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Catholic School Part VI: Stacy McGuinn

The first girl I wanted to be my girlfriend was Stacy McGuinn. One day she was picking on me and roughhousing with me (I remember she swung me around and made me fall on my ass! sexy!) and the next day in class someone was telling me she has said she wouldn't mind being my girlfriend. I really didn't know what to do about it. I was so formal. I asked her if it was true and made it into quite a solemn event. It only really lasted a few days, but then I always had a little bit of a thing for her.

Later on a classmate of mine Phil decided he liked her so, and we always had a little bit of healthy competition, but I don't think we ever actually told her. Phil had two amazing talents. One, he could draw all of the Garfield characters, including Odie, which basically made him an artistic genius in the eyes of Mrs. Sanders' class. Secondly, he was obsessed with Micheal Jackson. It was right around "Thriller" time, and he actually had a red vinyl jacket like Micheal. And he could do the moonwalk, and I mean he could really do it!

One day we were listening to PYT on a portable tape player in the lunchroom and he said, "That's what Stacy is, she's a Pretty Young Thing." I was so shocked at the maturity of his romantic vision and was a little abashed at my assessment of her as merely "cute".

I saw her all through High School and she always looked pretty good, but she ended up kind of in a higher social strata (and I really managed to be at the bottom of every social strata in High School believe me) and was pretty inaccessable. I saw her years later when I went back to Rockford, IL. I went with a friend to some bar with a stupid name for quarter beers and saw her with her hair all crimped and looking kind of like a coked-out partier. Wierd.