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I'd like to make two small announcements.

One, my new (businessy) blog, Robokitties - The Roboticat Communications Weblog, is now live and running. I always wanted a tech blog. There's lots of things I notice and read about on the web, but never wanted to make the tinyblog stray too far from interesting, cute-ish things (I'll bet you never knew that was the theme).

Also, another business blog, Biznik, recently featured me in an interview about web development. If you've only ever heard me talk about writing and girls and buddhism or whatever, it might be interesting to hear me talk geek.

I have two friends who recently moved to New York. I knew them for several months before they met my business partner, who told them what I did for a living. They looked at me in shock. "Daniel?!" they said, "We know him as a nice guy who cooks soup late at night!"

But, anyone who's known me for any length of time knows I geek hard.