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beekeeping photos


Some things just take a long time to do, and I wanted to do this right, I finally got up the photos of beekeeping this year, along with the story. I finally decided not to get a flickr account and just set up a system for tinyplace myself using the excellent Simple PHP Gallery, which I cannot recommend highly enough. So there's now a new link at the top navigation...tinygalleries, which is where I'll add new photosets.

So take a look, the story is in the descriptions of each photo and is best read in order.



Cool. You're mom is pretty rad. Let me know when she's in town again and I'll call my mom, and they can hang out. yummy honey.

Ok. Here's the edit of your excellent narration.

Smoke is used when working on the hive but not removing anything. The bees hole up in the honey frames for a while allowing the beekeeper to poke around for whatever reason of the day. Bee Go actually makes them leave the super so the beekeeper can take it away.

At the Rockview, Alice does indeed grill breakfast on saturday mornings during the winter.

Art's dog is Emma. My dog is Mollie.

AAARRGH, dirty dishes!

I love you and thanks for your indispensible help!

Bee Go...I love that. It's like Off for bees. Or maybe it should be called "Out?"

It doesn't hurt the bees, and they come back in about 10 minutes after we remove the product.

Nice. You look like a spaceman!

Your mama is so cute.