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come on feel the illionoise

They have to remove the superman from the cover because of copyright violations!

I'm in Rockford, IL again at my Mom's pretty Bungalow that she's gradually doing up in a nice little art-deco style. It's mellow and relaxing to be here. I burned Sufjan Stevens' album, Illinois and am listening to it for the first time while I'm actually in Illinois, which is pretty cool. I told my mom about it and she thought it was a cool idea but winced when I told her there was a song about John Wayne Gacy, Jr. on the album. It really is one of the prettiest songs though. If you're interested, there's some live performances you can listen to over at the KEXP site.


Please Email me! I'm having a BBQ at my Mom's house on this sunday the 18th, so say hey, and if you can't show up then let's see if we can at least meet at the Rockview for a beer or something. First round's on me.

I'll probably take some pictures once we get started on the bee process, but we're waiting until next week when it warms up a little and we get some of the social stuff out of the way.


Dude! I kind of "unplugged" for a week and didn't even turn on my computer, and of course THAT'S the week you come to town and ask me to forward the e-mail you sent almost a week ago (that I didn't see until today)
to everyone.

Aiighh!!! Anyway, e-mail me your mom's number because I totally forgot it. I should be able to drop in Sunday afternoon/evening (Saturday I'll be at a Cub Scout event)

I am mentally flipping you off because you get to be in Illinois in SEPTEMBER. I am so tired of this moldy old place. :D