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now I live here

I moved! Now I live here.

First I lived with my mom and dad, then just with my mom, then with my mom and sister, then with my mom, sister and cousin robin, then with just my mom and sister again. Then, my stepdad came into the picture, and for 10 years I lived with my mom, my sister, and him. Then, it was just me and my mom and sister again. Then it was me, my sister, my mom, and my mom's third husband. Finally I moved to Chicago to live with my dad and my grandmother. For a brief time I lived with my friends john and mike in Chicago. Then, I moved back in with my mom, sister, and dave. Finally , I moved to seattle with my friend stephanie. She moved out and for the last month at that apartment I lived with tim. Then I lived in a VW bus for a month or so with joe, rob and brett.

We ended up in Colorado where I lived with just rob (and the rest of the staff of the devil's thumb ranch resort). Then I lived with my mom, sister and dave again for awhile before moving back to seattle to live with my friends eli and jill. Then I lived for a month with a man whos name I can't remember. Then I lived with my friend Erica. Then I lived in a rooming house run by mr. aminul islam, and a cast of a dozen, then I lived with my girlfriend aimee and her son aiden. After I moved out I lived with andrea and augustin until they moved out and kris and a girl who's name I can't remember moved in. Then I left and moved in with the lovely and talented lorelei. Then I moved up to the tulalip indian reservation to live with my girlfriend camella.

After a year of that I lived for three months with miriam israel, and then one month in temporary digs with ladonna.

And now, after 25 3/4 years of this...after last night I live alone. I feel so lonely and so free.