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October 29, 2005

adventures of an east coast snob in seattle

I keep wanting to show this comic to my east coast friends ever since it showed up in a recent issue of The Stranger. It's not on the artist's website, but other hilarious comics of his are. If he minds me posting it here, I'm sure he or his lawyers will ceaseanddesist me.






Hey, thanks to everyone who wrote and wished me well. I still feel just as punk, but it was heartening to see so many people cared enough to send me a note.

October 24, 2005

i am totally not dealing with the idea of the holidays coming up soon well at all

Last year I started writing a list of all the people I absolutely had to buy presents for, and started writing a book of poetry for other people I wanted to show I gave a shit. Last year I came up with a halloween costume idea and executed on it and carved a damn pumpkin too. Last year I had a ragged joyful fucking Christmas and broke my arm but still felt nonetheless that I was basically on top of things.

This year I am totally behind. This year I am filled with dread at the thought of it. This year it seems too expensive. This year it seems like "goddamnit running my life just by itself is hard enough". This year I can't even write letters to anyone or practice any damn dharma or do just about anything else useful but bill hours and pay my bills. This year I do not feel like I have my shit together.

I know from expereience, that if I ignore the holdays, they just hurt worse. They are rushing up and I just can't seem to stand up and make myself get started. It's true, I'm dealing with some pretty heavy shit, but so is everyone. Fuck, man, it's time to start praying again. I am at wit's end.

October 21, 2005

the bar at deep playa: the sunrise saloon

I wrote in one of my burning man stories, the story of a mysterious bar out in deep playa. There were hot girls dancing out on the bar in the middle of the middle of nowhere, and it blew my mind.

They put up a cool site for the Sunrise Saloon. It's almost like a little game...there's a little area in each photo you can click to see the next one.

October 10, 2005

beekeeping photos


Some things just take a long time to do, and I wanted to do this right, I finally got up the photos of beekeeping this year, along with the story. I finally decided not to get a flickr account and just set up a system for tinyplace myself using the excellent Simple PHP Gallery, which I cannot recommend highly enough. So there's now a new link at the top navigation...tinygalleries, which is where I'll add new photosets.

So take a look, the story is in the descriptions of each photo and is best read in order.


October 6, 2005

fall haikus

I got inspired by Twozdai's pretty much haiku-only blog, and thought I would do a post suburb_hubcaps style:

The bus baby screams
I think I'll get used to it
My own self screaming

End of a hard day
Everything went wrong
Maybe it was me

Shaky from hunger
A barfy feeling alights
What will be open?

Always wondering
Would they talk to me or not?
But I hardly care

They are so well groomed
Take so much care every morning
I just make coffee

I am a good friend
I tease, but sometimes too much
Without compassion

A prince in public
Not everyone agrees
Well, I am learning

Two girls on the bus
One slides in to fill the gap
"Hello," she giggles

So responsible
Such official exercise
People with gym bags

So many haircuts
Presenting ourselves just so
Or we're just lazy

Pain is a message
I don't have to like it much
Just have to listen

It is October
The time to smash a pumpkin
Get used to the cold

any favorites?