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January 24, 2004

blood for oil exchange program

Hazard Factory presents their new consumer blood for oil project.

I heart Hazard Factory cause they send me Emails with the subject line of "This Message is an Unsolicited Spam".

January 19, 2004

tinyblog sudden fiction IV

born on the bayou

I'm only a young boy and already no one loves me. I got a stupid toy from my grandmother and my mom said I hurt her feelings. Didn't she get my list?

I've got a secret tree. It's in our yard and it's behind three other trees. Edgar, Macy and Walnut. I named them when I was three I think. I named my secret tree back then, too. When everyone is mad at me even the secret tree feels like an ordinary tree.

Oh, but wait! Now I'm not so sure. I run across the yard in twelve quick jumps and heave up into the thick branch that swings me up barefoot and quick. I'm a tree ninja.

I have a little radio that plays rock and roll, or whatever I want. I'm the unfurriest baboon, that's what my sister says. Born on the bayou...din dinna ninna nin...born on the bayou. I wonder what's a bayou.

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January 13, 2004

doodle of a squishy door and a teenage hobbit


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January 6, 2004

seeing my sister into three year retreat

It's been a few months in coming!

Here's my story about my sister:


a stupa:


and a retreat:



im sledding poem

danieltalsky: snow!
danieltalsky: we sledded!
danieltalsky: hard and fast!
danieltalsky: and crashed!
danieltalsky: 100 times!
danieltalsky: smash!