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hippy birsday fiends!

I'd like to take a moment to honor some people who are celebrating their birthdays this week and say some sweet things about them.

Roseanne 'Love-In' Edson

There's not a person on this earth that doesn't have a womb-related connection to me who has ever shown me such a strong and steadfast love. This girl's love comes on like a wrecking ball and it refuses to be dampened. Few people on this planet have come to know me so well, on so many levels and still have loved me so doggedly, so persistantly.

Roseanne is one of the skinniest girls I have ever met, and also one of the strongest. She is a genuine challenge to wrestle, and is one of the few people in my wieght class I've ever wrestled where I have to take such care not to let her wild knees get between us. She kicks like a horse! She is determined in all ways!

Roseanne is someone who will fucking mobilize, if you're sick and bring over the yogurt, garlic, tea and chicken soup and no joke about that.

She is someone who likes to teach lessons gently instead of my natural bulldozer style. She has a wild, dorky imagination and is a voracious reader. She is incredibly smart, and a quick study at computer-related topics. When I met her she didn't know anything about computers, and now does professional illustration work with one, as well as being a very prolific blogger and photo-blogger.

Roseanne, I'm glad you were born!

Lauren Beth "suki 'sexbomb' tsunami" Yockey

Beth (as she is most commonly called, for she is a woman of many names) is one of those people who's karmic paths I was clearly destined to intersect, and now the hold of that karmic link of learning will have me in its grip for a long time to come.

Oh christ, where do I even start. Take a deep breath, Daniel.

Okay, Beth is someone who, as a friend, demands that you live up to your own potential. She loves, but she does not coddle. She provides opportunities, but she does not give guided tours to them.

She is brilliant. She likes challenging fiction, challenging movies, and challenging music. I suspect she came out of the womb with a certain level of social sophistication. Her life is an artistic endeavor and she creates art in a way that is uncommonly fearless. When she buys new things, she immediately customizes them with stickers and weird adornments, because she cannot stand to have her things look like everyone else. She is a hyper-pump of creativity and destruction.

Like me, she is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to relating to the socio-commercial world, and has skills in design, typography, business communication, writing, negotiating, and whole-systems design.

She offers freedom to her intimates and asks for freedom in return. If she gives advice it is rare, blunt, pithy, and without unnessesary pontification. She just says, "I think you could do better at that," or "that shirt is not going to work," or "you don't need to ever do that again," or "what you're doing is not commercially viable."

She is funny. She knows how to rock a running joke and develop and evolve it over time, so there are jokes we have that are so funny that I wish more people could know about them, but there's no way I could explain the history of them. So I just have to laugh my ass off until I cry and let it be between us. She brings out my wickedest sense of humor, and nothing is taboo for humor with her. She is not uptight.

Beth, I'm glad you were born!

Thomas Rhys Becker

Thomas's wife has a heart disorder, and he was so concerned with her worsening condition that he did research into her diet until he discovered some modifications to the kinds of fats that she consumed that made the worst of her symptoms go into remission. He is fascinated by artificial intelligence and lighter than air craft.

I can't wait until we're old so I can know him as a wealthy, eccentric wonk who has a million bizarre science experiments in his huge laboratory in his basement. I vote him most likely to be part of a think tank for the betterment of the world.

He has a wicked British accent, and it only emphasizes his indomitable spirit and pluck. He is both modern and archaic. He is young and happily married. He says things like, "What's as important as the knife is to have a good knife sharpening system." He appreciates straightforwardness, even when it's not pleasant for him.

He's such a good sport that he's one of the rare people I've been able to work closely with professionally and also be good friends with. He rolls a very servicable joint. He is whip smart and not afraid to step up to the plate and take the absolute maximum amount of work and responsibility he can handle. One suspects an almost MacGuyver level of problem solving and ingenuity. I swear to god he'd be a great person to be stranded in the middle of the ocean in a rowboat with no food or water.

He designs and wears custom garments and has a way with textiles. He's good at raising an eyebrow. He's nearly unflappable.

Tom, I'm glad you were born!


...Ya gotta love anybody that can roll a good joint. I know that sounds weird...and perhaps a little funny, but when I think about the people whom I am lucky to have known...among them are those who have been obsessive about their joint-rolling technique. I don't know if that has anything to do with them being cool people...but those same obsessive joint rollers are among the true originals of my lifetime. Does that make sense??


You're some sweetcantankerousbulldozin'superfriendlovin'
beastie an' I love ya so much... I'll try not to break any of yer skinnyass ribs.


Thanks for the birfday love.

thanks for the birthday wishes! sorry the party wasn't up to par, next time, G.

Oh, and P.S. - it's Lauren Beth "suki 'sexbomb' tsunami" Yockey :)

Then, check this out... after saying Thom could roll a good joint, I went to his birthday party, where he rolled one ONE ARMED. Goddamn!

And Suki...I fixed it your name.

That was just beautiful -- so good to see someone celebrating the humans around them. Thanks for posting this...