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virulent virii

Right after I talked about viruses, I just found this tremendous Discover Magazine article about what modern science knows about viruses.

From the article:

Viruses come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of sturdiness, and with all manner of strategies for getting at the cellular machinery they lack. Some batter-ram their way through the outer cell membrane. Some meld their membranes with a cell's and then suddenly revolve, like those faux bookcases in the movies, into the sacred chamber. Still others gain entry by disguising themselves as the sort of free-floating molecules that our cells routinely gobble up.


Sneaky, insidious motherfuckers!

PS: hope you're feeling better, man.

Can't decide whether I'm coming down with the first stages of some nasty bug today or if I'm just shaking and half hallucinating from only getting five total hours of sleep in the last three days....