February 10, 2008


Boys Night Drinking

I know, I know what you're thinking. What kind of fabulous photos have you been taking Daniel... if you don't show me, I'll die.

Don't worry... I wouldn't let you die like that. Here's some little sets:

Georgetown in Ruins
Couch Colleen... approved photos only!
Shelley Price, the big trouble.
Oh Strudel, my love.
Boys Night Drinking
Miscelleny in February

Strudel my Love

May 22, 2007

move along, there's nothing to see here

The Abandoned Screen

April 11, 2007

omen day

What does it mean when, on the same day you see a rainbow terminating smack dab in the middle of St. Mark's Cathedral:

Rainbow Over St. Mark's on Omen Day

and then two dead crows on the sidewalk, side by side:

Two Dead Crows on Omen Day

Forget dream interpretation, how about life interpretation?

August 30, 2006

no way!

BaldBoy 010

BaldBoy 030

BaldBoy 045

BaldBoy 050

BaldBoy 081

BaldBoy 101

See the whole gallery.

August 7, 2006

just for marged

Smiling photos of Ben Sodenkamp

Ben 035

And on the adore list we have:

SJ, Shauna, Sarah, Rachel and Nate... no one else who wishes adoration?

May 29, 2006

the party was good

It was a black tie BBQ. Nice to see everyone dressed so damn pretty, especially the Birthday Boy:

2006SJBlackTieBBQ 276

Even the little girls in the park across the street were in the spirit of the occasion.

2006SJBlackTieBBQ 257

May 24, 2006

i guess i'll just start making a story of them

I left contact improv early and jumped on a bus downtown. My dharma brother Nate's last night in town was tonight and I wanted to see him for a little while. He'd offered to come up to the University district but I wanted to see him on his own turf. He's going up to see his girlfriend(???) up on one of the islands for a few weeks(!!!), I guess to see how they get along. He needs to get out of his little tiny apartment downtown.

nate window

I was all excited about another night of photos but Nate was strangely distracted. He was cleaning his kitchen really slowly. It seemed to take him forever. I read for awhile, aware that we only had a little while to hang out before he had to take the bus home. He seemed on another planet as I got more and more impatient. Luckily I had an excellent book.

"Do you want to borrow any movies? American Graffiti is pretty good."

I took American Graffiti (1 and 2) and the new Jarmusch flick. I had a weird experience of thematic repetition. Just the night before I said goodbye to my sweetie, as she went to go visit her family in Pennsylvania. She brought me some groceries she didn't want to go bad and I gave her a little painted stone I bought from a deep-eyed man on the street. Now here I was saying goodbye for the second time in as many nights.

Finally he took out the garbage and got his last load of laundry. "Hey," he said, "do you want to..."

"I want to go take photos!"

paramount presents tony toni tone

Excruciatingly slowly he got on his coat and we went outside. It was like a new playground, the reddish, strange lights of downtown. We went to the new courthouse building and I sat and took pictures of a ring of lights. Finally I asked Nate to sit for some portraits.

Nate has Tourette's Syndrome, which causes him to move uncontrollably as kind of an energetic extension of his emotions and reactions. A change in temperature, a pretty girl getting on the bus, or a loud noise could make him flail his arms or say "HA!" I tried a few photos trying to catch him when he was still, but then I got the idea to capture the movements of his body with the long exposure.

I tried, but had a hard time getting him to move on cue. He was just sitting there calmly, only moving occasionally. He was relaxed.

The Dance of Tourette's 3

"Hey," he said, "try some word associations or something."

Okay. I hit the shutter.

"Droopy dog! Groceries! Malfeasance!"

The Dance of Tourette's 14

His arms and head whipped about.

"Band-aid! Dopamine! Grass stains!"

The Dance of Tourette's 6

He painted with his body and I got several shots. We tried to go out for a drink afterwards but we were still sort of distracted. He went back home, but he called me when I was on the bus. "I didn't feel like I got to say goodbye," he said.

I took the bus that goes by the Fiddler's Inn, and Doug was there with some LED lights. We got a few people in the bar to do some LED Light paintings. Doug, Martin, Nina, and I all took a crack at it.

Nina Paints with Light

It's worth looking at the gallery of photos for the other night. It's cool to check it out as a slideshow. The portraits of Nate are particularly cool that way.

May 23, 2006

two more nights of photography

Eventually I'll blog about something else, but this is really what's enriching me these days.

LED Painting by Doug

I did two recent nights of long exposure photography. These amazing shots are from two nights ago, and these are from last night. I had three different people help me put together those shots, and they all brought their own artistic ideas that really brought something new.

Hand in Lap Performance Art 2

May 20, 2006

okay, i'm clearly obsessed here

Obsessed with taking long-exposure photos. Here's my latest series taken around a campfire. The ones of the campfire itself are particularly awesome! It makes the fire look so organic and living and blazing!

Campfire Forge 2

May 15, 2006

more rhymin' (and stealin') photos

Thanks Kim Arbios for another batch of Rhymin' and Stealin' Photos. Note the second photo of Sir Mark the Poet rockin' the imaginary mic.




April 2, 2006

street scenes


Since I've had the new camera, I occasionally take photos of things on the street. I don't really have anywhere to put them, but some of them are pretty cool. I put a few of the best up in a new folder called Street Scenes on my tinygalleries.

March 28, 2006

me y my dharma bro nate


February 16, 2006

the only picture of my grandma

I never met this lady, but she's my grandmother on my Mom's side.

My mom was adopted by two loving people who I grew up calling my grandma and grandpa. While they were alive, my mom and I sometimes had discussions about trying to find her blood family. She was really concerned about hurting her adopted mom's feelings, and I totally understood. Grandma Goldberg had raised her up and she felt a lot of obligation to her. Plus, my mom was a firm believer in "nurture" being more important than "nature".

When both of her adoped parents died, I again asked her to go find some family while there were some left. Finally, she took my advice and did. She met some family that welcomed her with open arms. She met her half-sister and now they are close friends. But unfortunately, I found out that my grandpa was (mostly) non-determinable, and my grandma was already gone. All I have is this one picture of her smiling face, which I finally scanned and can send back to my relatives.

She looks so much like my mom, and I hear she was a bit of a wild one, which doesn't surprise me in the least. In general I'm not too interested in geneology, but I sure would love to have had a conversation with this lady.

my dad's side

On my Dad's side I did get to see both grandparents alive. Both of them were Russian Jews from the Ukraine, making me fully half Russian. My grandmother, Gloria, known to us as "Bubby Glore" was evidently quite the ballroom dancer, but by the time I got to know her she was a bit of a shriveled up old lady. For a short time I lived with her and my Dad in her Chicago apartment, and that didn't really do wonders for our relationship, unfortunately. She died without me being able to sincerely apologize for calling her a bitch. I think I'm probably due some karmic smackdown for that one.

My grandfather, a man who ran a diner in downtown Chicago for many years, wasn't speaking to my Dad by the time I met him, shortly before his death. He went by the name "Papa High". We were brought to meet him at about age 12 and he got agitated and said, "Get them out of here." I was pretty pissed off at him for not at least saying hi, but I do know how my Dad can wear on someone's second to last nerve, and then get right to work on their last one, so I don't blame him too bad.

But...that makes only one blood grandparent I ever had a conversation with. Luckily I had several extended grandparents. Maybe I'll do some grandparent stories. Maybe I can get my mom to send me some photos.


February 2, 2006

rowan tries her hand at photography


January 31, 2006

for all you ben photo lovers out there

Ahhh, with the new camera I managed to even get some photos of the elusive Ben beast. Here are portraits of Ben at the end of the day where he tried to upgrade perl on the server and it crashed mail service. Then, a client with an outstanding $5000 proposal and a tight deadline has decided to lollygag around for some ungodly reason. On days like this we quit at 4:30 and walk to the Fiddler's Inn for some strong beer.

(p.s. Marged, I'm talking to you.)

October 10, 2005

beekeeping photos


Some things just take a long time to do, and I wanted to do this right, I finally got up the photos of beekeeping this year, along with the story. I finally decided not to get a flickr account and just set up a system for tinyplace myself using the excellent Simple PHP Gallery, which I cannot recommend highly enough. So there's now a new link at the top navigation...tinygalleries, which is where I'll add new photosets.

So take a look, the story is in the descriptions of each photo and is best read in order.


September 13, 2005

burning man photos


In addition to the photos that I process and put up all pretty for my "The Witness" story, there are several cool photos that didn't make it into the article. I now have all the raw photos up in something more browsable thanks to the outstanding Simple PHP application I could have written, but wouldn't have done half as slick just for myself. Just upload the PHP files into a directory full of images, tweak some stuff, and voila!

July 5, 2005

loverzan on the brain

My three favorite pictures of Loverzan (that I took) (that I can post on the internets):

This was supposed to be for a massage brochure.  All of them were too blurry or just wrong.  I liked them.

Zan was feeling shy, but I talked her into letting me take a picture of her by telling her I would only take a picture of half her face.

A bunch of pictures in the garden...this one turned out the best.

She's good people.

July 4, 2005

two radiant boys

These are good boys. They help me. They make me feel better about being a boy.

On the left is Ben F. Sodenkamp. He's my busines partner and helps me in innumerable ways.

On the right is Andrew F. Dunloy. He's obsessed with zombies and tries to make everyone he's around feel happy and comfortable.

They both love me and show me a tremendous amount of kinship. They both ride me around on their two wheeled vehicles, which is nice, if life-threatening.

In this photo we are walking down by the river in Fremont (weeks ago, photo was in my phone) and having a very silly talk. They were very nice to pose for a photo of them with my phone-camera.

May blessings rain down upon them.

June 27, 2005

masked / unmasked



(click on the photos to see larger versions)

June 14, 2005

at long last, me in a kilt

daniel_inna_kilt1.jpg daniel_inna_kilt2.jpg

Coming soon for your swooning pleasure...the Robotic Cats in kilts together! Doing homoerotic wrestling moves! In Greece!

May 3, 2005


I pushed the blanket of
yellow leaves off the cement.
Same as always:
   they are back!
Why bother to sweep them?
They will rot. She said,
(as I prepared to give her a one-handed massage)
      �You shouldn�t ride a bike!�

And I thought:

�I have to find a reasonable level of risk

telecommuting from Norway while wrapped in a thick sheaf of California King-size comforters and eating only what I can have delivered by trustworthy organic providers


dedicating myself to blindfolded kung-fu jungle warfare hang-gliding.�

      I�ve got to ride a bike, woman!
   There�s no joy for me on this 72 metro bus. It aches like a mistake
like herpes
or a heartbreak

this broken wing
an injured haunch
this crippled thing

I tried to get a jump on Christmas
but it got the jump on me

I�ll be healed about the time I get used to doing things in 100 steps

�	Put down the glass
�	Pick up the pitcher and pour
�	Switch hands
�	Lean the pitcher against my chest
�	Open the fridge
�	Prop the door with my leg
�	Put the pitcher back in
�	Take the Vicodin�
�	Pick up the glass and swollow

I had two chances to look at my tender swollen lump before they wrapped it up in a shiny blue sheath of rock hard cloth making a six week house for a very stinky arm.

April 23, 2005

even though it's crappy, i'm still glad i have a camera in my phone