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in quivering anticipation of disturbing search requests

Well, now that I can see what search engine requests lead to my site....I think it's high time I made sure I get some! Ok, here goes nothing:

sex, hot, navy, underwear, furry handcuffs, car battery, manacles, young, old, Britney Spears, stupid, felt-tip pen, undergraduate redheads, gravity, HUGE, perky, the lost boys, helpless, poke, castle tower, ravaged, brand name, ass, pussy, raspberry italian ice, dog collars, the loch ness monster, appetizers, Borneo natives, gentle spanking, bellybutton lint, porno, sushi, brand name cleansers, bald, evil spork, underneath, Rashomon, pictures

Now if someone gets on Google and wants to see Pictures of 80 year old Britney Spears look-alikes ravaged by gravity I'm going to be the top hit. Something tells me this post is going to be disturbing enough without any search requests...hehehe.