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dance, dance revolution

I went into an arcade and saw dance dance revolution. How funny, I thought, who would play such a dorky game! It's a game where you jump on different squares of a touchpad on the floor. I can't tell exactly how it's played, but it looks sort of like a simon* game, where you have to press buttons in the right sequence.

Then, on my way out, I saw not one, but two people playing it in competition. And they looked serious. Sweat beaded down their faces as they jumped in synch. I couldn't believe it but they looked...kind of cool. I find out later that the game is this huge cultural phenomenon in Japan. I am so out of it...but I'm game. I'll try it.

* In looking for a good link for Simon, I discovered two things: There's a way updated simon, and simon was called senso in Germany. So here's the links, Old Simon, New Simon, Senso