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when bush lies, people die?

I think that the Annenburg Public Policy Center is a Good Thing(tm). Cheney tried to mention them in the Vice Presidential debates, but mistakenly pointed people at factcheck.COM, instead of factcheck.ORG.

I wish I had known about Annenburg Fact Check years ago. Usually I read the news, assume it's all slanted, and just try to get a general read on a situation based on a variety of sources. Sometimes it's nice to know that there actually are people out there who are able to do the work to verify what ads, articles and sources say.

In absolutely the most compelling Fact Check article yet in my opinion, they explore the musical question of whether or not Bush is guilty of manipulating intelligence information to justify a war on Iraq. The answers seem to make Bush look a lot better than most Seattle liberals would believe, but...still pretty bad.

I wish they would have examined evidence that Bush was eager to go to war before 9/11, but they can only explore things that are a matter of public record. They are not in a position to conduct an investigation.

The articles of interest:
Iraq: What Did Congress Know, And When?
Anti-war Ad Says Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rice "Lied" About Iraq