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Okay, I've lost far too much time to this. It's a fascinating survey of human history from the perspective of human combat and martial arts. From the author's short intro:

Kronos; A Chronology of the Martial Arts and Combative Sports, represents my idiosyncratic interpretation of the history of the martial arts, combative sports, and associated philosophical topics. If you have suggestions for improvement, please let me know. If you think you can do better, please do so.

In any case, what follows is something that reads almost like a reverse blog starting 6 million years ago. It's not just about combat, there's a fair sprinkling of religeous and political history here. This guy doesn't seem to be making a heavy handed point about anything, but as a general history lesson, I have to really appreciate the work he's put into this piece.

Questions like this probably won't pop up in pub trivia, but I guarantee you'll learn something you didn't know.