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Sunday, September 25, 2005

five things my sister misses from her childhood
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Sometimes I print out the current page of the tinyblog and send it to my sister (in secluded retreat) in a letter. I did that recently, and one of the posts was my Five Things I Miss From My Childhood meme. So my sister, who surely knows how to play along sent me hers:

5. Selling Kool-Aid from my Radio Flyer red wagon: Basketball playing teenagers get thirsty! and when Mom's buying the Kool-Aid there's no overhead!

4. Diving Boards and Merry-Go-Rounds: Both have fallen prey to lawsuit-land.

3. Skateland!: The circling roar of wheels on the rink. Colored disco-y lights synchronized to 80's hits (before that had become ironically hip), always with the inevitable minor injuries!

2. Tree climbing: Hours in the huge maple in our front yard, sometimes with a popsicle or a book, but more often just way, way up where the slim branches float you on the breeze.

1. sprinkler: Hot, hot days are made tolerable by little icy jets of water that flash-freeze you as you leap!

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