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christian radio

Ever do something just so you can blog about it? Today I listened to Christian Radio all day. Is there something about being a Christian musician that blocks all original thought? It was all watered down versions of regular genres. Watered down R&B, watered down dance music, even sort of watered down Easy Listening, if such a thing is possible. I mean, how white can a radio station be? It's ever whiter than the Easy Listening Station. Aren't there any Christians with soul?

In its defense though, I had a really good day, and it was calming when it wasn't totally repulsive. They are pretty hard up for advertisers it seems, and I heard the same ad over and over again. It's actually pretty funny how people sell things to Christians:

"Want to create a safe environment for your children or youth group? Why not create your own game room? If those damn kids are going to do heroin, why not let them nod in the comfort of their own home, sloppily playing at their own pool table? Buy one today!"