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May 22, 2004

comments back up

Looks like all the comments for the tinyplace sites are back up, but I did lose a handful of them. So sad. Man, I guess I'm gonna have to drop Berkely DB (the only option when MT first came out) and move to a postgres or mysql database, which I would have a much better chance of fixing or maintaining myself.

Luckily, my man Michal, at my very kind host, Cornerhost, at least knows enough to fix some corrupted tables. Thanks Michal, and if you're considering a webhost for your personal site and blogging needs, I really have never experienced better customer service.

May 17, 2004

crap! weird MT behaviour, no comments

Roseanne told me this morning that the tinyblog was down. I rebuilt, which brought it back up, but now my comments are not publishing to the site.

They are there on the back end... I can view and edit them in Movable Type, but I can't get them to show up on the site.

I have a comment into the support forum but it's been as of yet ignored.

So in the meantime...no comments, or they will disappear into the ether. Please just email me: daniel@danieltalsky.com

May 10, 2004

tinyplace history. back in the day, when I was...


Yesterday was my 29th birthday (the PAR-TAY is on the 14th), and in addition to it being Mother's day (as it is every few years), it was the launch of a new idiot-friendly design for blogger.com.

I feel some affection for blogger, since the tinyblog originally lived there.

Blogger was originally created by Pyra, a very cool scrappy group of people who had some really innovative ideas about blogs, and really made full-featured blogging an easy universal thing to do. It's really blogs like What's New Pussycat and The Booge and the friendly, blocky old blogger design that really got me into blogging in the first place. I think it's really cool that their hard work ended up paying off, and they ended up being a huge part of the blogging revolution, and also being able to finally sell out to a pretty cool company actually, who paid real attention and spiffed it up nice.

Incidentally, here's a snapshot I saved of my second blog design. The design you're looking at is the third design, and it looks like I didn't keep a good copy of my first tinyblog design. (it was cute! such a shame!) And also, here's my old tinyplace front page and my OLD OLD tinyplace front page. Oh, and while I'm digging, I did an away page when I went on retreat once, which is kinda cool.

Eventually I got to be too big for my britches, and blogger started having some really serious server problems, and some friends of mine lost their whole blogs. I loved the flexibility of Movable Type, and also having my posts living on server space I had control over. Also, it helped that I (to my knowledge) was the first person to install Movable Type on a server besides Ben and Mena themselves, with them on IM back before I knew a chmod from a chown.

Now there's a couple more blogs under the tinyplace umbrella: Loverzan and CrazySexySwampMagic (and perhaps a newcomer coming soon), and I'm finally giving some serious thought to putting in the work necessary to give the site a real redesign and applying all I've learned about web design, accessibility and standards since I coded this hellish mess of HTML 3.2, 4.0, PHP and Movable Type Tags.

Plus, I've actually started posting again...things were pretty slim for a few months there.

May 8, 2004

listen man, what part of "democracy freedom stay the course terror terror" don't you understand?

As usual, my man over at My Fighting Technique is Unstoppable is right on top of shit.

(p.s. Get Your War On comics are not for kids.)

the mishandling of a sacred institution

I'm sure there's a lot of gay people out there that would be handling the wedding plans like a completely Jewish American Princess. And here we are, with the unquestioned legal right to legal and spiritual union and I'm so afraid we're gonna totally botch it!

I can, like, hear Fran Drescher or something saying in her high, nasally Flushing voice, "Oh my GAWD people, your wedding is in four months and you don't even have a caterer yet?"

It took us like four months even just to come up with a location and wedding invitations. Now we have like 6 people who have officially RSVP'd, and no cake, no caterer, no wedding dress, no rings. (Okay, so we've designed the rings and everything, we just have to drop off a check.)

I swear to god whatever licensing body gave me my Grown-Up license should be audited or something.

But really though, what the fuck, we love each other, and we have a pretty location, and we'll find some way to feed those six people...even if I have to cook a big hunk of meat for them myself. Oh wait...most of them are like pescatarians.

As it approaches I feel closer and closer to Roseanne, and gladder and gladder that I resisted the very strong urge to bolt to Uganda. I mean, I'm sure Uganda is cool and everything, but there's a lot to said for the sacred institution, and having a nice pretty garden, and starting a business, and just facing all my intimacy issues and weirdness with one cool, trustworthy girl.

I read in a recent issue of Parabola on marriage, that in an Indian wedding, there�s this part of the marriage where the groom goes for a walk, and is symbolically trying to decide whether to choose the life of spiritual asceticism (it�s a little late for that, kid). But the father, who knows that bachelorhood is closer to asceticism and that the groom would be naturally drawn to that life, comes up to him and sort of gives him a sales pitch on the virtues and advantages of married life. I sort of wish I had that, because there�s not a lot of un-ironic �pro-marriage� voices in our culture.

I think it will be okay, I�m calming down about it, even as I wish I could magically make all the details take care of themselves. And hey, tomorrow�s my birthday! The party's on the 14th. You're invited)

May 3, 2004

in my new life as a householder: shlock seven

In my new life as a householder I experience an unprecedented mix of contentment and restlessness. In my new life I'm really trying to improve. In my new life I am more aware of being one fly on an incredibly large pile of droppings. In my new life I know there is no one like me.


in my new life as a householder: shlock six

In my new life as a householder I feel so helpless to do anything in the realm of politics. I can't even convice my childhood friend that the president is a dangerous idiot. This murderous profiteering is business as usual, I guess.

In my new life as a householder I actually get enough sleep sometimes.

In my new life as a householder, I have a loyal and forgiving wife. She smacks me on the head, which is sometimes okay, and sometimes secretly makes me feel humiliated and angry. She's very sexy and does all kinds of things that I absolutely love with very little persuading. We cook nettles and lamb and she clings to me with complete abandon.

In my new life I get a lot more done.

In my new life I'm amazed at the possibilities.