December 7, 2007

working in fremont

Fremont Foundry

It's been over a month since I started working in Fremont, and my main home computer crashed, so I had to wait to post photos I took. The above is the sign for the Fremont Foundry, a cool local foundry and arts center.

Here's a better picture of the view from out my window:

the view out my window

And here's me pretending to work:

pretending to work

See the whole series.

December 3, 2007

a small, foggy update

I wanted to wait and post photos of my hood but there's so many little projects on my home computer I thought I'd at least post a small update. The question of the hour is really, "how's the job". I wish I had something more interesting to talk about honestly, but there it is. If I tell people when they ask, then they start to snore.

I don't blame them. I write software for librarians. It's cool for people who really care about how data is organized, but not to anyone else.

There's things that don't have anything to do with coding though. Today, on the rainiest day in Seattle in awhile, I can look out my window on this early morning and see the fog over queen anne hill in my little perch. I'm getting paid well to work at a company that makes money, and I have a nice computer and some pretty sweet workmates.

There's some frustrations with working this way, and slogging through all the red tape to get anything done, but I can learn how to work on such a slow-moving ship. It's not too bad.

October 30, 2007

breakfast day

I'm scared. I'm not sure I can even write blog posts anymore. I felt like I didn't want to do it until I was struck off in a new direction and I would say I am now.

Today was breakfast day, a signifier of one's second day of work here at [insert seattle tech company name here which I am not ready to yet disclose publicly]. I am a Web Developer - Java here, and Ben and I are discussing what it's going to take to ramp Roboticat down to something basically historical. We had a great time, and all my training and experience let me get a job I never would have been able to get without a CS degree otherwise.

On breakfast day, they bring breakfast to your cube to lure unsuspecting and hungry employees into introducing themselves to you and playing the game of "what is the least amount of conversation I can make and get away with a goddamn bagel".

Most people I let off the hook pretty easily.