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the asshole is back

At this point I believe I have broken 90% of the Ten Commandments. Murder doesn't have a check-mark next to it yet, but it's a long life. Do we understand each other, Seattle drivers?

You know what this means. That's right. I, Asshole is back, with her very own domain. It's iasshole.ORG, by the way, not iasshole.COM. Some dillweed company brought every thinkable domain name with the 'i' in front of it, including anything vaguely porn-y when the whole iLife, iMac, etc. craze came out. They're iFuckers.

Thanks to Ben for offering her hosting and helping me set up an environment for Movable Type 3.1, thanks to me for putting in countless hours turning paper cutouts into an XHTML design and spending over four hours pulling out about 4000 comment spams from her old installation so I could export her archives (yay, Vaginabreakers!, yay, I Heart Boys).

And finally, thanks to Asshole, for breastfeeding her little spawns in the office while I tweaked CSS and asked her dumb questions about the color and thanks to Asshole for doing her good writing. That's what made me volunteer to spend lots of unpaid dev hours on bringing I, Asshole up. Oh yeah, and cause I love her.


Hee hee hee fang you smelly much.