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i rapped

I did rap. And luckily for all you who missed it, someone had a little recorder. These are some snippets of my little apartment performance on the 6th. All are WAV's and all are about a meg.

Please note that these are not really safe for kids or work.

My Version of Outkast's "Claimin True"
Talsky-Style Verse 1: Intro and Massage
Talsky-Style Verse 2: Food, Love and Trouble
The Lauren Beth "suki 'sexbomb' tsunami" Yockey Rap

The recordings are a bit hard to understand (damn enthusiastic fans!) so I'm publishing the lyrics for Talsky-Style and The Suki Rap.

I also did Sunny Outside and Ten Below... which was not recorded, but you can hear a version of it I recorded elsewhere on the site.

Thank you everyone who came and supported me. We packed the house and I got to live my dream of being a rap star for one beautiful night.


Oh how I wish I could have been there to watch you perform. In my memory, you are an outstanding entertainer, heck, that's what drew me to you in the first place! I hope you've had a happy birthday and I send you much love all the way from South Florida.

Holy shit bro...the clips are hilarious!!

Happy Birthday...I hope 31 is treating you well.