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"I check my look in the mirror / I wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face"

2006 Shaven2! 008

I'm gonna too. I shaved off my beard and I'm gonna keep it shaved as long as I can stand to.

And the hair. It's going too. I haven't set a date... I might get a trim to clean up the split ends and then make sure it's out to the required 10 inches for donation to Locks of Love.

But, I am really going to do it. Andrew Dunloy and I decided to do it on the same day. I'm not sure when, but by the end of the Fire Dog year at the latest.

If you find a photo of a hairstyle you think would look good on me would you send it my way? I'm open to suggestion but think short.

I've had long hair ever since my friend Nicole G. told me once back in 1993 in a University of Washington dorm room not to cut my hair again until she told me to. I wish I knew how to get a hold of her for permission, but the internet has not been kind in that regard. Sorry Nicole.


bro...trust me...the easiest and in the end the least painful way to go from lots of hair to short hair is to find a friend with clippers and just shear it all off...then in a few weeks, you have that sort of fuzzy baby bird look when it starts to grow back in... though maybe that's not exactly what you're going for.

It's weird though to go from lots of hair to know hair. Showers go from taking 15 or 20 minutes to 5 minutes...really crazy

Anyway..good luck.

Sorry...that was supposed to be "no" hair...obviously not "Know".

I'm not suggesting, only volunteering: I have clippers and have been trimming Jeff's hair and beard for a couple of years. I'm no stylist but if you are going for the shorn look, I'm here for ya (and Andrew too). I wonder how many more "shorn" comments will come from the midwest.

Crazy... I just had (what's left) of my hair cut down to about 1/4" and I'm seriously considering shaving the noggin' alltogether and going with a goatee...

You should shave it all off... even your eyebrows...

yeah, I'm with Grau on this one.