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The warp and weft of ShellyWeb

Oh dear. Shelly and I have had the biggest struggle with her archives. I've been meaning to review her for about a month now, and trying to make it so there were unique links on all of her posts, as I love to compile a "tinyblog favorites" to go with a review. Finally, she got all of the archives on her old HTML posts working, and then today, when I went to read her, suddenly the newer archives weren't working.

So, I thought, can I write a good review without a best-of, from memory? I think I can.

When I first happened upon the ShellyWeb, (one of Melissa's picks, by the way) she had a layout that included a picture of herself that made it look like she was about 16. That, combined with a searingly sincere missive to love and her current boyfriend, made me think she was 16, and I instantly put her on my sidebar as a delicious little guilty pleasure.

As time went on, however, I found that Shelly is not 16. She's a mom with a preteen daughter from a tragic relationship, and she's older than me.

She has the taste of life on her tongue and it comes out in her posts. She's a moody cat, and you will often find her either in heaven or hell. So, it's hot pain and hot pleasure every day. She aches so thoroughly and loves so hard it makes me love and ache just to read her. I hope that man really loves her, because you can tell her heart is really in it...in everything.

Oh, I did get one absolute link to work, to a favorite early story:

douche walls

Enjoy! Salud, Shelly.


It's such a classic tale of the real world. I think the reason why so much fiction deals with the absolutes in the moral dimensions is that it's a great escape from the reality.

Thanks for sharing, I've been in relationships with striking similarities in the past, and they haven't ended nearly so harmoniously.