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lab nazi

Beware the lab nazi! In one of my computer labs there's occaisionally this one lab monitor who really rules the high tech lab with an iron hand. The printer has a 10-page limit, and so he'll go walk over to it and if he sees close to 10 pages of the same thing on the printer, he'll pick them up and bark at the top of his lungs, "Who's printing out something about cooking technology?"

If someone 'fesses up, he'll say, "There's a ten page limit on the printer. This is twelve pages! No more printing for you today!"

Lab monitors are also in the position of helping people with classes they've already completed. Woe to a lady who barely speaks English, doing the Microsoft Office class who asks the lab nazi for help. "You're doing that wrong!" he yells (you know, if you talk louder, then people who don't normally understand English very well understand it much better) "Why are you cutting and pasting? Why are you cutting and pasting?"

I've actually thought about talking to him about it, but does one really want to incite the ire of the lab nazi? I bought some headphones instead. Oh, and speaking of, if you spend a little while rating your favorite albums, then Launchcast is a pretty cool thing to listen to.