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ebullient gushing

Ok, a little birthday break from Gruesome Accident Tales...if anyone is hanging on the edge of your seat or anything, I'll just tell you how it ends...I lived. Hehehe.

Tonight a think I had my main Birthday celebration. A bunch of my friends took me out to Belltown Pizza and treated me right. I felt really blessed. Not only that, but when I went home this afternoon there was an envelope in my mailbox that said "Do not open til May 9th." So of course I opened it immediately. Melissa (of pie in the sky), thank you so much. She sent me a nice birthday card with real honest to god handwriting on it. Communication over the net is one thing, but to actually reach out and put a stamp on an envelope and send it winging out in the blue for a person who for all you know could be a really spectacular A.I. is a magical thing! It's happened once before, and it's delightful!

If I ever get it together and think of a good story, I'm going to get some stickers in the mail from Mena!

Thank you to everyone who shows me understanding, much mush to you all.