August 8, 2006

it's as funny as real love, and it's as real as true love

I've been exposed to this hyper-evangelical view of popular music before.

In this discussion, I'm just going to put aside the fact that I don't think Satanism is a real threat, and that I basically consider it a fetishistic and harmless reaction to Christianity. I think that the actual religeon of satanism is largely populated by clever athiests / loser teenagers / silly confused pagan wannabes, and that the truly powerful and effective damagers of the world and souls are just selfish beings of every other major religion. A real player in the damage and power of the world would never choose a rhetorical vehicle as pathetic as Church of Satan-style satanism.

So, for the purposes of this discussion, we're going to pretend that satanism itself, the worship of satan, is actually the fundamental damaging force in the world, and that music that glorifies satan is to be cast aside as a real agent of personal destruction. Okay?

I remember when I was a teenager, and a friend of mine played me a video his mom had exposed him to, about subtle satanic themes in modern pop music. I don't remember many of the examples, but I do remember one quite clearly. In the video, they mentioned it's often less threatening pop music that is the most likely to sway people to the devil. The example given?

Huey Lewis. I shit you not. The song specifically mentioned was Huey's masterpiece of satanic self-reliance: Jacob's Ladder. Parse the following:

"I met a fan dancer down in southside Birmingham
She was running from a fat man
Selling salvation in his hand.
Now he's trying to save me
Well I'm doing all right the best that I can."

Satanic. This lyric encourages people not to rely on Christ, our true salvation, and instead to seek it humbly themselves. Never mind the other connotations of this, or the reliability of this particular fat man's brand of salvation, this is clearly a rejection of salvation itself.

Okay, evangelical types are not known for their subtlety of humor, so let me say this plainly. I don't think this can be called by any realm satanic. I do not think Mr. Lewis is rejecting Christ here in this passage. I think he's telling a story. Do I think self-reliance is the theme of the story. Yes. Do I think cynical rejection of sources of real salvation is a theme as well? No, I don't. I don't think the fat man selling salvation in this song is meant to represent true spirituality, and I think someone making such a case is... childish.

However, this is not the point of my analysis today. The other day, SJ pointed me at an article accusing the lovely Neko Case of a clear satanic message in a song on her recent album "Hold On, Hold On".

So, let's cut to the crux with this quote about the song:

Neko case states, "Now it's the Devil I love." I have no doubt that she has some cute excuse for her praise of Satan, and I'm sure I'll receive some letters from her fans telling me that I don't understand her intent. Whatever her excuse, it is evil (from a Biblical perspective) for anyone to state that they "love the Devil."
- David J. Stewart

You think you might get such letters, eh David?

Let's just start with the idea, David, that there are different ways of expressing oneself through music, other than straightforwardly singing your opinion, just like you'd say it...but in rhyme. This is common in Christian music, I'll admit, but in other forms of artistic expression, the obvious has already been said, and people who create art in the modern world often employ a number of storytelling devices in order to point at ideas or feelings more complex or conflicted than can be said plainly.

Like for instance. Let's say I'm sitting in a chair watching a beautiful sunset, and thinking of my dead grandmother. Perhaps I wrote a poem about said moment, and it went like this:

I am sitting in a chair. I am watching a beautiful sunset.
It is orange.
I am happy to be sitting here, but I am also reminded of my dead grandmother.
I feel both happy and wistful.

Okay, that's actually not that bad as far a poems go... but really that's only one way I could express my feelings. I might try telling a story about my grandmother, and subtly weave in my observations about the sunset. Or... perhaps I don't mention my grandmother or the sunset at all.

One of these methods is to create a fictional character, and tell a story about that character's feelings. This is quite a popular method, for instance when Alice Cooper sang about being 18, in his song, 18, Alice Cooper was not in fact 18. Now Cooper's song is not a particularly subtle expression. He's making a pretty ham-handed point about youth that both his fans, and evangelical christians STILL took at face value.

It still cracks me up when I think about a Pink Floyd documentary where Roger Waters is telling how they still get letters complaining about the song "Money" as if the song were a real tribute to money and not, in fact, actually verifiably ironic.

So now the song, Hold On, Hold On. First of all, I'm going to offer the song in mp3 in case you'd like to listen to it, and you can read the lyrics over at the article in question. I actually love this song, which must be why I'm so confounded at this dunderheaded response.

So, I'll just come right out and say it. I don't think that Neko Case is literally saying that she loves the Devil. I think this is the story of a troubled woman who has a drug and alcohol problem. Neko Case tends to always sing in character, and usually about dark and murderous themes. Is it because she is a murderer? Probably not.

So let's go back to David's canonical example, Sympathy for the Devil. I guess it never even occurred to me that this actually was a kind of satanic expression. Or, the Grateful Dead singing, "A friend of the devil is a friend of mine." It always struck me as a kind of jaded weariness. In character.

The same here in Hold On, Hold On. I'm not 100% sure what her character means, but I just don't see how a case can be made that this song is an unvarnished praise to satan. These are rich songs based on a dark tradition of country and rockabilly and I think they have more to say than that.

So, David, I don't mind you saying the Bible should be interpreted as a literal word of God, no matter how complex or conflicting the overall message, but must we take pop music lyrics at the same kind of literal face value? Especially from musicians known for their complex storytelling?

What if one wrote a play about a man struggling with Satan. What if the actor had a line where he states that he loves the Devil, but is then later in the play redeemed? Is the actor who says such a line in a play acting by some satanic expression by being in this Christian play? Is the playwright? Even if his purpose is ultimately to tell a salvation story?

Please tell me there's still a little room for complex exploration of how difficult and multifaceted it is to be a citizen of this planet. Please David, I know there's a lot of people out there thinking about music and culture this way, but I ask you to reconsider Neko Case.

July 21, 2006

we can bring about great change for this country


I found the perfect soundtrack (mp3) to read this article about Bush's recent speech at the NAACP.

The article is safe for work / mixed company. The song isn't, and it's by The Party Party.

the bougieman's cliches


The comments are worth reading as much as this blogger's list of Movie cliches that bug him.

The commenters really jump on him for never having seen Chinese Food actually come in paper boxes with wire handles.

Some of them, I could hardly remember any movies where that happened, like "Chess players are always always brilliant, charming, upper class people, while card players are always sneaky, foul mouthed, and prone to cheating." I mean really, how many Chess movies have there even been!

Some I thought, who the hell cares? "That every helicopter shutting down emits the chirp-chirp-chirp sound, in spite of the fact that only the Bell 47G (the chopper on MASH) actually makes this noise."

I thought, "Oh yeah, that just sets my teeth on edge every time." (???)

This would have been my number one cliche of madness though:

When someone yells �You never backed away from everything in your life, now fight!!� while giving someone CPR or working to resuscitate a stopped heart.

Oh my god. I just lose all trust for a movie when that happens.

Holy crap, and I just realized it was written by Robin Bougie, who writes the craziest porn and comix Livejournal ever. He's a good kid.

May 31, 2006

filed under sexilicious

Zan over at Breaking Sod just went from longhaired to chic and documented the sudden change on her blog. That girl is looking pretty cute.

I laughed when I saw her blog category for the post was "sexilicious". Check out the other sexilicious entries. I didn't even know there was such a category.

May 2, 2006

tricks of the trade

Tricks of the Trade is a pretty cool blog, a list of tips from professionals from various fields. I'm racking my brain to think of a good web development one.

I'm certainly loving some like:
Research Scientist
Recording Engineer

April 21, 2006

what i'm looking at on the internet lately roundup

In no particular order:

Pandora - Most people already know about Pandora, but if you're one of the holdouts, then check it out immediately. It's an internet radio station run by The Music Genome Project that plays music that's "genetically" like the music you already like. Cool flash-based player.

Pixoh - Don't have photoshop, but you need to make a LiveJournal thumbnail image, or crop and adjust a photo to send in email? Upload it to Pixoh and get a pretty amazing set of image editing features right in your web browser.

The Falling Sand Game - This curious little java applet has entranced me, Zan's 8-year old kid, and about a third of the internet. It's not a game, it's a toy. Make up your own puzzle and then solve it. Watch time pass before your eyes as the sand, salt, water and oil fall right before your eyes. (More about falling sand for the truly obsessed.)

Writely - Writely is a cool word processor that runs in a web page. There's other ones, but this one imports and exports word documents, pdf's and other formats. It's also lightweight and pretty. Unfortunately, Google bought it, and it's in closed beta now while Google works its magic hoo-ha on it. There's others, but I haven't found one as cool as writely. The others are: Writeboard, AJAXWrite, GOffice, WideWord, ZohoWriter.

LifeHacker - This is a blog about lifehacks. A lifehack is basically a "hack" for some problem or frustration in life, or a way to streamline your workflow in life. Lifehacker is a pretty high-volume blog, and in any given day you're almost sure to find something useful or interesting.

Damn Interesting - Speaking of interesting, this is a consitantly interesting blog that finds scientific or historical factoids and presents them in quite a compelling way.

Ta-Da List - I now use Ta-Da list as a part of my everyday workflow. It's indespensable for me, since I usually have about 4 web projects going at a time with about a dozen discrete tasks each. Ta-Da list couldn't be simpler. It's just a web-based to-do list. You add items, you reorder items, you check items off on a list. But somehow having a collection of to-do lists I can access from anywhere and easily edit is making my life a lot more efficient.

MySpace - Bitch about MySpace if you want, but right now every web company except Google wants to trump MySpace. Why? Because whatever flaws it has, it has the critical mass of real people. Go and try searching for your 10 best friends. I bet you find quite a few. They're on MySpace, which makes it a great tool for finding your friends, finding chicks, finding a job, finding new avenues to get spammed and finding...whatever you want.

Biznik - The tagline of BizNik is, "Business Networking that doesn't suck." and as far as I can tell, it's true. It's one of the most innovative web/real life concepts that I'm actively involved in. If you're a microbusiness, I think it's genuinely useful to be a BizNik member.

April 18, 2006

brenda belcher

I expressed my fandom to lovely folk music singer Brenda Belcher the other day by inviting her over for a morning of "Let's get it together and put up a website for you". May I announce the album site of her new album, Another Autumn Day.

When I have a simple concept and the will, I can really get a site up quickly.

One note, Brenda is going to be selling her CD online in short order, so please note that the previous $5 CD deal has been rescinded. If you'd like to hear more than the 3 tracks on her site, please support this local artist and purchase her CD online once she makes it available.

March 16, 2006

questions about the english language you always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask

Who knew? The Oxford English Dictionary of course:

Is there a name for the dot above the letters i and j?
What is the origin of 'love' meaning 'nil' in tennis scoring?
What are the correct terms for the forward and backslash as used in computing languages, Web addresses etc.?
How do you describe a person who does not eat meat, but eats fish?
What is the feminine equivalent of a misogynist (a person who hates or dislikes women)?
How should the term 'website' be written in official documents and on the web?

March 12, 2006

this may be the last of the march birthday posts

But maybe not. Here is the aforementioned cool picture of Roseanne "Love-In" Edson:

(© 2006 Nathaniel Ward)

The reason it's so cool is that Zan shows this kind of exuberance a lot, but just not in front of the camera usually. So, it's a bit of a minor miracle that photographer Nate Ward managed to capture her in such a mood to mug at her recent, amazing birthday party. Yay.

I modified it using The Lomo Effect and Photoshop.

Some other pictures of Zan can be found here, and you can see she is quite a bit more reticent usually.

Her lovely blog, Breaking Sod, is also worth reading.

March 9, 2006

even more birsday

Well yes, there's one more early March birthday (on this very day) that I feel I need to extol the good qualities of:

Tiffany "I can't believe I don't know her middle name" Russey

Tiffany, or Phinney as I call her, is one of my best friends, and I have been in her company probably less than 10 total hours, if that.

I met her in Seattle for the first time (which I do not remember) when I first moved to Seattle about a dozen years ago. I knew some friends on Campus, and was hanging out with them, probably smoking weed and listening to Pink Floyd. Phinney came in with a friend named Jessica (who I most certainly do remember) probably in order to buy some weed and get the hell out of my friend's dorm before they were subjected to much Pink Floyd.

Then, I met her again many years later, when I lived with my amazing friend Lorelei. Phinney was a good friend of hers, and we met then. I gave her a massage once and for some reason it got us both kind of flustered and uncomfortable, which is rare.

I didn't get to know her very well, however, since she decided to move across the globe and become deeply involved with some Waldorf Teacher Training. Once, while hanging out with my sister, I ran into her during a short visit to Seattle. We were happy to see each other and exchanged information.

A few months later, one of the lushest letters I have ever received arrived in my inbox. It was accompanied by photos, and was a loving and detailed chronicle of her recent travels. It was one of the most striking letters I ever received, and it floored me that she had taken the time to write such a beautiful travelogue.

I of course had been in Seattle the whole time, but wrote a thankful letter back about my own life.

Years later, and I have been a participant in one of the richest and loveliest correspondances in my life. Phinney has always been there for me with amazing stories of her world travels, philosophical talks about the differences and similarities of mystical Christianity and Vajrayana Buddhism, photos of beautiful places, and an otherwise very multi-faceted portrait of her beautiful mind. (And face! When I find that picture I will post it.)

Now she lives in Ireland, and we are a little bit more technically connected. We even IM now. But, the quality of her communication is still something I will always treasure. Thank you for the richness of your words, your openness and friendship. You are really a treasure to me, Phinney!

Phinney, I'm glad you were born!

more birsday

I had wanted to get up some pictures of the birsday fiends, but didn't get them together soon enough to go with my post. Here are some photos of the aforementioned Thomas Thys Becker and Lauren Beth "suki 'sexbomb' tsunami" Yockey. I will leave it to you to guess who is whom.


Miss Roseanne "Love-in" Edson has a killer picture from her birthday party that I am still trying to get my hands on and will most assuredly post when I do.

March 4, 2006

hippy birsday fiends!

I'd like to take a moment to honor some people who are celebrating their birthdays this week and say some sweet things about them.

Roseanne 'Love-In' Edson

There's not a person on this earth that doesn't have a womb-related connection to me who has ever shown me such a strong and steadfast love. This girl's love comes on like a wrecking ball and it refuses to be dampened. Few people on this planet have come to know me so well, on so many levels and still have loved me so doggedly, so persistantly.

Roseanne is one of the skinniest girls I have ever met, and also one of the strongest. She is a genuine challenge to wrestle, and is one of the few people in my wieght class I've ever wrestled where I have to take such care not to let her wild knees get between us. She kicks like a horse! She is determined in all ways!

Roseanne is someone who will fucking mobilize, if you're sick and bring over the yogurt, garlic, tea and chicken soup and no joke about that.

She is someone who likes to teach lessons gently instead of my natural bulldozer style. She has a wild, dorky imagination and is a voracious reader. She is incredibly smart, and a quick study at computer-related topics. When I met her she didn't know anything about computers, and now does professional illustration work with one, as well as being a very prolific blogger and photo-blogger.

Roseanne, I'm glad you were born!

Lauren Beth "suki 'sexbomb' tsunami" Yockey

Beth (as she is most commonly called, for she is a woman of many names) is one of those people who's karmic paths I was clearly destined to intersect, and now the hold of that karmic link of learning will have me in its grip for a long time to come.

Oh christ, where do I even start. Take a deep breath, Daniel.

Okay, Beth is someone who, as a friend, demands that you live up to your own potential. She loves, but she does not coddle. She provides opportunities, but she does not give guided tours to them.

She is brilliant. She likes challenging fiction, challenging movies, and challenging music. I suspect she came out of the womb with a certain level of social sophistication. Her life is an artistic endeavor and she creates art in a way that is uncommonly fearless. When she buys new things, she immediately customizes them with stickers and weird adornments, because she cannot stand to have her things look like everyone else. She is a hyper-pump of creativity and destruction.

Like me, she is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to relating to the socio-commercial world, and has skills in design, typography, business communication, writing, negotiating, and whole-systems design.

She offers freedom to her intimates and asks for freedom in return. If she gives advice it is rare, blunt, pithy, and without unnessesary pontification. She just says, "I think you could do better at that," or "that shirt is not going to work," or "you don't need to ever do that again," or "what you're doing is not commercially viable."

She is funny. She knows how to rock a running joke and develop and evolve it over time, so there are jokes we have that are so funny that I wish more people could know about them, but there's no way I could explain the history of them. So I just have to laugh my ass off until I cry and let it be between us. She brings out my wickedest sense of humor, and nothing is taboo for humor with her. She is not uptight.

Beth, I'm glad you were born!

Thomas Rhys Becker

Thomas's wife has a heart disorder, and he was so concerned with her worsening condition that he did research into her diet until he discovered some modifications to the kinds of fats that she consumed that made the worst of her symptoms go into remission. He is fascinated by artificial intelligence and lighter than air craft.

I can't wait until we're old so I can know him as a wealthy, eccentric wonk who has a million bizarre science experiments in his huge laboratory in his basement. I vote him most likely to be part of a think tank for the betterment of the world.

He has a wicked British accent, and it only emphasizes his indomitable spirit and pluck. He is both modern and archaic. He is young and happily married. He says things like, "What's as important as the knife is to have a good knife sharpening system." He appreciates straightforwardness, even when it's not pleasant for him.

He's such a good sport that he's one of the rare people I've been able to work closely with professionally and also be good friends with. He rolls a very servicable joint. He is whip smart and not afraid to step up to the plate and take the absolute maximum amount of work and responsibility he can handle. One suspects an almost MacGuyver level of problem solving and ingenuity. I swear to god he'd be a great person to be stranded in the middle of the ocean in a rowboat with no food or water.

He designs and wears custom garments and has a way with textiles. He's good at raising an eyebrow. He's nearly unflappable.

Tom, I'm glad you were born!

March 3, 2006

please hammer don't hurt 'em

SJ is gonna be so pissed that I scooped her on the MC Hammer Blog. I haven't listened to the audio blog segments yet, but it's mostly some name-dropping and pictures of his son. There is a perfectly surreal post where Hammer writes about a dream he had where he joins the police force in 1968, and then uses it as an opportunity to plug his upcoming album.

February 28, 2006

virulent virii

Right after I talked about viruses, I just found this tremendous Discover Magazine article about what modern science knows about viruses.

From the article:

Viruses come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of sturdiness, and with all manner of strategies for getting at the cellular machinery they lack. Some batter-ram their way through the outer cell membrane. Some meld their membranes with a cell's and then suddenly revolve, like those faux bookcases in the movies, into the sacred chamber. Still others gain entry by disguising themselves as the sort of free-floating molecules that our cells routinely gobble up.

February 2, 2006


I'd like to make two small announcements.

One, my new (businessy) blog, Robokitties - The Roboticat Communications Weblog, is now live and running. I always wanted a tech blog. There's lots of things I notice and read about on the web, but never wanted to make the tinyblog stray too far from interesting, cute-ish things (I'll bet you never knew that was the theme).

Also, another business blog, Biznik, recently featured me in an interview about web development. If you've only ever heard me talk about writing and girls and buddhism or whatever, it might be interesting to hear me talk geek.

I have two friends who recently moved to New York. I knew them for several months before they met my business partner, who told them what I did for a living. They looked at me in shock. "Daniel?!" they said, "We know him as a nice guy who cooks soup late at night!"

But, anyone who's known me for any length of time knows I geek hard.

January 31, 2006

most evil spam i've received lately


Smoking is the expression of independence and freedom.


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How many wonderful things you have to give up?
At least don�t give up the best of them � smoking.

How many wonderful things you have to give up?
At least don�t give up the best of them � smoking.

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January 17, 2006

blog advice

A friend just asked me:

> I saw that your blog had several years of how do you do
> do you get into a good routine?? Do you start just free
> of consciousness?? Or do you start a given entry with
> something to say or a little of both??
> Maybe there's no secret...or tips or tricks...but I just thought I'd ask.

In writing him back, I was surprised at my own little "tips and tricks" as it were. Reprinted for your dubious edification:

Well, check out what my rhythms of posting are really like. This is the archives listed by year and month, and it's almost like a bar chart if you just blur your eyes a little and scroll up from the bottom:

I have gone months without posting before, and it's hard to hang on to readership that way. Readership is a pretty good motivation for writing I think.

So where's the URL? I might be able to give more specific tips if I could see what your blog is like. You know, some kind of sense of intention or purpose of the whole thing really helps.

A nice design, or at least a cool, striking graphic at the top is nice too. It inspires you to fill that space with something cool.

It helps to have some kind of blogging community.

Syndication has made things easier cause now I can just subscribe to a blog (most blogging tools offer this) and I never have to check it, I just see when the person has posted. So I read even some blogs that are updated very infrequently.

I'd rather an infrequent entertaining blog than someone who posts constantly about absolutely nothing.

Think when you post, "If someone I didn't know came upon this, would they be able to find ANYTHING of value in this?" Don't just write about your day unless you can construct some kind of narrative. If you do this you'll start to see little blog stories in your life more often.

If your family knows about it, then put up some damn pictures of your kid every once in a while, the fam will apreciate it.

Let readers who know you know what's going on in your life. It's like your public statement about your life.

If you learn something new in your life, then find a way to tell a story about it in your blog.

Series' of things are cool. Think of a cool topic and do a week on it. Readers seem to really like that and come back for more. At least, until the series is over.

Get people to read and link to you, gradually (but slowly) widening the circle of people who think to click on you every once in a while. Comment on some blog you like and put the url back to your site in the comments. If people enjoy the comment, sometimes they go see who it is. Similarly, blogs can see where their hits are coming from (some can), so put a link list of blogs you like, and visit them via the links on your own page. They will see visitors from your site and possibly check you out.

Don't get too wrapped around the axle if you can't think of anything to write. Just wait and be patient. Strike when the iron is hot.

Also, assume there are in fact interesting things about your life and perspective. Sometimes it can be a little like stand up comedy. You see something in the grocery store that freaks you out and you can make jokes about it, and then actually link to the company's website.

Never just link to something cool, always provide a little bit of perspective or commentary.

Don't succumb to every meme. Especially because of peer pressure. Just ignore all the fucking quizzes and shit. Come up with your own content, unless your blog is really about memes and such. Sometimes there will be a cool one, like describing your five favorite ice cream flavors and relating them to sexual positions or something like that, that you can really rock and come up with something creative for....but make sure it's really good before you use it.

Don't natter on about every popular movie or book. Really try to hold yourself to a high standard and come up with something different for people to see. Differentiate yourself in some way from the sea of chattering monkeys and people will value it.

If possible...come up with SOME visual aspect to your posts along with the writing.

People like bite-sized posts...if you really write a long post, break it up with subheadings so it doesn't just look like one meaningless ramble.

Think about who might be reading, and tailor your content accordingly. Remember, a google cache is forever. You can take chances, but do it on purpose, not out of carelessness.

Try reading the blogs of your commentors and readers, I mean, not if they turn out to be painfully dull (or dully painful), but give everyone a chance. That builds online community.

Look inside yourself a little at what your valuable perspective is. Be honest. Don't waste 1's and 0's. They are almost infinate, but people's time on this planet certainly isn't.

Hope that helps...that was just stream of consciousness, I think I'm actually just going to post this to my blog as well. Hope you don't mind.

January 16, 2006

my shockingly talented friends attempt to use the english language and other tools

Two of my best friends shocked me recently by doing two things I thought they would never do: they got engaged, and they just started precious "his and hers" blogs right here on the internet. "His" is called Sans Pants Revolution and looks both psychotic and promising. "Hers" is called KonPai, Esse, in an effort to push her hyper-literate cultural mish-mash on on the planet. They're the most welcome (to me) personal friend additions to the blogosphere since I, Asshole. Although...that gives them pretty big shoes to fill.

Then, a friend that I've known peripherally for months, suddenly busts out her portfolio the other night and it turns out she's a trained and talented computer illustrator, interface and icon designer. It's always nice when I find out that someone I know does something I'd find impressive professionally, even if I didn't know them.

When I was in Rockford, I ran into my best friend from second grade. We did some emailing and pretty soon he's asking me if he can send some of his home brewed beer. (Twist my arm, Josh). Now Seattle is quite a town for beer, and it's not hard to find the best beers in the world here. So I have to say I was a bit surprised when the homebrew turned out to be the richest, most delicious double chocolate stout imaginable, and the six bottles were hoarded briefly, drunk, and well appreciated. Well played, Mr. Frank, well played!

I have other seriously talented friends as well, but these people surprised me, so happiness and linklove to them.

September 26, 2005

you know what happened next? shut up, I'm telling you what happened!

This is just too funny not to re-post. For anyone who doesn't take The Onion seriously, here's their incredibly psychic satire from a year and a half ago, and a CNN Money news item from a week ago. I remember laughing my ass off at the Onion story when it came out, but I guess I'm not laughing now. Okay, yes I am.

Oh my God...check out the quote from James Kilts in the CNN article. I'm gonna die.

via Simon Willison's Weblog

August 15, 2005

the only justification that makes sense?

I've gotten quite weary of all the Iraq-related political commentary. The non-specific liberal "LIES!" fingerpointing, and the sad, sad, set of conservative political justifications. No one has said anything about the justifications for war that makes any goddamn sense to me in a long time. I love the studied outrage of Get Your War On, but it really just pokes fun at what's being said publicly and rarely speculates about what's actually going on.

So I was pretty intrugued by this Harper's Article, Blood For Oil: The Only Justification That Makes Sense?

This has come up in conversation with Bill and Joe a lot, who, through their administration friendly views find Oil as a potential justification for the war to be absurd.

I don't know if this article really makes a good case that it was all about oil, but it does bring up in me the not-completely-angry-but-just-entirely-curious question. Really guys...why?

Well Bill? Care to write a post on this article?

July 25, 2005

the asshole is back

At this point I believe I have broken 90% of the Ten Commandments. Murder doesn't have a check-mark next to it yet, but it's a long life. Do we understand each other, Seattle drivers?

You know what this means. That's right. I, Asshole is back, with her very own domain. It's iasshole.ORG, by the way, not iasshole.COM. Some dillweed company brought every thinkable domain name with the 'i' in front of it, including anything vaguely porn-y when the whole iLife, iMac, etc. craze came out. They're iFuckers.

Thanks to Ben for offering her hosting and helping me set up an environment for Movable Type 3.1, thanks to me for putting in countless hours turning paper cutouts into an XHTML design and spending over four hours pulling out about 4000 comment spams from her old installation so I could export her archives (yay, Vaginabreakers!, yay, I Heart Boys).

And finally, thanks to Asshole, for breastfeeding her little spawns in the office while I tweaked CSS and asked her dumb questions about the color and thanks to Asshole for doing her good writing. That's what made me volunteer to spend lots of unpaid dev hours on bringing I, Asshole up. Oh yeah, and cause I love her.

July 15, 2005

the origins of modern monogamy

A nice, simple, short overview of monogamy and polyamory in Judeo-Christian history. A pretty damn levelheaded discussion in the comments as well, considering how incendiary the subject matter can be.

via the blog of local pro-domme Mistress Matisse.

June 20, 2005

The Five Things I Miss From My Childhood Meme

Only my childhood friends can nail me with memes. Bitches.

5) Snow Days - Days when the amount of Northern Illinois snow made that most of magical of miracles: legal closure of school and a world full of fort-building material. Plows would come and do a circle around cul-de-sacs, leaving a nearly ready made two-story castle ready to tunnel into. You dig until your skin burns!

4) Massive amounts of free time - This is one of the things I hated too, but being so bored that you turn to mastering sill video games or making up huge fictional worlds to play role playing games with your friends in is actually cool in its own way. Maybe it'll be like this again when I'm old. Only without the mental acuity.

3) Regular Ol Fireworks - Now I live in Seattle and it's like packing in with 30 million people to see some crazy show designed by a Japanes designer that makes all kinds of sparkly (but dinky) planentoids sychronized to classical music and Ludacris. I used to like to sit in a field with like 200 people and watch huge bloom after bloom explode over my head.

2) Lightning Bugs - They don't have 'em here. And even back there pollution has fucked it up to the point where there's just a few. I used to stand in a field and just watch it explode with lights.

1) TEEN POSSE! - Feeling like a serious badass cause me and my monkey-ass friends got a car and a bunch of weapons and a bunch of dumb ideas. We WERE serious badasses too!


Gotta post this list:

The Gun Line
Righty in a Lefty State
Frizzen Sparks
the tinyblog

But, I can't stand to try and ensnare anyone else...but if anyone else wants to do it voluntarily, especially the extremely meme-inclined, then you are so welcome.

June 7, 2005



Carol Lambert has been doing some really cool bird themed work lately, and these two pieces, Emu Egg and Ostrich Egg really grew on me. Her recent work is really worth browsing through, and she rotates her work often enough that it's worth having a look now and then.

Carol is an Alaskan artist and is also my business partner Ben's mom. Plus, can you imagine being able to paint like that? Anyone care to venture a guess what she does for a living?

i heart songs about self love

Sometimes when it's late at night
And you have no one to talk to
Here's what you do...
You go through that
Raggedy cell phone
'bout two or three times
Tracy ain't home,
Tina ain't home
The Love Below starts talkin' to ya

Every boy and girl, woman to man
When you feel you've done about the best you can
Muthafuck the wagon, come join the band
Vibrate, vibrate higher!

Play with your own score sheet, become the master of your own bater
And yes, God is watching you, but no need to be embarrassed
For the future is in your hands, no the future is in your hand
Play with your own score sheet

- from Vibrate by da Andre 3000 an Outkast from The Love Below

(have a listen if you don't have the album, but christ, you don't have this album yet?...I'll keep it up for a few days, but it's 8 megs so I don't wanna max the bandwidth too bad, yo)

June 5, 2005


Okay, I've lost far too much time to this. It's a fascinating survey of human history from the perspective of human combat and martial arts. From the author's short intro:

Kronos; A Chronology of the Martial Arts and Combative Sports, represents my idiosyncratic interpretation of the history of the martial arts, combative sports, and associated philosophical topics. If you have suggestions for improvement, please let me know. If you think you can do better, please do so.

In any case, what follows is something that reads almost like a reverse blog starting 6 million years ago. It's not just about combat, there's a fair sprinkling of religeous and political history here. This guy doesn't seem to be making a heavy handed point about anything, but as a general history lesson, I have to really appreciate the work he's put into this piece.

Questions like this probably won't pop up in pub trivia, but I guarantee you'll learn something you didn't know.

April 15, 2005

the secret friend society

I've been getting into this kind of dreamlike duo of online comics by Hope Larson called "The Secret Friend Society". Personally, of the two (Salamander Dream, done in green and Jellaby, done in purple) I prefer Jellaby, with it's darker mood and more intelligable story, but I like them both. He updates one of them nearly every day...but not much happens in a single strip, so I tend to wait awhile and then just read the whole story in one sitting.

screw it, i'm just in it for the cash and the bitches

"I heard Tom DeLay's blood was in the water and the sharks were circling him, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a metaphor."

February 3, 2005

oddities for ya pleasure

Twinkie Sushi is so wrong it's....still so wrong. (via some canuck blog I can't remember)

The Nerd Watch Museam proves that Douglas Adams was so, so right. (via mefi)

Seanbaby has a bunch of writing about old video games that makes me pee my pants it's so funny, especially his article about the 20 Worst Games of All Times

Learn about Angband, the semi-retarded old UNIX game that Rowan and I are obsessed with.

And then in the weird outdated games category, check out some of Adam Cadre's cool Interactive Fiction.

Weapons made out of office supplies.

Tony Blair has lips like a baby.

January 26, 2005

articles that say what i'd say but better

Usually I don't point to much writing on the web about Iraq, because most writing I encounter is just too heavily weighted one way or the other, or just doesn't approach the complexity of opinions and feelings I have about the administration/war/wmd. This article on daily, however does a good job of stating about how I feel.

The operative part is:

I think that for most people who have opposed President Bush and his agenda from the beginning, there's at least a side of them that wants to see him fail. To leave office in humiliation. Only there's a huge problem with that, because he's gambling with our future, and he's gambling with the future of those people in Iraq who never asked for what they're dealing with today. So much as I detest what he's done and how he's gone about it, I have to hope every day for President Bush to succeed, for our sake and for the sake of the everyday Iraqi. It's not a very fun place to be.

And while I'm going there, I also really appreciated this recent New Yorker article about The Ownership Society. If you don't want to read the whole article, the important passage is here:

Generally, we want people to reap the benefits of their own successes and pay a price for their failures. But Social Security and Medicare are designed to protect people from things they have little control over�risk of illness, risk of macroeconomic change, risk of industrial obsolescence. To manage that kind of risk, you have to do it collectively. What�s more, as the political scientist Jacob Hacker has pointed out, Americans� everyday lives are considerably riskier than they used to be. Jobs are less secure. Health-care costs are increasingly difficult to plan for. And the pace of technological change�which can lay waste to entire industries almost overnight�is faster than ever. So now may not be the best time to undermine the few programs that provide people with some protection against bad decisions and bad luck.

And last but not least...I actually almost mailed this article about Kofi Annan, the secretary general of the UN to Graumagus of Frizzen Sparks, because he focused so deeply on Annan's culpability in the food-for-oil scandal. The article actually mentions the role neocon bloggers played in the whole Kofi Annan scandal.

The important passage:

Listening to the cable pundits, you would never suspect that there is no proof at this point that Annan, or indeed anyone else at the UN, did anything wrong. Charges of corruption against UN official Benon Sevan are suspect at best, given that they come via Ahmad Chalabi, who was also the source of the discredited information about Iraq's illusory weapons, as well as the assurances that Iraqis would greet US and British forces as liberators. Nor is there any evidence that Annan used his influence to give Cotecna, a company that employed his son, the job of monitoring contracts under the oil-for-food program, and no proof that Cotecna did anything illegal or corrupt.

I'm always looking for articles that handle modern issues in an intelligent way, and rarely find them, either from the right or the left. So I think these articles are important reading for left or right wingers.

January 24, 2005

searching for faith

Aaron: Hey, did you get that Email I sent you with the Tsunami poem?
Me: No. Maybe it ended up in my spam filter. Let me look.

(Searching for a minute)

Me: Hey, what's a word in the subject line?
Aaron: Faith.

(Searching again)

Me: Damn...when I search in my Spam folder for faith, all I find is Faithless bitches.

October 19, 2004

something good did happen

Some of you may have read my story about me trying to talk my favorite Seattle pizza joint into letting me do their website. I wanted to do their website, even offered to do it for free just to be able to have online access to the list of pizza toppings. But they weren't sure if they were going to be able to stay in the building they were in, so they said no.

Well, suddenly, out of the blue, I get this Email:

Hello there, this is -G-Dino's son George from Santorini Pizza, I just stumbled across your website...thanks for calling me good looking...very nice! Just wanted to let you that we are here to stay, I got married, and am ready for a website, something simple. I am not looking for you do it for free though. If you are still interested in creating a website for us call or e-mail me. Thanks again for the write up, we got a new sign! I always hated the old one. Oh and sorry about the people yelling the word motherfucker all the time, they were probably my uncles (no affiliation to the professionals who work at the restaurant.)

So something good did happen, and I got to do the website and get paid for it. It's pretty cool...some tricky CSS that works well in all the browsers I've tested, and it's exactly what they wanted. I present to you, Santorini Pizza & Pasta

October 15, 2004

too much for one post, but not enough for two

I think I've got a good system down, but the real question is:
Is it more work to dump all my clean clothes from the hamper on my bed to rifle through them in the morning and dump them back into the hamper when I go to bed than it is to fold them and put them away? How do wrinkles factor? I wonder if I'll ever know.

Also, I'm very fascinated by the amazing:
Kerry Haters for Kerry
and the amazing and amazingly URL'ed:
John Kerry is a Douchebag But I'm Voting For Him Anyway (dot com).

I didn't realize there was such a movement. Ahh the it brings folks together.

October 14, 2004



Splif is brought to you by the by the makers of Buddafinger Bars and advertised by the DEA's excellent Microgram Bulletins (otherwise known as "where not to hide your drugs")

Remember...choosy agents choose splif.

via MetaFilter via BoingBoing

September 14, 2004

in response...

This is a very long post. You have been warned.

Graumagus, this is an attempt to respond to your political ideas publicly, and an attempt to salvage our longstanding friendship. I don't condemn you or respect you more for posting in public, but it does oblige me to bring the conversation out in public as well.

For those just tuning in, I'd like to repost Grau's response to a previous post here in its entirety so you don't have to dig into the comments to see what I'm responding to. I will respond point-by-point as I would if this were a personal Email.

Right off the bat I'd like to say that this response has far more to do with previous discussions and debates I've had with Daniel than with the content of this post or Daniel's reasons for endorsing John Kerry for president. I mention several things here that were in e-mails and discussions Daniel and I have had, and several of my references will be lost on anyone but Daniel. I apologize for that. I also decided to post this here instead of in an e-mail because I feel it's something I need to say publicly. Respect or condemn me for that as you will.

In our e-mail discussion of that Harper's Article, you mentioned that I should know how painful direct conflict can be, seeing as how often in the past I had used deception (lies) to avoid such.

You were only half-right. I also have learned through hard lessons how such actions never end up making a situation better in the long run, and usually end up causing several times more harm than a direct conflict would. As such, I decided to stop pretending things didn't bother me on a fundamental level and just air this in the open.

I like it. I really am impressed by your intention to face conflicts instead of being deceptive or just talking shit. Not so crazy about the "we can't be friends anymore" conclusion though. As a result I will attempt to defend both my viewpoints, dispel meaningless misunderstanding, and defend our friendship.

I stand for everything you despise.

When you first began Frizzen Sparks I was truly shocked and dismayed by its political tone. It took awhile before I really got where you were coming from, and what was behind all that vitriol. At the same time, I respected your online voice, and was glad to see that you had found it, and that you had readership, and a public way to air your ideas.

Since then our political discussion has greatly enriched my understanding of the state of the world, and what people outside of the bounds of my little liberal slice of the world were thinking. In addition, it made my own liberal thinking a lot less lazy.

You have assumed a great many things about my beliefs and lumped me in with all of the naive and under informed liberals of the world, and often assumed my ideas were in line with them. I haven't always had the energy or the time to refute each of your ideas, or was searching for some words that were not purely inflammatory to try and speak to you about my viewpoint in language that would not just push your buttons. It was not always an easy task.

I always assumed that we would eventually enter into a political discussion of enough depth to really explore it, and in fact we had just barely begun such a discussion via Email. I regret that I did not find the time to more actively explain my ideas previously.

I'm one of those people you sneeringly refer to as a 'common sense type' (your using 'common sense' as an attribute worthy of derision speaks volumes).

Common sense itself is not something I am opposed to. But the use of the term "common sense" to defend small minded or traditional ideas is very frustrating to me. I thought that you understood on some level my jibes, and I don't think it's reasonable to think that I take some sort of stand against sensible thought that cuts through popular or fashionable ideas, which is what I think of true common sense as.

Too many times, however, I have heard "common sense" attributed to blatantly racist, unthinkingly moralistic, or just truly simpleminded ideas. Something is not common sense simply because a lot of people in your community think the same thing.

Affirmative action is an example. The debate about affirmative action has raged for many decades, and many great thinkers have looked at it from many angles. I myself do not have a concrete opinion on affirmative action, but to dismiss it out of hand, to say that all of the discussion about it that has occurred has been nothing but liberal folly, and that someone knows this because they have "common sense" is beyond me.

There are many other examples, but suffice it to say that common sense itself is certainly not troubling to me, or worthy of derision.

I'm an agnostic, but lean pro-Christian, and while I'm not rabid about it I tend to support the pro-life viewpoint.

I do not despise this. I have a relationship with the Christ of the bible (if in no other way than appreciating his words, although it is more than this). As for the pro-life movement: My faith also believes that to have an abortion is to take a life and has dire consequence. At the same time I lean away from legislation that enforces this. This is a difference between us, but I do not despise your position.

I oppose activist judges making sweeping societal changes independent from an elected legislature, be it regarding gay marriage or any other issue.

This is SO your pet peeve, man. I'm not going to touch this with a ten-foot pole. Please keep in mind that conservative judges as well use the bench to influence political reality. I understand that subverting the mechanisms of lawmakers is really a hot topic, but I think you're being a little nearsighted about this single issue. In any case your view does not represent something I despise.

I respect my country, and it's symbols. I believe that posting a link to the full 'Star Spangled Banner', including the less known '4th stanza' on my website is not 'jingoistic', or worthy of derision.

Forgive me please for a bit of passive aggressive ribbing in this case. I will talk more about this country and its symbols more when I talk about your difficulties with my views.

I am a staunch defender of the 2nd amendment.

I know you are, man. I know that you have a very informed and well-constructed argument about 2nd amendment rights. I have a different view from you, but man, chill, I am not Michael Moore. You don't know what my views are and you've never bothered to ask me. You don't seem too open-minded about discussion about it in any case, and it's certainly not the most important political issue in the world to me. I respect your well-constructed view and am happy to agree to disagree on this issue. Maybe at some time in the future it can be approached.

I don't believe that kids are starving in Somalia because I'm eating a Big Mac here.

As you know, I have a different view about how American consumption patterns affect the rest of the world. If you ever want to discuss this sometime, I think I could make a fairly good argument. Although I think your view represents a bit of misinformed callousness, I don't despise it.

I believe that personal responsibility is the main factor in people's health choices, and I do not blame the food industry one bit for my being a fat ass.

I don't despise this either, and I'm glad to see you taking full responsibility. I know that you know I think that there is some shared responsibility, but I've made my case in this respect, and it's okay if you don't agree.

I believe the UN is a parasitical organization that has far outlived its usefulness, and is corrupt to its core. Our politicians are rife with corruption, but at least we can vote the bastards out.

Once again, no despise. In fact, you have brought some of the potentially corrupt behavior to my attention. I will discuss this more later.

I support a strong military, and while I don't think all the world's problems can be solved by letting the army go in and 'Kick ass old school ' like you seem to believe I do, I know from history that when a ruthless dictator who murders and rapes people for sport ignores dozens of un-enforced resolutions from UN diplomats, they won't ignore dozens of cruise missiles.

Well, you did say publicly that you thought the solution to the Iraqi conflict was to "Take the damn leash off the dogs of war and let them finish the job." I don't see your views as despicable, but certainly foolish, short-sighted, and blind to history. It makes me sad, but I don't see it as something despicable.

I believe that there are Fundamentalist Islamic religious leaders who have huge amounts of people willing to die as long as they take a westerner with them. Not because of Bush. Not because of anything we've done, but because of the fact that we're not converts to Fundamentalist Islam. These murderers are even butchering other Muslims who don't adhere to their strict interpretation of their faith.

I think these people need to be killed.

Yes Grau, I know that there are actually people in the world that wish Americans harm. I disagree with your rationale for how the war could have been prevented, however. You say it's because we were too weak. Because "Clinton presented our underbelly to the assholes for eight years".

You're saying we should have cracked down on the assholes earlier. And if they still fought, then cracked down harder, and harder, until they give up or until there isn't a single one left. You know, you decry Saddam Hussein, but he had precisely this mindset. He totally did not fuck around, and if those pesky Kurds wouldn't chill out, then he'd just have to crack down so hard that he was fully willing to kill them all.

Hussein was a brutal tribal-thinking motherfucker. In his methods he did perhaps go a hair further than the U.S. has been caught doing (yet). Granted, he was a megalomaniac dictator and he ruled his brutal corner of the world with exactly as much force as he found appropriate to ensure his power. I know I'm going a bit far, but I think it's fair to take your line of thinking out to its conclusion.

I think that perhaps, in contrast to the "we should have cracked down and showed the world we're not a nation to be fucked with" theory, I think that the terrorist attack was partially the result of our unethical behavior in that region. I am not trying to say that George Bush Sr. or Clinton or anyone else blew up the towers instead of the "Islamo-Fascist Assholes". They did it, and it was really fucked up. But I think that we as a nation were culpable, and that not many people realized how much weight we were throwing around in the region.

But this is not where my biggest problem lies. My biggest problem is the inexplicable expansion of vast military action to a completely unrelated military power with, frankly, an inexcusable lack of conscionable reason.

So since we're about there, why did Saddam Hussein have anything to do with our military response to a single terrorist attack by a specific Islamic Fundamentalist group? We bombed Afghanistan; we tightened airport security; we (supposedly) rigorously went after the leaders of this organization and did our best to marginalize or dispose of them. I agree that in the light of the seriousness of the attack that this could be argued to be an appropriate response, and I recognize it potentially as a part of a responsible action plan to dismantle our actual real attackers who fucked up 3,000 real people with real planes. It was a truly fucked up thing to do, and I can understand that it required a confident response.

But even at that time, Bush presented his military agenda in the light that we were liberating the Afghani people from their horrid Taliban oppressors. All the horrible Burkha-isms of fundamentalist Islam were trotted out on parade to horrify the people of America.

Is this touching, Bush's extreme concern for the downtrodden of the world, and for the oppressed? How many other ways could Bush have supported the cessation of human rights violations than bombing Afghanistan (and then Iraq)? Think of all the political pressure he could have put on China, and other serious human rights violators if he would have been willing to temporarily sacrifice some business interests. Why didn't he sell these humanitarian ideas? It was not politically expedient for him to do so.

There were many other ways he could have been of far more benefit to the downtrodden people of the world OTHER than attacking Iraq. I know you must have a million refutations, but I wish in this case you could see that his case for attacking Iraq must have been based almost solely on his own personal interests, to which we are not directly privy. The math just doesn't add up.

Even if he felt that military pressure had to be put on Hussein, why right then? When we were still in the middle of an expensive military and reconstruction effort with Afghanistan. This dance with the UN had been going on forever. Surely the president couldn't have thought that a military strike was imminent. Can you fucking believe that, Grau? When I realize you probably do, this is when I truly despair and doubt your judgment about Bush's sales tactics.

Perhaps the most deceptive is his characterization of Hussein as a Bin Laden supporter in order to sell the war. No one can come up with any proof that either party significantly aided the other one. However, there is plenty of proof that the US government significantly aided both of them. Perhaps we should crack down on ourselves?

So why do I care so much? Bush's decision has resulted in the deaths of many Iraqi people. Estimates range from 7,000 to 14,000 civilians. This is my source:

I know that you do not like the political slant of this site, but I think the methodology is reasonable. In any case, it's a lot. Was there no other way to care for the world's oppressed people than to enter into this military action so soon after another major military action?

I know that you stand ready to refute many of these points, but I just thought it was important for me to state my basic viewpoint in this case. I think that Bush went to war for reasons other than he used to sell it. I think it was ill conceived, ill timed, and resulted in many unnecessary deaths. I think it was a horrific action and Bush's defenses don't even begin to approach the justification that would have been required.

You stand for everything I despise.

Jesus, Grau! I stand for everything you despise? What on earth are you talking about?!?!? I appreciate you standing up for your political views, but I think this is truly foolhardy. This is about political views? Well then let me start by making an attempt to explain:

You dismiss the Constitution and the Grau of Rights as being written to benefit rich, white, slaveholders.

I don't think this is fair. Perhaps you can repeat something I've said, even paraphrase and allow me to defend this properly? It is true that the framers of the constitution only had WHITE MALE LANDOWNERS in mind; in fact, explicitly in it's language. The world and the constitution have both changed to reflect the changing views of the world, and I hope it slowly, gradually continues to do so. In any case, it is an admirable and well-thought out document, but it was written by people who assumed things that modern people no longer assume.

I do not dismiss the constitution and do not wish it to be abandoned.

Why do you focus so deeply on the 2nd amendment? Why focus so deeply on the right to wield the instruments of war as the most important of all rights? Does not the US PATRIOT act bother you with it's serious attacks on the freedom from search and seizure? Why is the most physically violent of rights always considered to be the most important?

I don't think our views of the constitution are so different, but we definitely have a different focus. For this, my view is despicable?

You see America as being the main source of the world's ills, and hope (as evidenced by this post) we become weak so we can't harm the rest of the planet anymore.

You see no harm in burning a US flag on a lark.

Okay, let me do my best to explain my views here.

I consider myself loyal to all beings of the world equally. I do not want any of them to suffer. Not Americans, not Iraqis, not even Islamo-Fascists. No one. I always in my political decisions want to benefit people in the most widespread and effective way. I do not think that Americans have more innate right to happiness, to the resources of the world, or to the freedom from being bombed and terrorized any more than any other people in the world.

To me, being a citizen of America is a responsibility only, and not a right. It does not make me better, or my life worth more than an Iraqi. If 3,000 Americans being murdered causes me horror, then 7,000 Iraqi Civilians being murdered causes me twice as much horror.

The tone of I hear from Bush, the Fox news network, and to some extent your weblog seems to be that those lives are worth less than American lives. They are like primitive dogs, which hate us because we have "freedom". They hate freedom. Because they hate freedom they hate us, because they hate us they are plotting nothing but our destruction. It has nothing to do without our geo-political actions; it is only our love of freedom that makes them hate us. Because they are intent on destroying us and there is nothing to do about it besides hating freedom and we are not willing to do that. Therefore we must destroy them.

I think this is a fable. And even though it's a fable I just wrote, I don't think it's too far off the rhetoric I have heard in Bush's public speeches.

In addition to caring for the people of the world, I care for the people of America. I feel an increased sense of responsibility towards them because I am a part of their shared destiny. But I am not willing to support unnecessary murder just for the sake of soldiers who, in perhaps their best intentions, are willing to kill and die for me. Everyone is responsible for the people they kill, and people who command others to kill are doubly responsible. Mass killing done for profit, or frivolous, or ill-considered reasons is truly horrific, is truly terrorism. This is being done in my name, with my money.

I know that this is a hard world where there are many cunning, violent, and hateful people with really awesome tools of killing. I am not trying to present a completely naive view that we could simply say, "hey sorry we were so mean to you, just tell us what to stop doing so you won't be mad at us anymore and we'll stop and put down all our guns."

I think that all the nations of the world are interdependent. I think that a being that was truly concerned not just for the welfare of the people he led, and the welfare of all people in the world, a worthy leader, a just leader, a leader willing to sacrifice his personal interests for the good of his nation and all beings would act much differently than George W. Bush.

Bush and his administration have proven themselves to be incredibly persuasive to the American community. If they would have considered the world as well as their own interests, I'll bet they could have accomplished a lot through influencing the public opinion of Europe, and even the Islamic world. There is no excuse for this destructive behavior.

Joe said something about really being glad we have a president that is willing to stand up for American interests. I personally think that he is most willing to stand up for his own interests, and very willing and able to sell the overlap of the nations interests with his own. In this way he uses the word "patriotism" to justify his actions and sell them to the American public. I have an argument, but of course I can not prove this. Ultimately we cannot see his motives.

Even if he were truly concerned just with America and his people, I think he has done a bad job. I'd be curious to see a refutation of this, but look at the financial statistics. Bush is "optimistic" but I don't think his optimism holds against the numbers:

Note the part in that last article about "Unprecedented Use of Gimmicks".

You know, I could conceivably get behind a conservative leader, but I don't consider to Bush to be conservative. I think he is purely serving his rich constituency, and is very good at disguising it behind libertarian language.

So I know that you can probably debate all of this. That's cool. I welcome debate. We have a differing opinion. You think I'm naive and I think you're a mark for an opportunistic president who knows how to speak your language. It's okay, and I don't consider it an unbreachable obstacle to our friendship.

You despise that because I burned a flag and photo recorded it in a blase way? I can see that this was a foolish act and a mistake. It was done between me any my friend as a joke that it was a transparent plastic flag made in China. I publicly apologize for doing something that would be so hurtful to our friendship, and to your opinion of me without full command of the consequences. Out of respect for you, I will not do so in a careless way again.

You think America is an imperialistic force, but not (in your own words as we sat on mom's deck several weeks back) 'the old definition of imperialism' which consists of annexing territory and exacting tribute from it. I'm not exactly sure what the 'new' definition is, but judging by how much people on the left bandy that word about it seems to mean 'anything done overseas by a conservative administration'.

The definitions I find of imperialism:

  1. The policy of extending a nation's authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations.

- The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

  1. a policy of extending your rule over foreign countries
  2. a political orientation that advocates imperial interests
  3. any instance of aggressive extension of authority

- Princeton University's WordNet

Anyway, you despise this?

You believe Bush is a complete idiot, yet at the same time a mastermind capable of hatching dark conspiracies to deceive the American public. You didn't come right out and say it, but from things you've sent me you seem to say you believe that Bush & Halliburton had something to do with 9/11 (apologies if I'm wrong on that point).

I think Lloyd Dangle handled this pretty well:

I think he's cunning like a dog. He has a talent for serving his interests more baldly than any other president ever, and having the amazing ability to couch things in language that is extremely misleading. Keep in mind that he has incredibly intelligent staff and constituency and a lot of powerful support. It's not so much his stupidity as his arrogance and doubletalk that bother me.

And as for thinking Halliburton had something to do with 9/11, I definitely am not in that camp. I definitely agree that that is fully moonbat material. I do, however thing that Halliburton and the Carlyle group are but some of the incredibly huge businesses who benefit immensely from this ongoing war, and I think that they and other financial interests are the primary reason for the armed conflict in Iraq.

Once again, by all means, debate this with me. But you despise that I think this?

You dismiss personal responsibility as the main factor in people's poor health decisions, and choose to blame big business instead.

I was trying to present a case of shared responsibility. I thought I raised some worthwhile questions and I'm saddened to see them reduced to this.

You believe that the UN is an altruistic organization that does more good than harm.

The jury is still out. I was very interested by the Oil for Food information you pointed me at, and definitely helped me to see the situation in a more multi-faceted light. I never actually knew that there was so much anger about this in the conservative political world.

Perhaps the UN is no longer a good vehicle for having a way for the interests of the world as a whole to be considered and served, with some sense of consensus and fair deliberation. And restraint against any one nation just doing what they pleased that involved the deaths of thousands of people.

You made your point, I conceded that I obviously had a lot to learn about this'.why is this still one of your "points of despicableness"?

You endorse a man for president who was directly responsible for thousands of our troops being spit upon and insulted when returning from Viet Nam, because he (with a whole four months in country, two of those on ship) had enough experience to label every man and woman in uniform as a 'murdering war criminal' in front of congress to further his political career.

Well, shit man, send me the article, cause I didn't read it. We can address it again after I can see what you're talking about.

However, I talked to you and you admitted to Bush's corruption in many ways, so we are both choosing to endorse someone imperfect. I have my reasons, and I have done my best to enumerate them. I respect James for voting independent, but in this particular election, I still think that the best choice for America and for the world is Kerry over Bush. This you despise?

And let me respond to Jason, who said that he thought he should "play it safe" and vote for Bush. Do you really think murderous Islamo-Fascists are going to come streaming through the border the moment Kerry is sworn into office? I personally don't think, for all his blustering talk and willingness to initiate military action that Bush has really done so much good. I know it's debatable, but I don't think that Bush's perspective is unimpeachably brilliant or useful. There would be incredible political pressure for any president to take steps to prevent terrorist attacks. I don't think that the "crack down forever" method is the most effective.

You believe that the reason Islamic terrorists attack us is because of the policies of conservatives in our government, and by appeasing them the attacks will stop.

There is some room between appeasement and unfocused, ineffective military action done for political benefit. I do think that there are ways to engage the world community and at least display a willingness to consider the experience and lessons of history, and of other nations. I want America to be as strong as it can be without being exploitive. Ultimately I'm not willing to sacrifice the good of the world as a whole for a symbol.

I've sat in the last month on and off looking at the e-mail debate we've been having, trying to get my points across. I had reams of evidence, points I wanted to make, etc.

All pointless. Neither of us is going to budge. The fact that you can take my statement that I think everyone in the UN building should be shot as serious when you know me so well punctuates that point (granted it's kind of hard to relay snarkiness in an e-mail, but you should have known better. To then ask me if I thought a little ethnic cleansing was next was over the top).

I've given up trying to reconcile our differing beliefs. Call me a cop out and claim 'victory' as you will, I no longer care. I read your viewpoints on certain things and they blast through my hardened layers of detachment and actually make me physically ill. I've sat in the last month on and off looking at the e-mail debate we've been having, trying to get my points across. I had reams of evidence, points I wanted to make, etc.

I thought we were debating. It's a process. I truly would not have considered it safe to engage you on this level if I thought this would be the result.

I value our friendship a great deal, even beyond the political sphere. You were a support to me during some very emotionally difficult times. Although I've been pretty dismayed at Frizzen Sparks, I did like your writing and was glad you had the blog. I feel a very deep loyalty to you, and all the rest of the guys. I always liked your inventiveness and your amazing ability to talk shit and make plans to blow things up. You always had a way of putting people at ease. You and me and my mom are friends, if it weren't for my Mom you never would have met your wife (I hope that's on the whole a good thing!). Our histories are intertwined.

Why push me away and invalidate anything I have to say, despising everything I stand for? We have plenty of time to argue and disagree, and when I see you in person I will be respectful to you and consider you my friend just as I always have. Are you really willing to give this up over a conversation-in-progress over which you have jumped to many conclusions?

All pointless.

As for your points, some were made. It's truly unlikely that I will ever endorse Bush, just as it's truly unlikely that you will ever endorse Kerry. However, I felt that I could bring some new perspective into your political thought. You obviously hold court over there in Rockford and you obviously have a lot of political influence. I just wanted to introduce the idea that it's possible that there's some problems with modern conservative thought, and that there are many thinking people who have liberal views and they can't all be 100% moonbats. There must be some intelligence at work there. The world has had a long and tumultuous history and many people in America have intensely different values. I just want to raise some questions about your worldview. Has nothing I've said made you think twice about anything? That certainly isn't the case for me.

I've tried to do everything in my power to make sure my children do not end up living in the neutered country you endorse. I've never felt this strongly about anything in my life. I've seen the historical consequences of the path of appeasement you endorse, and (unlike most people on the left) choose to learn from those lessons. For me this upcoming election has far more to do with two differing philosophies on how our government should be structured down to it's core than it does about which career politician happens to be sitting in the oval office.

Once again. I think you have mischaracterized my opinion. I only have one vote, man, and I'm gonna make it whether you're my friend or not.

It's not such a simple position as "crack down" vs. "appeasement". I think that is an oversimplification, and that by my condemning Bush's course of action you assumed I had some 180 degree position, or whatever position you most despised. Why put all this anger on me?

You often refer to me as a childhood friend, and you're right. Even though I was older than you, I was still a child. We're both grown up now, and we've chosen our paths. I wish I could let things slide off me without caring like I could when I was a child, but I find that I no longer can. It's kind of poetic that I spent most of the early hours of 9/11 agonizing over this.

Now I have two things to mourn on that date. One a national tragedy and the other the day when I realized I couldn't, in my heart, consider someone who is so deeply opposed to everything I believe in, on so many levels, to be a friend.
It fucking hurts.

I bear you no ill will. I hope you lead a long and fruitful (but politically frustrated) life.

I fear your blessing and curse is likely to come true.

I'm through with you. Grau

Once again Grau: I seriously ask you to reconsider. Continue this conversation. Or drop it. But don't assume I despise what you stand for and that I stand for all you find despicable.

Let me have my opinions...educate me about specific things you think are foolish, and allow me to clarify my point of view. Let's face it, Kerry doesn't have a chance in hell of winning this election. I personally am quite sure that Bush will win the November election by a handy margin, without any jerryrigging. Then that will put silent all those voices who said that he didn't really get elected. You'll have a lot to gloat about. We can see how it all looks in 4 years.

Either way, the world will go on as it goes, with only our tiny influence. You feel free to spout yours. Give me the freedom to spout mine, but please consider our personal history and interdependance. Consider our shared this really worth dividing us all? And also my chili!


August 25, 2004

no bird left behind

My smart and smart-ass friend Beth and her dad finally released their excellent new allegorical book about the No Child Left Behind Act (but with funny anthropomorphic birds), called Strictly For the Birds.

Increased accountability for results! More freedom for states and communities! Encouraging proven education methods! More choices for parents!

Sounds pretty good right? Except it's a lot like the Clear Skies Act, a strategically corrupt set of legislation with a pretty name and a pretty face.

The problems with the act are complicated, and this book is a good exploration in story form of the ins and outs of what the legislation means to actual teachers and students.

My favorite part of the book is the fictional Bushisms...they're all too real! Plus, Loverzan did the cover illustration.

Check it out, you can pick up a print copy or super cheap .pdf over at

July 26, 2004

"mommy?" the chris haddad story.

Chris Haddad came over today with the intention that we were going to start and finish his professional website today or bust. He is too cheap to actually pay me, so he just started referring me professional clients. I told him when I actually made money off a referral I'd make him a website. Well, one of the people he referred asked me where he should send the check today, so I thought it was a good day to start. Hehehehe.


I did this once before, when I made branding and a website for my friends Lorelei and Colin, on their Round-Two website. Chris had all his copy (and branding) done, and we were ready to do it. I had intended to prepare a little before, but I slept like the dead and woke up in Ben's semi-trashed apartment when Chris knocked on the door.

About midday, Chris had decided he wanted a photo on the site, and wasn't finding anything on his hard drive, so he shaved his head and we went out in Ben's back yard for a photo shoot.


We didn't use this photo...but I thought it should be published somewhere. It looks like he's saying "Mommy?"

The photo we finally used ended up on his about page, and he went with black and white, which I thought was a pretty good idea, but I just thought people needed to see him in his full color whimpering for his mommy glory.

Anyway, as you've probably guessed, we were successful, and Chris now has a pretty foxy, standards compliant website, and I have a nice neat clean usable design to add to my design portfolio.

Thanks was great fun.

June 21, 2004

guest a$$hole

Okay, let's all just openly admit that it's gotten a little lame over here at the tinyblog. And by that I mean lame, and not lame.

So I've decided I need to do something to breathe some fresh life into the old girl. (No, not the long promised redesign.)

It has come to my attention that one of my favorite bloggers has recently been deactivated. So what the hell, I think it's time to give A$$hole a regular guest spot over here at the tinyblog. So whaddya think, fellas, let's all give her a round of applause and make her feel real welcome.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a$$hole.

May 8, 2004

listen man, what part of "democracy freedom stay the course terror terror" don't you understand?

As usual, my man over at My Fighting Technique is Unstoppable is right on top of shit.

(p.s. Get Your War On comics are not for kids.)

April 12, 2004

a vulgar, uninspired lump of poisoned eye candy

We had a really good time reading the movie review quotes on Rotten Tomatoes for the Mike Meyers version of Cat in the Hat. There's like three pages, it's a hoot.

how can i make dan's head explode...hmmmm?

Graumagus admitted that when replying to an earlier post, that he was deciding what to post based on 'How can I make Dan's head explode...hmmmm'.

I thought maybe this link to the Understanding Terror Online Coloring Book (thanks, Steph) would be a good way to pay him back. Many unfortunate spelling and grammatical errors abound (even the most cursory critical eye would have helped it's credibility a great deal) but I still think it makes some salient points.

In spite of some flaws, I think it advances a basic view of the 'War on Terror' that I don't think makes it to mainstream media much. No doubt Grau is familiar with the arguments presented in this book and could easily make a point-by-point refutation of each humorous accusation, but I guess I'm posting this cause I'd really like to hear those refutations.

When I read this book it reminds me of why I think the otherwise brilliantly intelligent Grau, is a serious patsy for the Bush administration.

(you know, these back and forth posts are making me start to think about installing trackbacks on the tinyblog)

And Speaking of Grau, when he's not busy being a Right Wing Nut, he's also a funny funny funny funny funny funny man.

March 29, 2004

more random crap

The suit contends that UW actively encouraged formation of the "cartel," making it the centerpiece of its anti-drinking effort. It says UW has no "legal authority to organize a cartel among of group of competitors whenever its social scientists believe that a particular product (beer, cigarettes, gasoline, ice cream, music, etc.) is being consumed in excess by its students."

You're shaming your mother in front of these good people.

However, DeKoven has no Constitutional right to be treated as the "Messiah-God or any other holy, extra-worldly or supernatural being of power," he ruled.

Kendall said. "I didn't curse at her. I cursed at the nuggets."

random crap day

"After the funeral, I stayed in the house a week. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do," he said. "Then maybe a week later, I went to a beer joint. People were nice to me there."

His only income is from monthly disability cheques, which, he said, he spends mostly on hay at a cost of $150 US a day in the winter. He's in debt $15,000 to his neighbours for hay.

But now a rival brand, Tulip from Denmark, is trying to unseat it as undisputed king of canned luncheon meats.

He continued: "The Silver Slim King Size papers are designed for tobacco. We do not condone cannabis smoking.

Hey, Chuck Shepard does this for a living!

March 22, 2004

she, buns hole

Hey, go check out my complete refurbish of I, Asshole. A great blog, now with a sweet high-contrast design for your eyeball pleasure.

She had all kinds of little weird requests (like a ripped paper design, a little pop-up box for the 'about' link, and some other little javascript widgets) that were fun technical challenges. I like to just listen to someone's design vision and then be able to make it happen technically.

March 11, 2004

one more tiny blogger!

My awesome swamp girl Jezebel used to send out an incredible Email newsletter called the 'Jesi Monthly'. It was basically a long once-a-month blog entry and was always worth reading. For a long time I prodded her to let me start her up a blog.

Finally the other day, she Emailed me and said:
Okay, I'm Ready.

So now y'all get to read her awesome blog:

March 8, 2004

just for steve

For my slightly neanderthal friend over at Refractional Darkness (at least, until Salon makes me take it down.


February 29, 2004


Anyone curious in any way about Scientology or Dianetics should read this very well written essay:

Scientology perpetrates fraud, abuse, deception and mind control on its
adherents. These actions violate not only the law but also the human rights and
civil rights of its members. Further, Scientology abhors criticism so much that
it misuses the mantle of religion to promote and justify hatred and bigotry by
its members, attorneys, private investigators and cult apologists towards

January 24, 2004

blood for oil exchange program

Hazard Factory presents their new consumer blood for oil project.

I heart Hazard Factory cause they send me Emails with the subject line of "This Message is an Unsolicited Spam".

December 6, 2003

microsoft in every car

Okay, this is truly scary to me.

I do not want to get the blue screen of death when I'm doing 65. Plus now an unpatched security exploit could get me remotely carjacked or something. Fuck this! I'm serious! Time to develop an opensource vehicle platform.

Doesn't anybody remember this or this or this or this or this. What makes an automobile manufacturer decide they want to have a Microsoft product in their car? This is just so wrong it hurts.

via Poagao

December 3, 2003

oh god bad kitty eats my head

Some people are sooooo funny.

October 29, 2003

Wine and the City

My favorite writer about all things wine and beer just finally started her own blog! I'm so excited. It's called Wine and the City, and I can already tell it's going to rock.

August 21, 2003

i wouldn't blame you if you never checked this blog anymore

Yes I know it's been the same stupid post for so long now.

You've been saying, "Izzle Pfaff is so goddamn funny, and he actually posts from time to time. Dooce is workin' the momma belly angle.

"I used to come here for stories about you breaking your bones that made me nearly puke. And stories about your one menage a trois. And blog surveys. What the fuck happened to you, man?"

I feel your pain.

August 8, 2003

why the us postal service is so cool

I've always had a certain affection for the amazing, slightly off-kilter, but amazingly reliable US Postal Service. So, I felt a swell of affection for the Postal Service when I read about this informal postal experiment from the Annals of Improbable Research.

via /usr/bin/girl

July 24, 2003

helvetica vs. arial

First, read one of my favorite articles, The Scourge of Arial, then go play Arial vs. Helvetica and win one for the gipper.



A center at the Texas University just made available digital images of one of the last remaining copies of the Gutenberg bible, the first book ever printed using a movable type printing press. Since one of them costs about $20 million, it's pretty nice to see the beautiful reproduction. I had no idea it was so lavish.

June 26, 2003


Asshole just posted a link to Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from 1974, which reminds me of the Gallery of Regrettable Food over at's Institute of Official Cheer.

The Gallery of Regrettable Food is no longer there, since he published it into a book, but there's still some good stuff, like The Art of Art Frahm, a study of the effects of celery on loose elastic.

Good fun. Enjoy.

May 13, 2003

if then else

Hey, I just went to the Clearwater school to see this guy give a speech about why he should get a diploma. It was pretty cool...he's learning how to use Lightwave 3D and Photoshop and stuff. I would have given him a harder time before I gave him a diploma if it were me, but his speech was really well written.

Anyway, while I was there I met his 14-year-old friend who runs a really damn funny online comic called if then else. This kid's got the skills, and it's pretty timely cause I've been doing a lot of linking to online comics lately.

April 19, 2003

funny cartoons!

Now is the time on the tinyblog for funny cartoons.

First there is Home Star Runner. Skip the horrible introduction song. The main menu is soooo cool. There's like 14 menus and they're all in Flash and have cute little animations for each menu item. Plus the Strong Bad Emails are funny. While away the meaningless hours.

Next is a bunch of different cartoons at Extrabad. We are robots is purty cool.

Then, there's the new Get Your War On, #23. This is not for the kids. And it's not animated. Never read get your war on before? Crazy. Go back and read my favorite, #1 came out right after september 11th. Outraged political commentary at its best. Favorite quote:

A: Oh my God, this war on terrorism is gonna rule.

B: I know, remember when the US had a drug problem, and then we declared a War on Drugs, and now you can't buy drugs anymore? It'll be just like that!

A: Right! God, if only that War on Drugs hadn't been so effective! I could really use some fucking marijuana right now!

Oh yeah, and speaking of political cartoons, you can't do much better than This Modern World. If you're a goddamn leftie like me.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, funny cartoons!

Probably everybody knows about atomfilms, now brought to you by macromedia. The absolute funniest of these, in my opinion, is the Star Wars Gangsta Rap.


March 26, 2003

war 0 4

These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed

link via /usr/bin/girl

March 7, 2003

news you can use


Cool new pictures of Jupiter!

Sri Lankan cricket team routed by superior Australians!

Bob Dole, Dan Akroyd talk show!

Less AOL CD's?

Fidel Castro re-elected!

Water skiiing squirrel!


March 3, 2003

hate it, hate it, hate it

I hate it when people I have personal issues with are so goddamn funny.

seattle jewish community school

Finally, after extensive customer changes, my first professional web design project in a while is up. It's only a one page placeholder for the final site while we work on the site. The old site was tremendously bad...I should have an archived version of it as an example to web designers of what not to do.

Anyway, take a look:

Thanks to the Loverzan for the handful of nights hacking at PhotoChop with me.

Anyone got any idea how to make the masthead look a little better in Netscape 7? Or how to make all the info appear properly on screen in Netscape 4.7?

January 26, 2003

the travelogues of hudson palmer cress

My friend Hudson Cress is only really a blogger when he's travelling. When he lived in Seattle he never kept a blog, but when he's abroad he does. Until recently it's been totally in the form of Email. However, just the other day, he finally took the plunge and published all his emails online in some sorta blog form.

He just moved to San Francisco, and started a new round, but my favorite stories are the ones from his recent trip to Thailand.

In addition, he took some wicked pictures of my birthday party last year, when a friend shaved my beard off section by section. Enjoy.

September 23, 2002

dooce hath returned

Looks like Dooce has returned. I received an incredible volume of email telling me about each and every one of Dooce's online writings, as well as many, many queries about where her 'secret underground blog' might be.

I personally think Heather just wrote some other articles, but never actually had a secret blog anywhere. Doesn't matter. Dooce is back. I'm glad.

August 25, 2002

boot to the head

When I was a kid, I used to listen to the Dr. Demento show, a radio show that played novelty songs, sketch comedy, and all kinds of crazy stuff. I used to huddle up in my bed with secret headphones on and listen to Wierd Al Yankovic ('dare to be stupid!') and Barnes & Barnes ('I took a fish head out to see a movie, didn't have to pay to get it in!').

Some of the funniest stuff he played, though, was the sketch comedy of The Frantics, a Canadian comedy troupe around way before Kids in the Hall. First there was 'Last Will and Temperament', which I couldn't find on the internet (or in print on CD). It's about the reading of a will where a rich man leaves 'a boot to the head' to all of his relatives and leaves all of his money to his cat.

Then, they came out with 'Ti Kwan Leep', another sketch about booting people in the head. I liked it so much I actually did it as a play in 7th grade.

I was pleased to find it floating around on the internet.

Download it (1.1mb) in .mp3 format from my secret underground server and listen to it under the covers at 2am. It's better that way.

August 15, 2002

next in the sea of blogs

Been entertaining myself with Blogger's NextBlog link.

It picks a blog at random from the sea of blogger blogs (I think they have several hundred thousand now) and deposits you there with little fanfare. It's kinda nice when you have a moment. Just browse a few. What's amazing is that it has never sent me to a blog I had ever seen before.

Too bad it's only blogger blogs. Maybe Movable Type could institute something similar for Movable Type blogs, but they could only do it among their considerably smaller pool of paid customers.

July 3, 2002

every day is a holiday

Jehovahs Witnesses (like Prince) don't celebrate holidays because they believe that every day is special in God's eyes.

I'm guessing that although pretty girl is not a Jehovahs Witness, she carries on in this very special celebration by celebrating a new and very special holiday each day for you to participate in.

Now before you rush over there to the sort of confusingly named GIRLS ARE PRETTY, I just want to let you know that it's pretty caustic, in the same spirit as Rabbit Blog, or the now defunct I, Asshole. That being said, I find more posts than not to be quite punk rock and brilliant!

It's not to late to celebrate some of my new favorite holidays, like:
Date Someone Who's Hot And Has A Terminal Illness Day!
Pray To Baby Jesus To Help You Find Lots Of Money Day!
Spend All Your Money And Die Day!

Right now pretty girl is on vacation for a week or so and kindly left us with our next seven days of holidays in advance. So happy Policewomen Are Amazing In Bed Day!


June 12, 2002

to read is human, to comment is divine

You know, one of the most consistant answers to Blogger Pride! The Blogger Survey, was to the question about quality readership. Almost everybody said that what made quality readership to them was comments. Almost everybody said they'd like it if they got more of them.

People may have been shy about saying they cared about popularity and such, but no one seemed to be shy about openly soliciting comments.

So, it occurred to me that perhaps we could do a little field research here at the tinyblog, and find out what makes people comment.

So here's my questions:

What makes you comment on someone else's blog?


If you are a blogger, what kinds of posts seem to garner comments?

Let's please be brutally honest here, otherwise it won't be valuable! And that's what I'm all about, adding value to the blogger community. Hehehehe.

June 8, 2002

weekly survey?

Hey, this blogger survey thing has been so popular, and someone mentioned that they were craving a few questions to make their blogging task easier, and that the friday five was gone now.

I was thinking perhaps I might do some kind of weekly tinyblog survey a la the friday five. Only it probably wouldn't be on friday. And it probably wouldn't be five questions.

Anyone think that's a good idea?

June 2, 2002

blogger pride! the blogger survey

Some time ago I did the tinyblog survey, which are (more or less) the set of questions that I'd really like to ask of another human being, after reading many email surveys about people's favorite ice cream flavor and such.

Then today I got the idea to have a survey about what I'd like to know specifically about other bloggers. A few of these questions have been rattling around up in the ol' noodle for a while now.

blogger pride! the blogger survey

Ethics/Personal Life:

Has a blog post ever got you into trouble?

How many people do you know face-to-face who read your weblog?

Have you met any of your regional (or even remote) bloggers?

Do you modify or delete posts? How often? Why?

How much is your weblog a part of your personal identity? Do you feel like people who don't know about your blog don't really know you?

How has blogging changed your life?


Do you know how to code at all? Did you learn how to code by blogging?

What weblogging tool do you use and why?

Does the design seem like something that is just something that has to be dispensed with in order to be able to write publicly, or is your design an integral part of your writing and presentation?

How many times have you changed your weblog design entirely (or nearly so)?


How many people would you guess (educated guess based on hit counts/logfiles) read your weblog on a weekly basis at least?

What have you done to get more people to look at your site?

What one or two characteristics make a blog really popular? Are there things that you could do to have more people read your weblog that you conciously do not do? Why?

What really popular weblog do you think most deserves it...and/or least deserves it?

How do you feel about your readership? What makes for a quality readership to you?

Influence of Other Bloggers:

What other blogger is most responsible for you starting your own weblog.

Who was the first other blogger (that you know of) who put you on their sidebar, and how did you feel? How did it influence your blogging?

What other blogger do you most admire for her writing skills?

What other blogger do you most admire for her design skills?

Who is a blogger that you think is really good but doesn't get nearly the attention they are worthy of?

Do you feel obligated to have people on your link lists/sidebars that you never read?

What one or two characteristics define a really quality blog (in your humble opinion, of course)?

Bonus Question:

Do you fear The Booge?

Please don't answer in the comments...the best thing would be to post the answers to your own weblog, and leave the URL to your post in the comments. And of course (wink, wink) link back here so that we can compile the answers of many more bloggers than just the ones that read this site.

I realize this is quite a few questions, so please feel free to answer only the ones that interest you or your readership, and add any you think are missing. Thank you for participating!

If it's easier for you, download the text file of the survey.

May 29, 2002

somewhere out there

Somewhere there are people right now, who are happening upon a very funny weblog. It's caustic, it's unexpected, it has several funny punchlines per post.

They laugh, they chuckle, they wonder who this new blogger is with such a snappy design sense and wit. But they won't know who it is, because the blogger is anonymous, and because they don't realize that the anonymous funny blogger is Heather B. Hamilton, a.k.a. in a former internet life as Dooce.

None of them will be able to come tell me, and Heather will continue to be writing her kickass writing and I can't read it. It's an injustice, I tell you.

Oh how I miss the sweet taste of "How to Annoy Me" and "How to Charm Me". I need my Heather B. Hamilton fix.

If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, then you really need to go right now to the Dooce archives, which are still being maintained. But who knows for how long.

This goes without saying, I know, but if you know of the whereabouts of Heather, please, I beg you, tell me where she is. And to the people who have Emailed me, and have showed up in my referral logs with hopeful searches about constipation and mormonism...I don't know where she is either. Sorry.

A few of my favorite Dooce's, starting with the ones that probably got her fired from her job:
i think i've said something about something
bend your lover's elbow under your karachi, thus stimulating his lower kandahar
rachel's not a dog. she's my little sister
when a weblog takes over your life

May 27, 2002

even tinier than the tinyblog

guimp: world's smallest website...more innovation, fun, and diversion than many websites 1,500 times its size. This is really very cool.

To me anyway, and heck it's my blog. But not just me, it's via, who just showed up in my referral logs (I always appreciate a chap with good taste) who also appears to be a fellow reader of, an amazingly cool and relevent weblog for one that's...topical to a programming language.

April 15, 2002

guest postmaster / boots for walken

Before I get any further into this story I just wanted to mention a couple of things...

First of all, I always thought online cards were cheesy just because all the cards were usually stupid animated ducks and standard Blue Mountain pablum. Then, I found out that Kat of The Sagbottom Home for Wayward Girls runs her very own little postcard site from Sagbottom.

If that weren't reason enough to check it out, I just contributed 6 postcards myself to add to her fantastic collection. Send one to all your friends, there's one for every occasion!


Also, in other bloggy news: could this really be Christopher Walken's livejournal? It certainly doesn't seem like total bullshit. Who else but he would post things like this:

"well, if you have any doubts that this is not christopher walken, you best just walk on out of here right now, because this is the real deal baby. one hundred percent pure walken. i plan on putting my guts on a platter for your indecent impressionable eyes."


"no strings or anything, i actually flew. back during the days of nam, they trained soldiers how to fly to beat the vietnamese (who knew how to burrow under the ground at rapid paces using only teeth fingers and their duodenum)"

and especially:

"who knows, but like the famous song (about me) goes - these boots were made for walken."

Well, whether it is or not, it is extremely goddamn funny and via the also extremely goddamn funny Dooce, who a few days ago wrote a post about blogging and friends that I thought was 100% classic.

March 26, 2002

sagbottom sweats to the oldies

The Sagbottom home for wayward girls does an in-depth deconstruction of Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies in her latest post: Meditations on Sweatin' to the Oldies complete with scary pop-up windows for everything.

Brilliant and thorough...and personally revealing. Man, that's some good blogging.

"1. a writer must write against the spirit of the times

2. If the age is one of smug contentment, unexamined hypocrisy, and materialistic shallowness, the writer will be on the attack, exposing the lies. For this the writer will be condemned by those who believe all is well, and thus the writer will have the chance of gaining some notoriety.

3. If the age speaks of despair, treats women as objects to be raped, children as beings to be broken, and makes headlines of the worst and the ugliest in life, then the writer must be the antidote to the mass cynicism, writing of hope and beauty, telling tales of people who find healing in hidden corners of the wasteland. By taking such an approach, the writer will be considered a simpleton and a sentimental fool. In furious times, the writer will probably attract almost no attention except for the sound of others' contemptuous laughter."

From Random Jottings Found on the Back of a Movie Poster Announcing the Opening of Friday the Thirteenth, Part XXIII, Transcribed on the Night of the Last Lunar Eclipse

Who knew there was something so cool to be found on Christianity Today.

I think this is a pretty incredible guideline on how to blog meaningfully.

Via and thanks to Accidental Julie.

March 20, 2002

comic schizo

I'm a comic schizo. I like Red Meat, and I also love the amazing Diesel Sweeties.

Red Meat is just...wrong, and if you think I'm joking, read a couple dozen over at

Diesel Sweeties, on the other hand, is only sort of wrong, and is ultimately really sweet. It's the kind of comic you can start at the beginning and just keep reading until you run out of time. If you don't have much time, I picked out a couple of favorites for you:

"zesty" bacon chicken grille
cutie pie?
ice cream? really?
bagel bites
cheap hard drives
jesus helps me trick people

March 19, 2002

the scourge of arial

Even if you're not really into Typography, Typecasting is a really interesting article about how often movies set in the 1940's use Helvetica (1957). Neat inline graphics make it a fun read, and a learning experience at the same time.

There's a few other interesting things on the Mark Simonson Studio site, like his other article The Scourge of Arial. This man has the skills.

If you're into strangely geeky and compelling little links, the tinyblog isn't usually the place to go. For that, you can't do much better than the blog where I got this link: BrainLog. Dan Sanderson always seems to come up with links that waste an hour of my day more often than anyone else.

it's time to redefine fun

There's a new pong in town. You haven't really understood the zen essence of Pong until you've played Text-Based Pong.

If you want links to extremely yet elegently pointless things, the tinyblog is not usually the place to go, but you can almost always find something like that at Lukelog.

we were not thinking about love

we were not thinking about love
it's amazing
are you what i think you are?

If the perfect link to an Exploding Dog cartoon really starts your morning right, then the tinyblog is not usually the place to go. You'd be much likelier to find satisfaction at Accidental.

my dad would love this quote

Every day we slaughter our finest impulses. That is why we get a heart-ache when we read those lines written by the hand of a master and recognize them as our own, as the tender shoots which we stifled because we lacked the faith to believe in our own powers, our own criterion of truth and beauty.

Every man, when he gets quiet, when he becomes desperately honest with himself, is capable of uttering profound truths. We all derive from the same source. There is no mystery about the origin of things. We are all part of creation, all kings, all poets, all musicians; we have only to open up, to discover what is already there.

-Henry Miller

If you want to find poignant little quotes like this, the tinyblog is not usually the place to go. You're much likelier to find them where I got this one, at rosebaby the blog.

March 13, 2002

teens may be lured by sweet booze

The Twelve Least Surprising AP Headlines.

Check out the headlines on the header graphic. The Brunching Shuttlecocks are not only funny, but they write pretty serviceable movie reviews.

via Nate Ward

March 12, 2002


Oh God why on Earth do the people who hate my guts and won't ever speak to me again have to be so goddamn funny?

February 27, 2002

you think you have it bad?

At one time or another, I have heard any one of several bloggers who write about their personal life finally feel the crunch.

When anyone first starts their blog, not a goddamn person is reading. You can write about anything, no matter how incriminating, emotional, or involved with other people in your life. Then, at some subtle point, there's a change. Someone you know mentions casually that they didn't appreciate what you said in yesterday's post, and a cold chill runs through you.

Suddenly you realize that what you're writing is public, and that means that not just cool people in Australia can read your funny stories about your sexual exploits...your first grade teacher could technically type your name into a search engine and read the same funny story.

I remember when Meg had this experience, I remember when it happened to Shauna, and I remember when it happened to me.

I remember the moment it was no longer my little sacrosanct corner of the web to talk about whatever was affecting my life. Like any journalist (even a fluff-ass human interest journalist like me) I felt the responsibility of balancing truth with sensitivity to real people.

But goddamn, none of us ever had it as bad as Heather, who just got fired for, one of the best weblogs on the planet in my opinion.

What happened? Well, it all happened so fast...

14 days ago she posted a hilarious and self-effacing post about some people at her work. She didn't mention anyone by name, and, honestly...I didn't think it was that insulting.

12 days ago she posted mentioning that someone had sent an anonymous Email to every VP at her company, bringing her post to their awareness. (See the very bottom of the post.)

7 days ago she posted a funny post about serving quiche at a wedding, and then

Today she posted a post saying she got fired for her original post.

Just like that. It's funny cause I was just getting ready to do a post about her and how I can't read her blog in public for fear of looking like a hysterical fool.

Her blog is pretty, she puts so much into it, her writing is frequently insanely funny, and I think it's about to get a whole lot better cause...well, cause she's unemployed!

And Heather, honey...get a lawyer!

I think I'd like to do a follow-up to this post, so if you have any good stories about this, or a link to a post that illustrates this, please leave a comment or email me at

February 23, 2002

buster lowballs blogs

Did I mention I'm in a band?

We're called Lazy Boy and the Recliners, and we're the laziest band in the world. In fact, I've never actually met Lazy Boy himself because he's contractually required not to show up for band practice or gigs.

Currently I'm working on memorizing the German version of the Gummi Bears Theme Song for our debut performance.

A fellow bandmember, who's band name is Buster Lowballs, actually runs his own sweet little LiveJournal called fenzle, and in his latest post he describes a recent night of doing what our band does best: drinking and telling gruesome stories. You thought mine were gruesome? They're nothing compared to Beth's.

Oh, and in case you're wondering why he calls me knuckle in his post, it's because my band name is Lord Knuckle Esquire. Don't ask.

February 21, 2002

secrets, by robert rini

It's rare to see excellent fiction (besides interactive fiction) use the 2nd person voice.

That's why it was a pleasant surprise to read Seattle Weekly's first place fiction winner tell a tale I identify with all too well. Like to hear it, here it go:

AT NIGHT, the Mail Annex is jammed with the same boredom and brutality as Dayshift, but you come in vulnerable after sitting by the swings in the park, or going to school, or toying with a plate of green curry chicken...

February 19, 2002

here are boobs!

Rosebaby and I have been bosom (ha!) buddies lately. She noticed that in response to my last post about my Dad, I got a very unusual comment, wherein Shannon Kringen (aka Goddess Kring) left a picture of her breasts. Someone suggested it was a smooth subliminal suggestion on my part, but I explained the real story to Rosebaby and we had a funny little Email exchage about it, which she promptly posted.

Notice that in her post she links to a scan of a painting I did when I went over to her house on Valentine's Day. I'm so much more in the 'hanging out with friends' camp on Valentine's Day rather than the 'solitary liquor drinking' camp.

Also, Rosebaby is the only other member of the Sad Beer Webring (see the bottom of my sidebar). That's all.

P.S. Re: The painting. I know it looks like flowers, but it's called "oughtamagic wands".

January 31, 2002

the tinyblog tool

You know, I don't look at stats anymore, so I can't compulsively check referrer logs. I do, however, occasionally check google to see if there's anyone linking to me that I've never heard of before. Well, when I searched for tinyblog today, I found something new.

Evidently TinyBlog is a new CMS written in python. Fascinating. Well, I still rank higher than it in google so I won't have to kill Steve Jenson just yet. Hehehe.

I hope it's good...anyone tried it? I would, but I happen to be using the best web application for weblogs according to the bloggies.

dorky blogspot blog of the day 13

Many of you now know the brilliance that is I, Asshole, but probably much fewer of you know of the brilliance that is Asshole's 14 year-old sister. Not one to jump on the bandwagon, her blog is almost nothing like I, Asshole, and for a blog about the trials and tribulations of girls trying on each others' waterbras (among other things), it is amazingly fresh and funny whenever she posts.

As far as I'm concerned, her taglines (kicking squealing gucci little piggy) blow away Wil Wheaton's stupid monkey tagline anyway.

I'd post a few more links to her past funny posts (like the ones about her class mates who made up a new religeon based on her, called Morganism, which sounds a little like a disease) but she needs to republish her archives, and she doesn't have absolute links anyway.

Enjoy Opinion Pie!

2002 bloggies

Well, as a weblog that loves other weblogs, I think I would be a little amiss if I didn't say anything about the 2002 bloggies, the annual weblog awards.

For one thing, I'd like to pout a little that hardly any of my friends won anything. What's New Pussycat won the Best Kept Secret award, and I think that may be the most righteous award given all year. If she's a secret, then what the hell am I?

Movable Type won Best Web Application. Duh.

Then of course Wil Wheaton won every fucking category he was nominated for. Which was most of them.'s a good weblog. He is actually really funny, and I would hardly deny a washed up child actor the delight of a new (albiet much smaller) smattering of fame. But CHRIST PEOPLE, there's so much other talent out there. Who were all these people who felt the need to vote for him in every goddamn category!?

Well maybe next year people will be good and sick of him. Let the backlash begin! I wonder who this years' up and comers will be? I remember back when was a fresh new thing. What a fucking crime she didn't win best new weblog. Oh well. I could only vote once.

Plus, if Wil Wheaton hadn't won in a majority of the categories, I would probably have more to write about. Damn him for his funny stories about how much of an asshole William Shatner is. Damn him!

January 22, 2002

a chink in the armor of maryromantic

I know, I shouldn't be so excited about this but I can't help it. I have an obsession with maryromantic like Asshole has about young earnest christian bloggers.

As you may know, one of the only conditions by which you may write to Mary (besides being her potential true love and properly filling out her form) is to inform her that you've sent her a link to her site. Which I did, back when I posted my original post about her. In that Email, I sent along a personal note asking for some correspondance if at all possible, to which I got a form letter denial.

The permalink was to the version of the site on, to which the permalinks no longer exist. So just recently I got an Email from Mary asking if there was still a working link to her, as she was building an external links page finally.

I wrote her back with the updated links, and another sincere request for an interview. Only this time I actually got a personal reply back! It didn't say much, but it did say she was putting up a link list, and would notify me when it was up, and that I could ask her again then about an interview.


I have a handful of interview questions in mind, many having to do with the material that used to be on her site in the tripod version but was removed. However, are there any readers who have questions they would like asked of Mary? I would be curious to know.

January 16, 2002

the land of maryromantic

Evidently, Mary has toned down her site since she moved over to her own domain and isn't quite as forthright about what she wants as she once was.

She used to host the site at Tripod's free servers and had a much more extensive description of her..."requirements".

How did I find this out? Well, Metafilter ran a couple of threads on her, one in March 2001, and one in April 2001. I found these comments to be most revealing.

Among them (although this is not verifiable):

On the main page of the site (here), I couldn't help but notice the large white space at the bottom. She has about a thousand words there to "to help my page be found". (They're white, same as bgcolor, so highlight to see them). They are so many as to make searching for the page practically useless, besides the fact that they are often contradictory and just plain weird, like the rest of the site. Among those words:

single dating honesty worship wisdom atheistic atheist interpersonal what do woman want what do woman want abstinence lonely female domination story love match yahoo profile aol words of wisdom female picture woman looking for man lonely woman atheist pretty love relationship looking submissive older lady intimacy husband male slave

I seeeeeeee. Hehehehe. Well, I don't think she's a professional dom or anything, in light of reading these threads. I do think she's really looking for her true love, but I think she's figured out a decent way to pay a little rent while she looks. Monetary gifts on the first date indeed.

January 7, 2002

form reply from maryromantic

this is my response to an Email to maryromantic, about this post about her...

>Subject: Thanks for linking to Mary's site
>Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 17:52:29 EST
>Dear Daniel,
>Hi. Thanks for mentioning my site at yours.
>I can't extend my friendship to you in the way of additional correspondence,
>because I put all the time and effort that I can into finding a mate. But if
>I can be any further support to you through my other and ever-expanding web
>site, that would be great. I've written several articles on my values
>regarding relationships. There's a link for you below.
>Remember to send me the special e-mail I request at my web site if you ever
>think that we may be what each other is seeking.
>My site is at
>Gentle, Romantic Woman Seeks Agnostic or Atheist for Strong Attraction,
>Friendship, Eventual Marriage, and Deepest Love

January 4, 2002

hi, my name is mary

I can't help but have respect and curiousity for Mary, while at the same time finding her completely heartbreaking (and...well, kind of spooky).

Why respect and curiousity? Because here is a woman who knows pretty much exactly what she requires in her potential mate, and has chosen a decidedly scientific method to go about finding it.

Her site is well designed (in terms of usablility, not color choices) and she even provides tech support to potential non-tech-savvy readers who are not able to cut-and-paste, or view her site. She's obviously set up some kind of email filter to weed out people who don't follow her very specific instructions. Everything is executed with the same precision that one would imagine one could expect from every part of the process. However, she seems open-minded enough, that apart from her very specific needs, she is willing to put up with a wide range of different types of men.

So what is heartbreaking? From her "Most Men Find Me Too Needy" page:

"I never want to hear another man I love say, 'I don't want you to need me so much.' All other things considered, if I wait for someone who needs me as much as I need him, I trust that I'll never hear those words again from someone I've come to adore."

I mean, this 'article' of hers just blows me away. It's just really moves me that she can just be so goddamn wierd and at the same time lay herself so bare on her little website. I just have this feeling in my heart that she will never find what she's looking for the way she's looking for it. The No Masturbation rule doesn't help much, I'm sure. Hehehe.

I'd just like to give a shout out to her, and put all my good juju into her being able to find what she's looking for, the skinny slender or lean 35-55 year old agnotistic or athiest non-masturbating needy guy of her dreams.

December 17, 2001


Well, in doing sex week for so long now, I've amassed a few things I wanted to talk about that I haven't really got the I will take this opportunity to do a little name-dropping and talk about what's going on in my little bloggy world.

For one thing, things at the Asshole family are going great guns, what with a foxy new redesign and new home for I, Asshole here at Shauny dot org. That makes a grand total of three of us bitches of Shauna's. Ahhhh, being Shauna's sweeet sweeet bitch is the life.

In other Asshole news, Asshole's little sister has started her own little weblog, Opinion Pie, and I tell you, it's worth reading!

Can I just say that the more time goes by, the more I admire what Dooce does over there in that Doocery.

I also met two more webloggers in real life! First, the Ghetto Fabulous Julie of Accidental, who flashed her Texas charm all over the place in Seattle the other night. It's amazing the kind of online bravado people can generate and then be so shy when you meet them!

Also, Julie managed to lure the elusive Zannah out into the open where I could check out her whole scene. Besides the fact that she's lucky enough to have a boyfriend who can do a flawless Macho Man Randy Savage impression, she just kind of surprised me!

I'll fess, I always thought of her as being something of a crass self-promoter online, simply because she's awfully popular. But in person it is clear that she is self-effacing and accessable and just really fun and child-like. Not at all what I expected!

And last, but not least: Does anyone else find it really spooky that one of the most regular bloggers on the planet, Melissa of Pie in the Sky just dropped off the face of the earth without a word last month? I still go visit her site to scope out her last post, which is starting to seem spookier and spookier to me, since it just gives no indication of what happened to her? Does anyone know? Can we open an X-File?

November 21, 2001

I still ♥ blogs

As if all of that exhaustive ass-kissing weren't enough, I remembered a couple of other blogs that really should have been mentioned.

First of all, I can't believe I forgot Brian J Busch, who's lovely weblog has been delighting me lately with it's sweet humanness and sorta tender observation. It's extremely tiny.

And a blog I can't believe I've been missing all this time, Rabbit Blog!. (and what a URL!) Particularly awesome is her fantastic advice on surviving family holidays. Very impressive, and very via Rosebaby, the blog.

I ♥ other blogs

The first order of business is the new and so improved Perils of Leisure. I've got some free hosting over at, and finally decided to put it to some good use. I installed a copy of Movable Type over there, and let some people I think are worthy run a blog over there.

Well, Paula over at the Perils of Liesure is more than worthy, and has used her amazing design capabilities and the flexibility of Movable Type, to come up with 5 blogs in one(!) with a super cool DHTML implementation.

Also coming soon from that Movable Type installation, the web version of Jonathan Cameron's serialized Email set of ass-kicking poems, The National Weekly Poetry Address. If you just can't wait to see the web version to read Jonathan's amazing modern poetry, you can always email him and get on the Email list version.

In other weblog lovin' news, has a new design, and writes one hell of a dense little weblog. Political commentary, mini-photos of herself, and other general deviance.

Poagao is currently out of Taiwan, and chronicling his exploits in Australia.

If you don't read every episode of Dooce, you are doing yourself a serious disfavor. Every couple of days she drops a new essay, along with her hilarious little sidebar featurettes. She changes her sweeeeet and totally tight design just about as often, and also usually includes a playlist (complete with mp3's) of what she's listening to these days. A pleasure! I check it far more than she updates.

Geegaw could be one of the most impenatrably brilliant weblogs I have ever seen. I don't always understand it, but I'm always glad I read it. You only have 7 more days to catch her before she goes on vacation. Plus, she's a fellow Seattle webloggers, and SWUD!

I, Asshole continues to shock and vilify even the most jaded bloggers with her astounding autobiographical messiness. One day she tells a story about her shady punk rock past, and then the next day she talks about a baby, school and married life. Strangely enough, it's the latter that come off as more deeply disturbing. Go figure. SWUD!

Menucha blog is packed with featurettes that you just won't find anywhere else: The MAL Bag, where Tom gives ill-advised counsel to any reader unfortunate enough to ask Tom for some, and even some readers who don't! Other features (all with their very own compelling, yet gorge-turning header graphic, include, Tom's Mid-Day Podium of Wisdom, Chairman of the Blog, Tom's Unsubstantiated Theories of Conspiracy and Assuming the Coffee Position

And don't forget the rock-solid weblog standards, Pie in the Sky, The Booge, Accidental Julie, A Fire Inside, and one of my new favs, Jerry Kindall. They provide me with multiple posts a day, something I have always found inexplicable and impressive.

And last, but SO certainly not least, Shauna has finally decided to grace us with a lovely excerpt from her eagerly anticipated NaNoWriMo novel. Where's the rest of it, baby?

November 20, 2001

a hearty welcome to my fellow bitch

I'd like to welcome to the Shauny.Org family of bloggers the fine, fine blogger and man, SaigonSam. I liked his blog so much after I'd been reading it for a little while that I asked if I could do a redesign for him. Many months and much tweaking later, we are launching the new design today. Please update your links...

In addition, since he's coming on board here with me, to live under Shauna's benevolent, yet iron-handed rule...since she pays the bills around here, she's our sugar momma, and me and SaigonSam are her sweeeet, sweeeet bitches.

In other news of relating to other bloggers, I went on a little Seattle MeFi excursion, and again had the pleasure of meeting the amazingly fun and scrappy Jessamyn from, the coolest blog about information science I've ever seen. Also in attendance was Jerry Kindall, who I believe might just have played his first game of bowling last night. Crazy.

November 15, 2001

movable mena

Well, tonight I finally met Mena and Ben (movable type,, ben in perl) on their trek from San Fran to Canada. I dragged them to my favorite little Chinese dive, the Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant and forced them to contend with the mass of noodles that is 'Wonton noodle soup with dumpling'.

I have to say that I got quite a thrill from it. They are just pretty normal people, and oh so sweet, but they're still my weblog celebrities of choice and it really was a big deal for me to meet them.

Quote of the night: Jerry, you look just like this guy I knew, only he was black...and toothless.

In attendance was:

Blogger tinyblog codename
Mena CameraAngle
Ben PowerPacked
Jessamyn WickedLibrarian
Jenifer TenderBitch
Jerry Kindall WhiteWithTeeth
I, Asshole 4Ever4Star

November 2, 2001

no, the cruel world will make our children cry. I will make our children pancakes.

I just thought this was so sweet. And a Seattle blogger no less. Speaking of, the Downhome Seattle Blogger Area of my linklist is getting quite fat. Check it out!

October 31, 2001

blogmeet, seattle style

I had (almost) never met another blogger, and then suddenly, like a deluge they were upon me. They were a damn personable set of people. Even in giving each other shit they were pretty kind.

Funny that a San Fransisco weblogger was the glue that pulled us all together. I can honestly say that Jish is a truly charming guy, and I can see why everyone turns up when he comes into town. His tinyblog codename is: JishyJishFromJishport.

I also got to meet the SNoT crew, Erin and Shawn. Shawn distinguished himself by offering to pay for every last drop of water we drank. In addition, when I told him about another (cheaper, more parking-friendly) place we could drink, asked me if I knew it's coordinates so he could find it on his GPS. His tinyblog codename is: MrGenerousity, and Erin's is either: MaximumBoots or her alternate codename is: MaximumCleavage.

One pleasant surprise was Nina of, who was a very quietly charming young lady. I can honestly say that, upon meeting her, I understand her cryptic little blog much better. She is quite a cryptic girl. Her tinyblog codename is: GaramondItalic.

The other two dans and assorted other sweet, dorky boys delighted me with their signature brand of amazing Seattle hip geekiness. Let's just say there were a lot of digital cameras there that night. And not just the boys, I guess I should say.

Bitchquick, Asshole, and usr/bin/punkin/ were apparently not able to make it, and were missed. Quite a gaggle of cute girls whose blogs I had never heard of were there as well, and I look forward to checking out their online writings. Of them, Rebecca's tinyblog codename is FoxyGlasses.

The tiny linklove page has now been updated to include all the new folks I met, and I now believe it to be quite a complete list of Seattle bloggers. If you're into that kind of thing.

October 24, 2001


Leave now, or you'll never get anything done today.


Hydro Games Arcade! via PixelSurgeon

Robot Duck includes the awesome Vampire Boy, via meg

Dark Orbit, I played this game for an entire night once.

sissyfight 2000

rocketsnail games

Ultimate Arcade Inc.



Ninjai! (Highly Recommended!)


lil' pimp

October 14, 2001

the I, Asshole challenge

I did it!

It's sort of Like the Pepsi Challenge...only there's no soda involved...or the comparing of two things...or a corporate entity...and it's actually challenging. Well, ok, it's nothing like the Pepsi Challenge.

You can call it MAME, or the Most Annoying Meme Ever. The challenge is, to write a post of 50+ words, where each and every word is linked. Not only that, but each link has to make magical you at least.

Asshole's opening entry is impressive to say the least, and not really annoying at all. It's actually kinda ingenious (see the links for "the" and "a"). I know where the annoying part comes in. It's in trying to do one myself. We shall see. GodDAMN that looks like a lot of work.

I did it, but only because I said to Asshole, "Asshole, people like memes. They love 'em. It gives meaning to their pathetic little existances, but there's one thing people do not like, and that's work! Making a meme that requires a lot of work is not likely to be very viral."

She agreed and busted the requirement down to only 50 words instead of the original 100. Whew! Now back to our regularly scheduled posting.

October 9, 2001

it's the sound of silence

it's the sound of silence

silence is the new loud
the war against silence
music born in silence
heroes del silencio
how do you silence the mind?

broken hearted poetry has a home

deborah's poetry of sadness
poetry pasterland of hurt and pain
deep wounds, quiet house
belda's broken heart poetry page
cryssy's ascii art

October 1, 2001

u.s. vows to defeat whoever it is we're at war with

"For example, we know that the mastermind has the approximate personality of a terrorist," Gramm said. "Also, he is senseless. New data is emerging all the time."
I know that everyone and their brother already linked to this weeks edition of The Onion, and there is a very good reason. Because it's insanely funny. I love their tagline so much better than CNN's.

It's Holy Fucking Shit: Attack on America. I honestly don't think I could have come up with anything better. The Onion has done a mighty and surpreme job of writing the most inscisive set of articles about the last 2 or 3 weeks, and making it so funny tears came to my eyes.

September 19, 2001

blogspot blog of the day revival

For a while there, in the very early days of the tinyblog, I would search through hundreds...nay, millions of blogspot blogs, trying to find that one gem in the rough. Well, I don't do that anymore. I sit around waiting for other bloggers to dig something up for me.

In this case, the digger was Tom Working of Menucha Blog and Blog You! fame, and the diggee is our blogspot blog of the day, Blossom451 Speaks Her Mind. You know, after reading every entry (almost all of which are still up on the front page) I know, there just aren't any A-Listers out there that write like this. Her titles make me cry with their sheer brilliance. But Gawd, is that a spooky photo or what? Catch this very cool blog in it's infancy, I hope she keeps it up like this.

brunching shuttlecocks answer the eternal questions

Is there intelligent life in the universe? If a tree falls in the forest, and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound? These and other questions are succinctly answered by David Neilsen of The Brunching Shuttlecocks.

Plus, in case anyone hasn't told you, Brunching Shuttlecocks is a funny, funny, funny, funny, funny site. Especially the flash movies. They're funny.

September 13, 2001

9-11 at meeting of the minds

All the folks at Meeting of the Minds are suspending their regularly scheduled topic to discuss September 11th for a while. Go check out the ongoing discussion there. See "collective consciousness at it's worst" aimed at the current world situation.

September 12, 2001

in poagao's world:

Poagao's Journal is a surprisingly under-read blog in my opinion. It's kind of an understated little number by an articulate and subtly funny man from Taiwan. A good example? Watch him poke gentle fun at "the A-Listers".

You'd never guess he wasn't living in the US by his writing style until you see the photos. It's a site that's sure to go on my sidebar as soon as I get things ship shape around here.

September 11, 2001

in lighter, and ickler news

Also, I wrote the ickle entry for today: nuerons are ickle. I have always admired ickle, and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to write a feature. Ickle is totally tiny...and sometimes tiny is ickle.

September 5, 2001

the invention of MOVABLE TYPE

The tinyblog is already in the process of being converted to being

welcome to movable type.

What is movable type? It's the content management system that dreams are made of. Written in PERL, living on one's own server, and customizable to the hilt. It is even expected that existing weblogs (via blogger, greymatter, etc.) will be able to be converted in their entirety. Go take a look at some of the expected features. Now pick your jaw up off the floor.

Plus, one can be sure that the User Interface will be extra perfectly spiffily anal-riffic a la This is not a coincidence. Movable Type is being developed by the husband and wife team of Mena and Ben, makers of dollarshort MASH, and ~ tinycomments ~.

If you're interested, head on over to the site and get thyself on the mailing list. I'm so excited I could just pee.


My Mom has liked every one of my girlfriends. Some she's gotten really tight with and others not so much, but she's gone into it really thinking each one was pretty swell. I asked her once, why that was. "Well," she said, "I figure they have good taste, so that's one mark in their favor right off the bat."

On that note, I can't help but be particularly endeared to people who link to the tinyblog, whether I know them or not. May I first mention Michele, who runs the stellar A Fire Inside. Her site of the day is always something worth looking at, so I am honored to be hers today.

So let me give a little tinylink shout out to all the others (I know of) who toss some linkylove my way (in no particular order):

Poagao's World - Joe Jennett's The Ageless Project - The Booge - - Pie In The Sky - Krisalis - Venusburg - Sanity Check - It's All About Lilly White - It's Always The Quiet Ones - The Airman's Mess - Barsticus' First Blog - World Wide Jeb - - Tales of an East Coast Geek - Foemat - Lukelog - - Blog You! - On the Bayou - - Mind on Fire - icbleu - - - - My Wacky Life - What's New Pussycat - shellyWEB

If I missed anyone, please let me know!

September 4, 2001

really so far beyond zork

There's a group of people who still continue text adventures to be a viable art form. Many of them are gearing up for the 7th Annual Interactive Fiction Contest, and it's really amazing what these people are doing. Not convinced? Have a little patience? By all means, go check out a couple of last year's competition games and see what people are doing with the medium these days. If you like such things, I would imagine you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Or, a classic and modern IF game is always being featured at The Interactive Fiction Book Club, and, in addition, XYXXYnews is a newsletter devoted to IF, it has reviews, interviews, and articles about Interactive Fiction.

Although I don't have much time for it, I loved the old Infocom games like Zork, and think modern IF is a damn cool idea. It's only obsolete if regular fiction is, which is perhaps debatable. Every year I beta test at least one competition game. Maybe one of these years, I'll even judge.

August 31, 2001

if I linked to everything cool at dollarshort

...I'd never have any time for my own posts. But really you have to go look at Mena's silent movies of her and Ben. It is just too damn cute for words. It looks like WAY too much work went into it, too, but it's worth it for me of course.

August 22, 2001

go! spastic

There's two very good reasons to go head over to Warp Records' Site. One is to see a really fantastic flash interface implementation (and I assure you, I am a hard sell).

The other is to see the finalists of an animation contest based on the songs of the new album by Square Pusher. Square Pusher's new album Go Plastic is this kind of sweet, spastic electronic music that really makes me think twice about electronic music. It's constantly shifting and moving, but still maintains this kind of coherence that makes it supremely listenable.

Months ago, people were invited to make animations based on the songs on the album, and the finalists are displayed here as quicktime movies. I recommend the animation for the song Go! Spastic. Enjoy!

This is the sort of thing I would never be exposed to if it weren't for my super-hip, yet extremely accessible and sweet friend Beth. So this is via Beth, but there's no link to her, cause she doesn't have a site. She's too cool for that.

August 20, 2001

tinyblog pulitzer

Shauna's latest is what blogging is all about. She wins the tinyblog pulitzer for "Blog Defining Post" for 2001. Congratulations.

August 1, 2001

august sky

Please direct your attention to the new and improved Pie in the Sky, at Melissa's new and ultra-snazzy doman,

July 18, 2001

I typed "pussy" into yahoo and all I got was this stupid weblog

i typed "pussy" into yahoo and all I got was this stupid weblog

Shauna used to call me all the time. She had some kind of wicked long distance plan that allowed her to talk an hour to the US for three bucks. So, she would call me at my graveyard job and basically listen to me blab about my know, sort of like the tinyblog, but it's verbal, and more stream of conciousness.

She does not really like to talk. If I stop talking she says, "Halooooo..." in her sweet little Australian voice, as if she's making sure I'm still there. Sometimes I could get her to talk...about her family mostly, rarely about her. I do know she likes having her butt groped, though, so if anyone near Canberra can go give her a solid grope for me I'd sure appreciate it.

But first daylight savings time, and then her long distance company going under conspired to keep her from her frequent calls. It has been months, when suddenly, I picked up the line and heard that familiar, "Halooooo..."

How happy I was to regale her with my new tales and hear her cooing dulcet tones. Reminds me how much I like her.

Anyway, she's kind of an insecure cat. No matter how many people tell her they love her, she doesn't believe it, or they're the wrong people, or they just said it to be nice, or something. But it doesn't hurt to try. Why don't you stop by today and give her site a little once over, and kick around through her archives for gems. Not to mention reading today's post, which is truly top shelf. Then go hit her guestbook and write something nice...but make it sound credible, eh?

I'm gonna review her blog What's New Pussycat pretty soon, but I didn't want to wait to give a shout out to a truly funny lass from southeast Australia who I've never met, but has really made a difference in my life.

July 16, 2001

i was going to get started on reviews again

I went to Pie in the Sky, and discovered that none of the archives to her blogger days were working (and who wants to review only the "graymatter" portion of a site?). So...I moved on to Sanity Check, to discover that her archives (not to mention header graphic) were not working. Then I started getting a bit of a funny feeling about the whole thing, but moved on to ShellyWeb anyway. There I discovered that none of her archives have absolute links. That's when I decided to save the whole review thing for another day.

I should be updating like my regular self now, now that I'm a working man again. (I liked being a loafing man, but this gives me more time to think.)

June 14, 2001

shouts out to robyn

And shouts out to Robyn:

Who evidently asked me, and a whole bunch of other people in a big hairy spam, to post this picture...hell if I know and Luke just do what we're told.

You're next, Robyn!

June 12, 2001

le bleu blog

Hey, Le Bleu Blog is on extended hiatus, so I will wait for becky to come home before I review her blog.

June 7, 2001

The Licton Springs Review

Tonight is the launch party for the print magazine and web version of The Licton Springs Review, North Seattle Community College's literary and arts magazine. Another student and I developed a template for the site as a part of our CIS211 class, and then developed it more fully as an internship this quarter.

This is definately the most full scale web project I have ever done, and I learned an incredible amount during the process. It's 640x480 size, basically, and if I had to do it again, I would have made it either scalable, or designed for 800x600. It is, however a good clean concept and design and holds a lot of information and I'm pretty proud of it.

If for nothing else, go look for the art. I submitted some of my own photographs and they were accepted for the web version, and now appear there. Lots of the other art is fantastic as well, especially the paintings by Stain, the featured artist.

I have to go tonight to the launch party and present the Web version to everyone in attendance...I'm actually a little nervous. I don't know quite what to say for 15 minutes. Hmf. At least there will be free food.

May 23, 2001

why one of the best damn blogs out there just gets in my craw

Ok, let's talk about It's about Meg, a lady who is both prolific and brilliant. Her design sensibility is acute and simple. She writes short little stories about her life and the lives of others, and starts threads in her BlogVoices that end up being mini-weblogs in their own right. She writes way too much (sometimes 5 long posts in a day) to be able to write with the consistancy with which she does...and she drives me crazy!

She's on everyone who's anyone's sidebar, (in addition to mine, of course) and seems to have a readership that spans the globe many times over. Is she universally loved? Well, no. She just got a terrible writeup in Blog You!, a self-proclaimed consumer's guide to weblogs (which has yet to review the tinyblog). Occaisionally she elicits the odd snarky comment as well, but mostly seems universally loved.

And why not? A lovely writer, a friendly gal. What's your problem, Daniel?

I didn't know why but I found myself grudgingly reviewing her site...making it the last on my semi-daily blog travels, refusing to post on her threads, generally harboring bad feelings.

Finally, I had to examine why. The conclusion I finally was forced to realize was really the most trite and sad of them all. It's because she never really deigned to aknowledge my presence. She never came and said "hi" here at the tinyblog, or sent a little a little note (like her compatriot Luke) or responded to my clearly very charming BlogVoices posts. It was then I realized that I simply felt snubbed, and that I just needed to get over myself.

It's not like it never happened before. I once deeply admired Lacking in Emotional Content, and read it every day, until he failed to respond to a couple of Emails o' Adulation©, and I suddenly decided he wasn't so worthy of adulation anyhow.

Sheesh. Some people are linksluts, I guess I'm just an attentionslut. Please forgive me, Meg, for taking it out on you, and for not knowing what the hell a noomeejahoor is.

May 16, 2001

the restaurant at the end of the universe

The Restaraunt at the End of the Universe

A fond farewell to two people who's writing altered my course:

Kaycee Nicole of the blog Living Colors. It's one of the first weblogs I ever read, and what an incredible record of the end of one blogger's courageous life. Blog on, Kaycee, blog on.


Douglas Adams, a truly hoopy frood who always knew where his towel was at. I got dirty looks in high school for laughing out loud as I read his books. My favorite blog tribute to him so far is here, at Foemat.

May 1, 2001

meeting of the minds

Oh yes, and lest I forget. I put together a submission of some of my photos for my school's online literary magazine. And if you haven't yet heard about it, go visit the new blog wherein some of the most brilliant minds in blogging meet in one incredible confluence of ideas and soul-searching commentary on the state of life (or, at the moment, just deciding what the hell we actually want to DO). It's called Meeting of the Minds, or MOTM, as it is destined to be abbreviated.

April 28, 2001

meg, baby, I understand Sometime

Sometime in the middle of the month, Meg, infamous blogger of had a little revelation: She deleted a post, becuase she realized she was so enmeshed in her readership, that she didn't feel free to post whatever she wanted. Now she freaked out about it and stopped blogging for a few days. But then she came back and has been more prolific than ever since (GAWD has she been prolific).

I'm not going to do anything quite that extreme, but let's just say when I had zero readers, I was a little more off the cuff about describing my personal life.

It's not the other webloggers that make me feel a little restricted. It's the people I know in the flesh who are actually involved in my life. It's hard to tell their story knowing it would possibly humiliate them, or that they would think the way it was represented was not true-to-life.

When you're anonymous, no one cares if the story is true...only if it's good. And it's hard when that story is the main story on my mind. So meg, baby...I understand.

April 27, 2001

the counter

Well, for some inexplicable reason, I've been avoiding putting a counter on my site. I just thought it would be a pain...or I just didn't want to know if anyone was reading...or something. So finally I did it and for the last two days I've been poring over my stats. Fascinating stuff! There were a few referrals I didn't recognize, so I went at looked at them and Lo and Behold!, I'm on the sidebars of a couple of blogs that I've never heard of before! What a trip. Let me give shouts out to a couple of them. How exciting.

Really, though, I was kind of surprised...I thought I knew everyone who read, cause I'm not bashful. When I put someone on my sidebar, I Email them and tell them and introduce myself. No one ever accused me of being shy.

April 20, 2001

today's episode of dollarshort

Today's episode of dollarshort is classic.

April 18, 2001

Blogspot blog of the day 12

Blogspot blog of the day: Fearless.

April 10, 2001

16 color movie creator 2.0

By the way, 16 Color Movies just finished their 16 Color Movie Creator 2.0. Go download it, make a couple of 16 color movies and animate them. Or just go look at my fantastic movies. Also great are movies by K@boom and Cark.

April 9, 2001

i discover pie in the sky

Hey check out my new sidebar link...what a well-done blog.

henk's pretty pictures

Henk's pretty pictures. He says they're unspectacular, but I think they're nice!

April 4, 2001

goddamn geniuses

I'll tell you what. Miles Davis and Gil Evans are Goddamn Geniuses. Listen to Porgy and Bess if you don't believe me.

March 26, 2001


You told me to leave you alone
My father said come on home
My doctor said take it easy
Whoa but cha lovin is much too strong
chain, chain, chain....

britney spears market position

Can I just be crude here, briefly? I saw these Britney Spears ads on the Oscars last night. (Gladiator?!?! Best picture?!?!?)

It always amazes me that an entertainer who positions herself in the market as "hottest snatch on the planet" is always so surprised at the hordes of icky middle aged groupies she has. They pay your rent, honey. Check this open letter to her. Oooh, she generates some fascinating stuff online.

March 22, 2001

scott everhardt

I went and saw Scott Everhardt last friday and it was so good. That man can really play a harmonica. Sad songs...he's got a coupla MP3's on his site...try Nothing in This World.

March 20, 2001

young-hae chang heavy industries

Is it possible that I can recommend something more highly than Y0UNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES PRESENTS. What is it? Ummm, it's moving poetry set to the most excellently chosen of jazz. Please take that with a grain of salt, though, becuase it's the coolest way I've ever seen poetry presented on the web. Just go look at dakota and let your ass be blown away.

I don't know how long it will take to load on a dial-up connection, but it should be OK, and so, So, SO worth it! The sound is really a must. Omigod.

March 14, 2001

a portal site with attitude

A portal site with attitude to spare. Yahoo, watch out, is in effect. It's going to be my new home page.

March 2, 2001

the almighty mother of comments in source code

What th'? The almighty mother of comments in the source code, via The Morning News,via k10k. Pssst....there are no secret messages in my sourcecode. Really.

Did you think it was just a dirty trick to get you to look?

hello beauties!

Hello Beauties! Be sweet to yourself. You are not bad.

February 19, 2001

BlogSpot blog of the day 11

BlogSpot blog of the day: Riley.
Riley's blog description is: i found out about blogger in the newspaper. i never knew that peole acually made logs and put them on the internet for people to read.
He seems to have picked it up pretty quick.

February 16, 2001

dorky BlogSpot blog of the day 10

BlogSpot Blog of the day: *veggiesomething. Very tiny. Intense colors!

February 15, 2001

dorky BlogSpot blog of the day 9

BlogSpot blog of the day: In the Face of Midnight. It's in spanish...I think. I wish I could read it cause, hey, what a great title!

Ok, and I'm re-instating Dorky BlogSpot blog of the day:'ll just have to go look for yourself.

February 14, 2001

blogSpot blog of the day 8

BlogSpot blog of the day: Fuzzy Logic

February 13, 2001

BlogSpot blog of the day 7

BlogSpot Blog of the day (I think maybe it was insulting to call them dorky, they are really very good.) : 13 Days From Monday.

Also, on there was a link to this poetry site. My favorite three:

Have I mentioned lately
how much I love you?
I meant to.
I'm sorry.
Good thing there's this holiday, huh?

I wish I could give you that sunset.
I wish I could give you that rainbow.
I wish I could give you that wedding you always wanted.
Here's a Hershey bar.
Have some patience, please.
I'm only one fucking person.

You know I love you.
We shower together.
And you make me stand in the drafty spot.
I don't complain.
I get a better view of your ass that way.

Wow, that actually reminds me of how nice it is to not be in a relationship.

February 12, 2001

dorky BlogSpot blog of the day 6

Dorky BlogSpot Blog of the day: Small Failures

February 10, 2001

dorky BlogSpot blog of the day 5

Okay, dorky BlogSpot blog of the day is: Dogongo Dislikes Smoke.
One of the contributors looks remarkably like the very sexy photo of Al Green on the cover of his greatest hits album.

February 9, 2001

dorky Blogspot blog of the day:

Dorky Blogspot of the Day: Rhymes With 'Bee'.
(From a guy named Chree.)
Killer rollover. This guy may go on my sidebar.

dorky BlogSpot blog of the day 3

Dorky BlogSpot blog of the day: Be the Love.

February 8, 2001

dorky blogspot blog of the day 2

Dorky blogspot blog of the day: There is a horribly sad face on this stapler.

February 7, 2001

dorky blogspot blog of the day 1

Dorky blogspot blog of the day: Geek-tastic*.

January 31, 2001

excellent story

I can't recommend this unreservedly, cause it's pretty hard-core, but if you're feeling particularly strong, go read this excellent story.

A warning: it's not for the faint of heart.

January 23, 2001

first contact with

Hey, can I just take this moment to say how great Shauny is? Besides the fact that she's offered to host the tinyblog (so I can have archives, and blogvoices, yay!), and besides the fact that she is, indeed, more cheap thrills than a smoking donkey, she is a damn fine writer, and as tiny as they come.

January 22, 2001


No one in the world ever gets what they want and that is beautiful.
Everybody dies frustrated and sad, and that is...beautiful.

Does anyone know where raising your hand for permission to speak came from? How about clapping?

Also, check out **Lovely!**
and **Hilarious!**

Tell me a story.

January 20, 2001

maximize your inner freak

I just wanted to post a link that kind of sent me. It's pathos at its best. It's a blog, and it's called Maximize Your Inner Freak. It is VERY erotic, but that's not really why I'm recommending can read hundreds of dirty stories here. It's really more that this lady is so blindingly into blogging, and sort of committed to do what she's doing, even though she's not pleased with the kind of response she gets.

What can she expect, I know, but still she goes on day after day with her nearly pathological sexiness. I almost want to offer to do just little design for her, though. She's got the blogger template and hasn't even changed the color. Oh that's enough of my commentary, it speaks for itself.

January 9, 2001

redesign, three.oh

You know, I actually AM doing a proper redesign. This was something I threw up with an intention to throw something else up, but then I decided to do it proper...and that really takes time. Coding nested tabled by hand with all of those wierd-ass blogger tags gives me a big headache. Oh yeah, pretty soon I'm gonna put up some pictures of me and get the archive working. Until then, I have no choice but to continue blogging.

For the very best in web design, Three.Oh - Inspirational Kingdom. James has a really good eye. and always finds really sharp stuff. Plus he's prolific...I don't know how he has time to work, he comes up with a few links a day at least.

Oh, and lest I forget, the: Pot Pie of the Day
Today's pot pie is Amy's Kitchen Organic Pot Pie. their regular vegetable is my favorite. Not as hearty as marie callender's, and the top doesn't brown in the microwave, but when I eat it I feel like I'm eating actual food.

January 8, 2001


Oh yeah, and vote in the 2000 Pixelfest for your favorite 16 Color Movie.

December 4, 2000

first link from another blog

Oh yeah, and I got Blogged. Canya believe it? On an excellent Blog no less, the illustrious "The Booge".

November 29, 2000

welcome to the tinyblog.

Welcome to the tinyblog. I'm glad you're here. Even if you don't read, just hang out a moment and let it seep in. You could be tiny too.