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when I'm with you all I have to do

I remember a scant few dreams a year. Some people tell me to write down my dreams, and then I'll remember them more often. But, when I put pen and paper by the bed, they are long since buried or shuffled away by the time I remember one.

I almost never have one when I have a full night's sleep. It's almost always in a luxury nap of some sort. Like, when you wake up too early, go out and have a bloody mary with breakfast, and then come home for a nap in the sun. Or if I fall asleep at a friends house.

I just met someone who said that I could remember my dreams if I let myself fall asleep during meditation a few times. I do that anyway sometimes, and while it's very relaxing, it doesn't help.

So, I was thinking I would make a conscious effort to remember some dreams so I can blog them. Maybe even tonight.