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another sister poem: "for d"

I reread through the Elisabeth poems today, had to share this one:

This is good shit, people, when you're doing nothing but meditating for a year you get deep into shit I guess.

In case you're wondering...I'm D, and yes she really did scream FUCK YOU at me the day she took refuge and became a Buddhist, and yes, I most certainly deserved it.

"For D"

the handle broke off the mug you gave me
nothing to hold onto
there is nothing to hold onto

certainly you dwell in the inner
chamber of my heart
cut off from prying eyes
shielded in anonymity
they can't see you
but your home is here
you said, "Take care of yourself!"
and I screamed, "FUCK YOU!"
this was the day I became Buddhist
a heart exapnds and contracts
many times in one lifetime
perhaps you have felt alternately
dangled and squeezed
but you were never ousted outright
home is home, after all
this indestructible heart will house you
through all of our wanderings
"hacking it out in El Samsaro"
for as long as we remain confused
until the moment of waking into freedom
when an ordinary human heart
cannot contain the depth and breadth
of all the world's knowing and burning
at that time
dwelling nowhere
we will pervade
the whole of space


oh, how beautiful. Love your sister.

Nice "Bif" pem. Please look at my e-mail and call me at that number.
Love, Dad