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what is to be done with the tinyblog

Poor old girl, limping along, hardly anything to say except a photo now and then.

DrinkyCrow 004

This one's an old one from not that long after burning man. My man Todd right here made The Crow Bar on the internet. He is the O.G. Drinky Crow. When this motherfucker says The Abyss is Calling..., he means it. I'd take this opportunity to call him a fucking goth, but he might respond by calling me a fucking hippie, and I don't know if I can take that anymore.

july2007 027

It's been a nice, hot summer.

july2007 042

Punk rock ferry worker.

I suppose I should redo the categories so people can find the coolest of the old posts. It's on my list. And damn lucky to be there.