorite kitchen towel to her belly, and went barefoot and pregnant. On the drive down she informed me, "I'm not going to tell anyone I'm not pregnant unless they ask."

At first, people just assumed she was drinking fake Boone's Farm Sangria from inside that paper bag...but when she fired up a Great Value cigarette, people started to look a little uppity. Finally people started to ask which was fake, the booze or the baby. She fooled everyone...and we got a picture!

After everyone was in on it we all chilled and had a great evening. Everyone admitted that she had the hands down best costume, blue lipstick and all. Now that's class.

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