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that's a blast from the past

I just read the Stranger's four star review of Amy Winehouse's black to black, where it mentions a youtube video of her singing a duet of Beat It.

Anyway, of course I immediately listen to it. My mom is sleeping in the other room but I turn it low.

It's crazy... she sings it in this really wacky experimental way... perhaps just to piss off her incredibly well-groomed co-duet singer. As the stranger reviewer points out, even though she seems a little wacky about it, I think it's on purpose, and she's pitch perfect.

I listen to it quietly, but I hear her stir as the song ends. "Sorry mom," I say.

"That's a blast from the past," she says, mostly asleep.

A pause, then, "I was dreaming about Robin."

"Old Robin or new Robin?"

"Old Robin." (Then something about why it's silly I'd think she'd be dreaming of new Robin).

I thought about it for a second, "What did she say?"

"She didn't say anything," my mom said, with a DUH tone in her voice, "she was listening to Beat It."