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August 28, 2005

hidden witness


Finally, all the hummus is made, the eggs are boiled, the laundry is clean, and I am going to Burning Man in the morning. This will be the last post.

The Witness site is up and ready to go for when I come back now. I even wrote myself a little custom content management system so it won't be such a chore when I come back and want to post all my experiences.

I will be available by phone still for Sunday, but then that's about it until the 6th or so. I will be back the 7th. It's been interesting seeing everyone go, one by one. Only a couple of people I know who are going still have yet to leave.

Thanks Ben Sodenkamp, for taking up the slack. Thanks, Mom for giving me a place to decompress. Thanks to Morgen Bell for all your help with my The Witness branding. Thanks Jess for making some time for me. Thanks, Roseanne for being completely undeterrable in being my friend.

And to all my Rockford homies...after I get back from Burning Man, I'm going to be here in Seattle for a week, and then I'm coming to Rockford to help my mom harvest honey. We are gonna have a big BBQ bitches! I'll be there from the Sept. 14th to the 24th so don't say you weren't warned.

August 22, 2005

guinea pig, stat!


I was hanging out with my friend Andy watching movies over the weekend. Andy is one of those sweet guys with no mental filter, and listening to him talk is like putting some kind of magical stethoscope to his brain.

"My nuts itch. Do you like lunchmeat?" he'll say.

So we're sitting there, and he's telling me about how he and his lovely fiancee are doing. "Yeah," he says, "we've been talking about a baby. She's been talking about her biological clock and stuff."

He thinks for awhile, intent on polishing a piece of jewelry. "Yeah. She's been talking about a baby a lot."

He looks up and me after another moment, the reality finally sinking in, "I need to get that girl a guinea pig, stat!"

August 15, 2005

the only justification that makes sense?

I've gotten quite weary of all the Iraq-related political commentary. The non-specific liberal "LIES!" fingerpointing, and the sad, sad, set of conservative political justifications. No one has said anything about the justifications for war that makes any goddamn sense to me in a long time. I love the studied outrage of Get Your War On, but it really just pokes fun at what's being said publicly and rarely speculates about what's actually going on.

So I was pretty intrugued by this Harper's Article, Blood For Oil: The Only Justification That Makes Sense?

This has come up in conversation with Bill and Joe a lot, who, through their administration friendly views find Oil as a potential justification for the war to be absurd.

I don't know if this article really makes a good case that it was all about oil, but it does bring up in me the not-completely-angry-but-just-entirely-curious question. Really guys...why?

Well Bill? Care to write a post on this article?

August 11, 2005

burning ma'am

I wore one of my 'the witness' t-shirts today and I can feel it pulsing inside of me. I wore a long-sleeve shirt on top of it. I can't expose it yet because it's not time yet. Even when I was burning hot inside the bus and the movie theater I still left the outer shirt on.

I took myself out to see a dorky, romantic movie tonight that no one had heard of or wanted to see with me, just to show myself some kind of stoopid tenderness. It was worth it, cause good movies make me want to spit art out of my nipples. My tiny, almost non-existent nipples. I wonder if I can bill for that.

HA! The Witness Does Not Bill! Speaking of Bill, I wonder how he's adjusting to Seattle. It's no Pittsburgh I can tell you that. No, not YOU, Bill. The other Bill.

As a matter of fact I wonder how my sweet upstairs neighbors are adjusting to Seattle, they just got back from Boston. They left me $8 in ice cream coupons for watering the garden and checking the mail. They're nice.

And speaking of Burning Ma'am, the dorkiest dork in dorkport probably spent about 35 hours perfecting an illustration of my silly little joke:

I think this should be our pod's theme.

August 10, 2005

the witless

I'm going to Burning Ma'am this year. My darling clients over at Utilikilts gave me the golden ticket in a bar of chocolate (actually it was barbequed ribs) and the idea grew on me until it was as big as my body.

Now here I am buying final supplies and having meetings with my "pod". My camp is EPT (not the pregnancy indicator) and our theme this year is "El Pollo Molestado", or "The Annoyed Chicken".


The theme of Burning Man this year is Psyche.

But I decided I needed my own theme. That's the thing with Burning Ma'am. You need themes. Onionskin layers of themes until there's no detail left unthemed except for your own drunkenness. And even that has a theme.

So, partially because I thought it was a cool idea, and partially because I'm too lazy to come up with much in the way of costumes, I decided my theme would be The Witness. I even came up with my own logo. I even went so far as to bribe a friend into actually silkscreening it onto t-shirts (minus the spooky eye) that I'm going to wear the whole time. We were quite tempted to silkscreen one shirt with "The WITLESS" just to see if anyone was paying attention, but not quite tempted enough to actually do it.

Since everyone goes to Burning Ma'am to be really interesting...and have themes of all sorts, and take a bunch of Psilocybin and really grok the themes in relation to their own theme, I thought I would just have a theme that sat around and watched all the other themes. Like, how completely meta.

August 5, 2005

Study of Protein-Crystal Surface Interactions Using Solid State NMR Dipolar Recoupling Techniques

Going to my friend's doctorate thesis defense entitled "Study of Protein-Crystal Surface Interactions Using Solid State NMR Dipolar Recoupling Techniques". Wonder if I should bring a book? Really though, I'm proud of her and have no doubt that she'll nail it.

She's been working hard writing the thesis and practicing her defense and I have no doubt she'll know more about Protein-Crystal Surface Interactions Using Solid State NMR Dipolar Recoupling Techniques then the people grilling her. Go Jennifer!

In case this piqued your interest and you'd like to explore nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, be my guest.

August 4, 2005

compulsory beach poem

To fulfill my end of the deal I will publish a beach poem from a day at the beach.

the trick to building awesome sandcastles

set them up to have a destruction
as cool as their creation