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November 29, 2005


I did a little butchery this evening.

Last year, almost to the day, saltcellar brought a frozen 22(?) pound turkey to my house in his backpack.

"Here," he said, "my mom bought a hundred dollars worth of groceries at Fred Meyer, and she got this turkey for free. She doesn't eat birds, so I thought maybe you could use it.

"Sure. I'll take it," I said, and put it into my freezer.

Since then, I have entertained many guests by showing them the entire turkey in my freezer. It filled up almost my whole freezer. I wish I would have taken a picture.

I don't have a big roasting pan, and really wasn't interested in roasting the whole thing, so I just left it in there for a long time. Finally, the discussion went in the direction that if I wasn't going to roast it whole, I could probably thaw it, cut it up, and roast or boil the individual parts and get Ben, the human eating machine, to help me consume it's raw protein goodness, so the turkey's life would not have been in vain.

Now, as you can probably imagine, this is not a pleasant job to attempt, and one has to think several days in advance to defrost the turkey before one attempts it. So, after a good solid year in my freezer, I finally pulled it out and slammed it down on the grate of my fridge just a few days ago.

Then, I didn't do my normal grocery shopping for work on Sunday, and we went out to eat today. It seemed like it was tonight or never to do this bird in.

I covered my floor with newspaper and a big pan, cut open the webbing and sliced open the bag. I let the turkey drain a little and pulled out the organ meats. Then, I set the turkey on a pan, and grabbed my Henckels 4-star and dug in. I wish someone would have been there to witness me slicing and rending this great beast on my kitchen floor.

Finally, I popped the wings in the oven to bake for a midnight snack, popped the meaty carcass in a pot of boiling water for broth for tomorrow, and put the breasts and legs into big gallon ziplocs and put them in my fridge for easy cooking and consumption.


Thank you to the turkey, may it experience many lives better than that one.

Just pulled the wings out of the oven. Delicious.

November 28, 2005

this week i...


(in no particular order)

Bought a new mala.

Got clean laundry to 90%, for the first time in a month. This is very difficult for me and usually requires outside assistance.

Started reading another Saul Bellow book.

Took Rowan to Game Day and really had a great time with her because she's a smart, fun kid.

Found out people were gossiping about me at a party. (gasp!)

Made stuffing.

Talked about an upcoming website called Eyeball Tornado.

Drank a lot of coffee.

Sliced my finger to the knuckle.

Enjoyed The Stranger's first annual Uncle Issue "Touched by an Uncle" and all of its various grodiness. That's what makes The Stranger so cool.

Drank a white russian made by the deft hand of Asshole.

Did a lot of few minute massages.

Got very wet in the very seasonable Seattle rain.

Found out that there are a range of mountains called Blue Mountains in Washington state. The internet is almost silent about them. Anyone know?

Some other cool stuff too...

Say hi. Who reads these days?

November 23, 2005

i got new humble toys

So I broke my phone, but I was on the way out with the phone company anyway. I have a new lil phone that's sleek and works well and doesn't have any visible antenna. And it has a camera too. Seems a little better.

I did six braids. I already took it out or I'd show you, but next time I will.

Some good friends gave me an old computer and a monitor. It was running Windows 98 but I put a stop to that. I put a nice fresh install of Ubuntu, the latest version, "The Breezy Badger". Now I have a rock solid little box for my living room. It's like a pentium 3 but Andy's grandpa or whatever put a buttload of RAM in it. (That's a metric buttload. (1mBL)) So it runs pretty nice, actually.


They may be humble toys...no tiny Ipods or whatever, but the fact that I have a little music server in my living room, and a way to write and watch movies is a pretty big improvement.

Being able to make calls from my office is pretty cool too.

November 13, 2005



November 7, 2005

more andrew f dunloy pictures

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